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14 Epic Adventures in the American Southwest Not To Miss!

Dreaming of going to the American Southwest?

We invested numerous months checking out on our Southwest U.S.A. journey so have a lot of ideas and insights to show you down below!

TheAmerican Southwest area is among the very best journey locations in the U.S.A., if not the world.

It’s filled with large open areas and natural charm, variety of landscapes and Southwest culture, and insane enjoyable experiences that will have you yelling, whooping, and speaking about for several years to come.

These are the things memories are made from and these are the reasons we take a trip, particularly with our kids. We wish to assist you get the most out of your U.S.A. journey through the Southwest states. There is no much better to method to reconnect with those you like AND obviously Mother Nature.

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Down listed below we’re consisting of a few of the most legendary experiences you do not wish to miss out on in your American Southwest journey travel plan!

11 family travel tips
At the Grand Canyon South Rim

As we have actually not yet checked out New Mexico (on this journey), we welcomed our buddy Bryanna from Crazy Family Adventure to share 2 of her preferred things to do in New Mexico with us.

There are loads of Southwestern United States experiences to select from so make certain to leave a remark at the bottom regarding what you believe must likewise be consisted of.

EpicAmerican Southwest Adventures

What states remain in the Southwest you ask? There is some absence of clearness around the conclusive borders however generally the area is consisted ofNevada, Utah, Arizona and NewMexico Some individuals will argue parts of Colorado (CanyonDe Chelly, Mesa Verde), Texas and California be consisted of. I have actually even heard Oklahoma included.

As you take your journey through Southwest U.S.A. make certain to take notice of how the Colorado River modifications as it sculpts its method below its origin in the Rocky Mountains to the Gulf of Mexico.

PinkJeep Tour, Arizona

Sedona Pink Jeep Tours

I do not believe our kids will ever forget crawling down a high path called Devil’s Staircase in a brilliant pink jeep!

“You’re kidding me, we’re really going down that?” their anxious laughs rapidly became screams as we certainly did decrease it.

These jeeps were produced rock crawling.

A pink jeep trip was advised to us as one of the very best things to do in Sedona with kids that grownups like too! And the Broken Arrow trip is the most popular trip and will provide you the most thrill as it fluctuates rock deals with along the 4WD path.

You’ll experience sensational surroundings along the method and get the opportunity to leap out to discover more about the location you’re checking out and delight in the feel of rock strong ground underneath your feet.

Watch our Pink Jeep video:

BrightAngel Trail, Grand Canyon, Arizona

Bright Angel Trail, Grand Canyon

You can’t take a Grand Canyon journey and not decrease into her stomach! It distresses me that the typical visitor to the Grand Canyon just remains for 15 minutes. Nooooooooo!!

There is a lot more to check out and fantastic things to do in the Grand Canyon, north and south rim.

The most legendary experiences in the Grand Canyon would be treking rim to rim, or down to Phantom Ranch and back once again. But, I understand for the majority of you that is not going to occur, so the next finest experience would be to trek the Bright Angel Trail.

You can pick how far you wish to decrease, remembering the hardest part to the path will be strolling back out.

Craig and I treked the 6 miles down to Plateau Point in2006 With the ladies we treked simply over a mile down the path prior to reversing.

The snow and icy course stopped us from going any even more. Safety is top priority.

Watch our Grand Canyon in the winter season video:

VerdeCanyon Railroad, Arizona

Verde Canyon Railroad

Chances are you have actually declined the Verde CanyonRailroad We had not either, and were shocked that nobody discussed it to us as one of the cool Sedona tourist attractions!

TheVerde Canyon Railroad is now among our preferred things to do in Sedona.

This train journey is a 40- mile return journey through 100 years of history, culture and significant desert southwest surroundings.

It follows the Verde River and the riparian environment it sculpts along the method with cottonwoods and high sandstone cliffs flanking its sides.

This is an area that is just available by train– unless you wish to strap on the boots and do a bit of treking.

You can ride in the open air carriages for a much better take a look at the surroundings and a guide who will mention significant functions and share cultural, geological and historic insights.

We suggest paying additional for a very first class seat– it includes comfortable chairs, a money bar, buffet food, and a champagne toast on arrival.

Watch our Verde Canyon video:

ATV Adventures in Sand Hollow State Park, Utah

Things to do in St. George Utah

How does zipping around splendid red dune in an ATV or quad bike noise?

Not just is it a legendary Southwest U.S.A. activity, it remains in a few of the most sensational surroundings I have actually ever seen.

SandHollow State Park is renowned for its 6,000 acres of ATV and OHV off-road routes that take you to 3,500 feet in elevation.

The sand locations are divided by unbelievable rock developments in the upper locations and bounded by the blue manufactured lake at the lower edges.

This is an experience that will get the kids screeching and laughing. Finish it off with a stunning sundown over the dune.

I will always remember Kalyra chewing out me from the back of the ATV, “Show them what you’re made of Mum!” as I pushed my foot down on the accelerator and roared up the dune!!

The cheered as we came flying back down the opposite!! A household who experiences together, remains together.

Watch our ATV experiences in St George video:

AngelsLanding Hike, Zion National Park, Utah

Oh young boy!! Not sure you’ll wish to do this walking in the American Southwest with kids, kids a minimum of.

I still feel ill considering taking the ladies up there. We just made it to Scout’s Landing which was sufficient excitement looking for experience.

Craig and I have actually treked to Scout’s Landing prior to and I liked it. But it’s a various story when you’re keeping a chain next to your children hoping they do not slip and fall 1,000 feet to their death.

AngelsLanding is among the most famous walkings in Southwestern U.S.A., and among the very best things to do in Zion National Park.

You raise to the top of a peak, the last area utilizing a hand chain to direct you along a narrow course with a high drop off down to your death.

No matter how far you get up this path, you will always remember this treking experience in Southwest U.S.A..

Considering just 6 individuals have actually passed away treking Angels Landing and it remains in a national forest checked out by 4 million individuals a year– the chances of survival are truly great.

As long as you are reasonable, sluggish and can browse around the crowds, you’ll be great.

And the views are simply as legendary as the journey.

Even if you just make it to the start of the frightening part, it deserves doing. The Angels Landing Trail has insane switchbacks increasing which will provide you enough of an experience and gorgeous views of the Zion Valley listed below.

Be sure to stop at the lodge for a well was worthy of regional Springdale IPA when you have actually completed.

Watch our Zion National Park video here:

HorsebackRiding in Bryce Canyon, Utah

Horseback riding in Bryce Canyon National Park was among our preferred experiences on our Utah national forests journey.

Craig and I went to Bryce Canyon NP and went horse riding back in 2006 and we still rave about it today.

We had a cowboy guide us total with stirrups and bad scotch jokes. Our flight took us up and down routes previous orange, white and pink hoodoos of all sizes and shapes. It’s like absolutely nothing you have actually ever seen prior to.

Unfortunately on our present U.S.A. journey the weather condition didn’t comply with us and we might not time a go back to our precious Bryce Canyon.

It is at the top of my list of preferred U.S.A. national forests and I so desired the ladies to experience the fairyland marvel of Bryce on the back of a horse.

While in Bryce Canyon on your Southwest vacation, make certain to trek a couple of routes and capture dawn and sundown. The views are splendid.

LowerAntelope Canyon, Arizona

We just did the Lower Antelope Canyon trip. But I believe the Upper Antelope Canyon would be simply as fantastic of an American Southwest experience!

AntelopeCanyon is a wonderful slot canyon developed by water that has actually divided and polished rock crevasses gradually.

The shapes, colors and textures of the sculpted canyon walls and how it altered in the light was spellbinding.

Nature has a lot of surprises in stall for us concealed by simply a small fracture in the ground. Deep below is a world that will catch the heart of any who are brave enough to dig a little much deeper and check out broader.

I was fretted that it would be overcrowded and underrated. This was not the case at all and I was delighted and thrilled by the experience.

OurNavajo guide was educated about the rock developments and explained different shapes and animal and was exceptional in taking images for us and revealing us how to catch the distinct colors and functions.

I likewise liked how he showed how the canyon was formed at the end with a stack of sand and a bottle of water. This truly assisted the kids to link to this experience.

While you are here, you may also visit HorseshoeBend It’s extremely nearby and among the most magnificent locations in Arizona you do not wish to miss out on.

Put this on your Southwest travel plan, and it’s finest to book your trip ahead of time here.

MonumentValley Guided Tour, Utah/Arizona

MonumentValley is among our preferred locations to go to in the U.S.A., and among the top Southwest landmarks in North America.

LikeUluru in Australia, it has an enchanting spiritual energy and magnetism that is unusual to experience. You can’t assist take a look at those buttes and not see a greater power at work.

Call it whatever you like, however it’s a terrific method to experience yourself as part of something so best yet indescribable.

A check out to Monument Valley will restore the marvel and happiness in your life.

You can do a self-guided trip of the valley to see the most popular websites such as the Mittens and the view from John Ford Point.

We suggest going deeper on a directed trip with a Navajo guide.

These trips have approval to go off the beaten course in Monument Valley and you get to experience other marvels like going to a Hogan, and rock developments with names like Sun’s Eye and Wind’sEar It’s a totally various viewpoint to Monument Valley.

The most improving part to the experience is obviously to read more about Native American culture with your knowledgeable Native American guide.

Ours was fantastic and he understood all the very best locations to take valuable household image memories people.

Watch our Monument Valley video here

Valley of Fire State Park, Nevada

Valley of Fire State Park, Nevada

TheValley of Fire State Park might not be a South West experience of the physical kind, however it is an experience for the eyes!

But there are a lot of hiking routes you remove the primary Scenic Drive that will provide your body some enjoyable.

These are brief routes however will take you to petroglyphs, narrow canyons, fire waves, and a few of the most remarkable colors and landscapes you might wish to see.

Our pointer is to drive there by method of the North Road in LakeMead Recreational Area to take off the senses much more.

Just appearance listed below at what you’ll see.

Valley of Fire State Park is among the very best Las Vegas outing as it is just an hour far from The Strip.

Watch our Valley of Fire video:

Hiking & & Horse Riding at Red Rock Canyon, Nevada

Horse Riding Red Rock Canyon

Like the Valley of Fire, Red Rock Canyon is a banquet for the eyes!

I might not overcome how striking this location was with its vibrant rocks increasing out of the desert flooring like a huge rippling wave.

You can delight in the 13 mile picturesque drive and pick up a couple of walkings along the method.

We completely took pleasure in the brief and simple Lost Creek Children’s Discovery Trail trek, which provided us with a riparian environment that seemed like we remained in a location like YosemiteNational Park instead of the desert.

Our90- minute horse riding experience simply outside the park through a narrow canyon with views of the red rock canyons in front of us was an American Southwest experience our ladies will always remember.

We did refrain from doing any rock climbing up at Red Rock Canyon in Nevada, however it is referred to as among the most popular rock climbing up locations in the U.S.A..

Good news is this magnificent National Conservation Area is just 30- minutes from the Las Vegas Strip, so you can quickly do it as an outing from Las Vegas.

Watch our Red Rock Canyon video:

Peek- a-Boo and Spooky Slot Canyons, Utah

This was without a doubt the best experience we had in the Southwest area of the United States.

It was completely unanticipated and all of us felt a little batter after it– however in an excellent way. Peek- a-Boo and Spooky Slot Canyons lie waiting on you in the Grand Escalante National Monument in Utah.

This is a location off-the-beaten-path however well worth the dirty gravel roadway to arrive. The 2 slot canyons provide a various experience and are both on a loop path.

We checked out in a group of 6 grownups and 6 kids and each people had a blast and stated it was the very best enjoyable yet.

This loop walk will take you through the 2 significantly various canyons. The initially will include a great deal of climbing up, weaving and ducking up into the canyon and through holes, throughout swimming pools of water, and into narrow slots.

It then opens through a wash with gorgeous desert surroundings prior to decreasing into the extremely narrow Spooky SlotCanyon Breathe deep and absorb those stubborn bellies!

Watch our experiences in Peek- a-Boo and Spooky slot canyons

JeepRock Crawling in Moab, Utah

We didn’t recognize we ‘d be rock crawling when we joined this directed jeep trip of the surrounding rock nation in Moab.

If we had actually of understood we might let fear stop us from going on this American Southwest activity!

RockCrawling in a Jeep was LEGENDARY enjoyable! There was loads of laughter, a couple of tears, and a lot of screams.

This is a workout in trust. Jeeps are the most flexible and reliable automobiles. There’s most likely not a rock they can’t spread their wheels over in all various instructions to go up and over with more ability than a crab.

But releasing to rely on that jeep when you’re laying back in your seat at a 90 degree angle hoping you have actually offered sufficient gas to get up, or to leaning right down to nearly kiss the ground hoping that the Jeep will stick and after that ideal itself up is tough.


We leased a jeep and signed up with the FulltimeFamilies arranged trip of the surrounding Moab red rock nation.

Actually make that red, orange, pink white, and yellow rock. There were 13 households with volunteer spotters assisting all us beginners discover how to rock crawl.

Adding to the excitement of the experience were the sensational views that surrounded us of Moab Utah.

What a terrific method to check out the backcountry and an IMPRESSIVE Southwest U.S.A. experience for sure!

Off roading Jeep rock crawling in Moab video:

CarlsbadCaverns, New Mexico

Carlsbad Caverns, New Mexico

CarlsbadCaverns is a should do drop in New Mexico!

Located in the Guadalupe Mountains the piece de resistance is a big limestone chamber that you can check out. There is likewise a bat flight you can enjoy from around May– October.

You get in the limestone chamber called the Big Cave from an elevator bringing you down 750 feet into the chamber for a 1 1/4 mile loop trek around the cavern or you can get in through the natural entryway.

We suggest doing both!

For the natural entryway you stroll down 750 feet through numerous switchbacks prior to doing the 1 1/4 mile loop– however then fortunately you can take the elevator back up!

If you exist in between May-October you will not wish to miss out on the bat flight where you can enjoy 1000’s of Brazilian complimentary trailed bats fly out of the natural entryway– it is an incredible website!

If directed trips are more your thing make certain to take a look at the Visitor Center to see what directed trips they are presently providing. This is likewise a method to check out beyond The Big Room.

WhiteSands National Monument, New Mexico

white sands national monument new mexico

For an opportunity to sled down a white sand mountain head over to WhiteSands National Monument, among the leading landmarks in the Southwest area.

Aptly called, it is a substantial location covered with white dune as far as the eye can see.

You can drop in the visitor center to pay to lease sleds to utilize (presuming they have any readily available– you might wind up waiting a couple of minutes for somebody to return theirs) or you can generate your own sleds. Then go out to the dune!

It gets extremely hot and there is little to no shade so make certain to come ready.

We chose to drive our travel trailer in with us for the day and it was incredible to be able to put our awning out and sit by the dunes for hours while our kids played, then ran over for shade, a fast beverage or treat prior to heading back out.

This is a distinct experience that the entire household will delight in!

MoreTips for Southwest U.S.A.

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