What Students Are Saying About: The Government Shutdown, Dream Travel Spots and the Role of the Media

Robert Frost once wrote, “Good fences makes good neighbors,” so do good walls … The United States government does not need the added work of taking care of all of these illegal immigrants, who sneaked here to flea danger in their country. Not only is it fair to the U.S. government, but it is also unfair to the many people trying to enter the country legally, who have been waiting for years only to have to wait longer because of these illegal immigrants. Many people are making the argument that government workers are not being paid for their work, however, these workers do get backpay as compensation for the money they lost during that time. This one bit of information makes that argument almost completely irrelevant.

Jonah A., Masterman School

In all honesty, I am a supporter of the border wall. However, the recent actions and behavior Mr. Trump has displayed in order to fund the wall is absolutely not justified. A leader is supposed to unify the hoi polloi, not divide us even further, but Mr. Trump has failed to do this. Instead of offering himself to the United States, Mr. Trump has decided to offer the United States for his own desires. This is wrong, and it’s not okay. 800,000 Americans are struggling to survive without a paycheck because of one man’s selfishness. Some of these citizens also have families to feed, many with young children.

G Jap, Masterman School, Philadelphia, Penn.

I agree with the president in this matter. I understand that a lot of people are not being paid for their work, but sometimes that just has to happen for the greater good. The border will decrease a lot of illegal immigration, which should be our priority … The government shutdown provided a lot of the fund to build/reinforce the border already, and I’m not saying it’s a good thing, but all of the funds are essential to a safe border. The Democrats have a false sense of security, thinking that we are already protected well enough from illegal immigration. But that is false. Hundreds or even thousands of people cross the border every passing day, and they are not doing anything to stop it … The border needs its funds in order to keep doing its job

David W. the great, the great land of earth

Government spending and the wall

Donald Trump’s prime-time address did not sway my opinion at all. I still believe the wall is unnecessary money to take from America that could be used to help the people in Flint, Michigan or a year’s worth of housing for every homeless person in the US. There are much more urgent and important matters that the president has sidelined to focus on his wall.

Angela Xhori, Julia R. Masterman, Philadelphia

I believe that yes our border needs protection just not keeping everyone out with a huge wall. What I feel would be more warranted would be background and weapon checks on those coming into the USA to ensure the safety of the country.

Reza Chity-Guevara, Masterman, Philadelphia, Penn.

I believe that the wall is a terrible idea. With the money the government would be spending on the wall, 1.4 million people could get health care, double funding for mental health, and double funding for environmental causes. This wall won’t fix anything, it will just prove America avoids their problems and builds barriers. New problems would arise with the wall. For example, people could destroy parts of the wall or dig under it. This is basically throwing money out of the window.

Molly Flaxman, Masterman School, Philadelphia

Why isn’t 5 billion dollars being spent in the cities that suffer from a drug epidemic. Why not 5 billion dollars to the homeless, orphanages, hospitals, schools, medicine, and more. Spend the money on what you really need to help this country. What does the wall benefit. Not schools, not research centers, not even care centers … That money can be used to make places for those immigrants who have crucial reasons to be leaving their own home … Spend money on the violence of our cities. Young teens killing each other … spend money on educating the young people who will become our caretakers in the future. If you really want to make america better that’s how you make “america great again”. Not with a wall.

Jenesis Moreno, Masterman, Philadelphia, Penn.

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