Ryanair flights: Airline warns Brexit clause could impact future tickets


FLIGHT SNUB: If the Open Skies agreement is terminated, plane tickets could be invalidated

Budget airline   in a press conference this morning.

During the meeting, they addressed a number of rumours, including whether or not

Today’s discussion has caused some concern for Brits, as there has been no guarantee that tickets purchased for next year will still be valid.

If this is to occur, customers will be refunded.

Ryanair will put a “Brexit clause” into their ticket sales for summer 2019.

Britain is currently a part of the Open Skies agreement – but this may change if we leave the EU without a deal.

For this reason, the airline has come up with terms and conditions that warn that passengers could lose their seats if aviation regulations change.

Due to this uncertainty, it is difficult to gage how aviation is to be regulated in the future.

Kenny Jacobs, Ryanair’s Chief Marketing Officer, said: “We’ll announce our (2019) summer schedule soon enough… and there’ll be a term and condition that this is subject to the regulatory environment allowing this flight to take place.

“We don’t see a regulatory solution yet… If in the meantime between now and September, there’s a regulatory solution found, then those tickets will be sold as normal.”

Airlines hope that Britain and Europe will be able to establish a new deal to replace the Open Skies regime.

There are fears that Britain could be excluded from the European Aviation Safety Agency after Brexit.

Despite this, government ministers have reassured that they expect to remain in both Open Skies and EASA.

Jacobs has assured that these clauses will only be exercised in the worst case scenario.

He said: “There’s clearly going to be an extension to Brexit. They are going to find a solution to Open Skies, but it will take a bit longer.”

Further Ryanair plans were outlined by the CMO in the meeting. These include:

• Price guarantee for the lowest fares
• Punctuality promise improves to 90% on time

• EU261 team claims handed in
• To become the world’s greenest airline – with a plastic-free promise within 5 years
• Get Ryanair rooms travel credits at the lowest price
• Implementing the ‘try something new’ travel hub

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