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14 Cities For Traveling Solo, Especially Your First Time

One location that might enter your mind faster is London,England Apart from English being the main language spoken, London is an enormous melting pot of languages, cultures, and history. “London provides the best of so many worlds,” Brie Shelly, a therapist and host of the RealTalk Travels Podcast, informsBustle “Thanks to London being the capital of a country full of history of both current and past political dominance, it continues to be a cultural hotspot for fine cuisine, entertainment, sports, fashion, academics, and more.” With several free museums and many centuries’ worth of history to absorb, there is not shortage of history lessons and experiences, she adds. “Plus, London’s location makes it a great warm-up for those seeking to jump to another destination while on their solo journey, too,” Shelly states.

Cherise V. Stewart, owner and chief travel officer at IrgoTravel, concurs. “It’s a great cosmopolitan city with so many things to do and explore: Restaurants, arts, entertainment, shopping, and nightlife,” she informsBustle “Plus, you don’t need a partner to pay for the hop-on, hop-off bus, museum tours, or a ride on the London Eye — other cities I’ve visited require a minimum of two passengers before you can book certain excursions, which isn’t too cool when you’re solo.”

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