13 positions you can fly to from Birmingham Airport that you can’t from East Midlands Airport

Having 2 airports within an hour’s drive from Leicester is exceptionally beneficial for preparing vacations and take a trip experiences.

East Midlands Airport is terrific for household summertime vacations to the Canary Islands or brief city breaks, as it has 88 locations to select from.

But if you wish to take a trip additional afield or EastMidlands Airport does not fly to your preferred vacation area, there is another Midlands airport that might have your back covered.

BirminghamAirport is a bigger airport and provides over 150 locations to select from.

Of course you can take a trip to a few of these from the Castle Donington based airport.

But for all the ones you can’t, Birmingham is the next finest alternative, as the airport can be reached within an hour’s drive, or simply over a 90 minute train journey from Leicester.

Here 13 of the very best locations you can fly to from BirminghamAirport, however not East Midlands Airport:

1. Morrocco

The popular African vacation location is simply 3 hours and 55 minutes far from Birmingham.

Air Arabia runs the flights out of the Midlands to Morrocco.

2. Dubai

Fly to elegant Dubai from Birmingham.

It’s the elegant city that’s definitely the location to be today.

It may be a prolonged 7 hours and 5 minutes flight from Birmingham, however a minimum of the commute to the airport isn’t too long.

TUI Airways and Emirates both run flights toDubai

3. India

There are numerous locations in India which can be reached by around a 9 hour flight fromBirmingham

Amritsar, Dehli, Goa are amongst the locations you can jet off to in order to take in a various culture.

AirIndia run a great deal of flights, however TUI Airways likewise jet travelers off toIndia

4. Thailand

Explore the notorious beaches of Thailand.

If laying on the beach is your type of vacation, however you likewise like to have a dynamic city to check out, Thailand is an excellent location to place on your order of business.

Phuket and U-Tapao can both be reached by a flight of around 12 hours.

TUI Airways provides flights from Birmingham toThailand

5. Dominican Republic

PuntaCana and LaRomana are both offered to fly to fromBirmignham

It’s TUI Airways once again that runs the flight that takes simply over 9 hours, however the long flight deserves it for the notorious sandy beaches and clear sea.

6. Cape Verde

Explore the Salt Pans in Sal Island.

It’s another one for the travel order of business.

If you desire a picturesque and romantic break BoaVista is an excellent alternative, as is SalIsland.

TUI Airways and ThomasCook Airlines both run flights of around 6 hours to Cape Verde.

7. Montenegro

One for the culture enthusiasts who like to check out the history of various locations.

It’s simply a brief flight of 3 hours to Montenegro from Birmingham, which is run by TUI Airways

8. Pakistan

One of the most renowned landmarks to watch out for in Pakistan.

In simply over 8 hours you can fly from Birmingham to Islamabad, which is understood for its plant.

PakistanInternational Airlines run these flights.

9. Qatar

Doha, the capital of Qatar is a manufactured island that has plenty to check out throughout a journey.

QatarAirways runs the 7 hour flight.

11 Gambia

Watch the gorgeous sundowns in Gambia.

Another one for those who enjoy to integrate culture with relaxing by the coast.

Banjul is simply over a 6 hour flight far fromBirmingham These flights are run by ThomasCook Airlines

12 Porto Santo

The serene Portuguese Island assures to be a cooled vacation.

In simply 3 hours and 40 minutes you might be carried from Birmingham to Porto Santo on a TUI flight

13 Romania

Be at one with nature in Romania.

Bucharest and Cluj-Napoca are both reached within 4 hours fromBirmingham

BlueAir and WizzAir both run flights to Romania, where holiday-makers can absorb a great deal of history.

14 Lithuania

AnotherEuropean nation that you can fly to from Birmingham Airport however not East Midlands Airport.

Vilnius is simply a 2 hour, 45 minutes flight away, run by Ryainair

There are likewise a broader series of French and German locations that you can fly to from Birmingham Airport, consisting of Avignon, Bordeaux, Grenoble, Frankfurt, Hamburg and Munich

TheWest Midlands Airport likewise flies to extra Italian locations consisting of, Sardinia, Sicily and Turin

Flight rates to these locations can be compared on SkyScanner, and hotels can be discovered at Hotels com and Lastminute com

Top travel ideas and information about the very best tourist attractions and dining establishments to go to in these city break areas can be discovered on TripAdvisor.

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