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Stay At Banff’s #1 Hotel From $170/Night—National Park Bargain

If you’re thinking of visiting Banff National Park, we certainly wouldn’t blame you. The park’s soaring mountains and jewel-blue lakes make it one of North America’s treasures. Hotels in the park sell out pretty quickly, so take advantage of these great rates and book a stay at Banff’s best-reviewed hotel (according to TripAdvisor).

Banff’s #1 Hotel Timeframe: 23. Oct. 2018 – 30. Apr. 2019

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    Example Dates ($170 – $195/Night)

    Oct. 23 – 24 | Nov. 20 – 21 | Dec. 4 – 5 | Dec. 11 – 12 | Jan. 22 – 23

    The total cost of a night at this hotel is $170, including taxes and fees. That breaks down to $85 a person.

Based on two people sharing, this hotel deal includes a 1-night stay at the 3.5-star Moose Hotel and Suites (4.5/5 on TripAdvisor), rated as the #1 hotel in Banff by TripAdvisor. If you need a rental car, check out our rental car search tool to find a great deal on a car for your trip.

Stay At Banff's #1 Hotel From $170/Night—National Park Bargain - 4Stay At Banff's #1 Hotel From $170/Night—National Park Bargain - 5
Stay At Banff's #1 Hotel From $170/Night—National Park Bargain - 2Stay At Banff's #1 Hotel From $170/Night—National Park Bargain - 3

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