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15 of the Best Christmas Gifts for Kids Who Love to Travel 2019

Do you have kids who enjoy to take a trip? Are you trying to find the very best Christmas presents for kids this holiday?

It’s simple to burn out of the exact same plastic toys, video games, and bikes. Our kids are maturing with a larger access to the world, and a much deeper connection to experiences waiting on them.

Travel is a terrific method for them to look beyond the toys accumulating in their space and discover more about themselves and their function in this ever altering, yet interesting world we reside in.

Family horse riding experience in Idaho

Why rule out Christmas present concepts for kids that will motivate them to take a trip more and produce much better memories!

We have kids who take a trip, a LOT.

They really do that more than anything else, so we understand precisely what they require to motivate, empower, and tape their valuable memories.

These are the very best presents for kids who have the daring and imaginative spirit.

Hint: All kids do, however often they might require a little website to assist grease the wheel.

The listed below vacation present concepts can be provided to any kid in your life: kid, brother or sister, nephew, niece, cousins, buddy AND can really be a present to offer at any time of the year!

These are travel presents we understand kids will enjoy and will improve the travel experience for them. We understand this from experience.

!5 of the best travel gifts for kids
Snorkeling in Hawaii

We have not simply looked at a lot of unimportant Christmas present concepts for kids who take a trip based upon what looks adorable onAmazon As numerous present guides represent.

Really? A piano mat? Travel?

Back to take a trip with kids truth.

We ran these concepts by our 2 ladies (aged 12 and 8), who are complete travel experts and they concurred this was an enjoyable, special and intriguing Christmas present guide for kids and DEFINITELY things that would improve the experience from starting to after.

Kalyra(12) insisted we consist of a phone and computer system.

I discussed to her that the majority of people would not be taking a trip full-time, however taking much shorter household holidays and most likely do not wish to take excessive innovation with them!

Do you concur?

GiftsFor Kids


First thing we suggest as the very best Christmas presents for kids is a travel experience.

Memories by far beat ownerships!

Your kids may not rather get that idea till they’re really riding that horse through magnificent mountain landscapes picturing they are on a unicorn and all their dreams have actually come to life.

What are your kids enthusiastic about?

We suggest purchasing them a travel experience (believe trip, destination passes, volunteer chances, instructional journeys) and so on that assist sustain the fire for their enthusiasms and their special presents and skills.

CheckOut Some Cool Travel Experiences on Get Your Guide.


scratch maps gift ideas for kids

You understand this needs to be among the very best Christmas presents for kids when they leap up and down with enjoyment and wish to take a seat together to do it quickly!

Our ladies got these scratch maps of the U.S.A. states and U.S.A. national forests after we returned house from our U.S.A. journey.

They were delighted to scratch each map off that they had actually gone to sharing a “oh yeah I remember” that minute from each one.

scratch maps gifts for kids

I liked the knowing workout included in it for scratching off the capitol city for each listed below it and the magnetic sticker labels they might connect representing an unique memory.

They were shocked by how couple of national forests we checked out as soon as they saw the number of there really were.

And now they are influenced to check out more national forests and states.

These scratch maps are a very enjoyable method to engage kids in their travel experiences and to encourage them to have more. You can’t request anything much better as a present for kids who enjoy to take a trip.

The quality of the maps from Tripa Trips Travel are extraordinary. Check them out here

We can’t suggest any other from individual experience.

This world scratch maps gets raves evaluations for information, quality and lively colors beneath the scratch.

HydrationHiking Backpack for Kids

Hydration Hiking Backpack for Kids

Nothing will drive you mad more when taking a trip with kids is the consistent draw back on your t-shirt to offer your kid water.

SPECIFICALLY when you remain in the middle of a high climb and understand that stopping will eliminate your momentum and potentially take you out of the experience.

Enter a treking knapsack with hydration!

These helpful knapsacks consist of a water bladder with a drinking tube that comes out the front strap of the bag. Feel thirsty?

Pick up television and take a beverage. No require to stop, discharge, unzip and loosen.

These hydration knapsacks can have a cool taste to start with. You can eliminate this by soaking the bladder with lemon water, however it takes some time.

Do that initially or it will turn your kids off.

I enjoy how these hydration treking knapsacks for kids teach them duty and self-reliance.

They can take care of their own water requirements, plus bring their own treats and belong to put their sweatshirts, and even their cams.

You can absolutely utilize these for city travel also.

And obviously, with all of our Christmas present concepts for kids, you can utilize these when you are not taking a trip too.

These are ideal present concepts for older kids. You can likewise get some additional little hydration knapsacks to make it an excellent present concept for more youthful kids.

Point & & Shoot Camera

kids camera hayden valley yellowstone np

One of the very best Christmas presents for kids would need to be their own point and shoot cams. I do not suggest you take a trip without your kid having an electronic camera to tape their own memories.

It’s terrific to see them engage with travel in this method and to see their point of view on experiences and what they discover remarkable and intriguing.

There have actually been times when I believe Kalyra, our oldest, is not thinking about other travel experience we are having, and after that I see her whip out her electronic camera to tape something that has actually resonated with her and I understand she is discovering the experience important and linking to it.

Not just can the electronic camera assist your kids find and tape what they enjoy most, it’s an enjoyable and special method for them to engage and engage with other kids.

We just recently purchased our youngest, Savannah, this Nikon Coolpix electronic camera for her birthday as she kept taking our electronic camera to tape amusing videos with her buddies.

These are a few of the memories they value the most when taking a trip.

The enjoyable times they have with buddies they fulfill on the roadway and now they’ll constantly have these videos to reflect on, to bear in mind individuals they value the most and the unique time they had with them.

That includes you– the individual purchasing these unique travel presents for kids.

Christmas gift ideas for kids

For older kids, we still like to select an electronic camera over a phone. We understand phones are excellent multi-purpose tools that have great cams.

But, we desire our kids to find out the difference in between taking in all of life through something and having different methods to cause delight and your imaginative spirit.

A tool that does not rapidly sidetrack you or keep you stressed on, “just let me put this on Instagram and see how many likes we get.”

We feel an electronic camera motivates production for the delight of production instead of for outdoors recognition.

If they do shoot videos and images on their phone, we suggest the totally free QuickApp by GoPro for assembling video memories incredibly quickly.

GoProCamera (+ AKASO option)

Water slides at Great Wolf Lodge, Minnesota

What about kids who likes playing in the water? Or take part in some high action activities?

Of course they still wish to tape their memories, much more so as its high experience and memory making things.

You understand aGoPro can accommodate any type of activity to record those memories.

Concerned a GoPro is a little to costly for a kid?

I get it. We lost one to the bottom of the ocean on WaikikiBeach when it fell of Kalyra’s surf board. This was our fault for not protecting it correctly, not Kalyra’s.

However a less expensive option to a GoPro is the AKASO v50 PRO, which is getting great evaluations and growing rather rapidly.

We have actually composed an extensive evaluation on the AKASO V50Pro action electronic camera.

This is a wonderful present concept for older kids. A travel present concept for more youthful kids might be a less expensive water resistant electronic camera. Savannah’s Nikon electronic camera is really a water resistant one.

TheUltimate Travel Journal for Kids

travel journal for kids

My ladies definitely LIKE finishing jobs and workouts in journals, books and things like Junior Ranger programs. Makes my homeschooling a breeze!

Travel journals are an exceptional method to take part in what they are finding out as they take a trip and why the experience is remarkable and essential for them

TheUltimateTravel Journal for Kids is among the very best travel journals I have actually seen which is why this one in specific is makes our Christmas present concepts for kids list.

This travel journal consists of activities for 4 journeys is gone for 6-9 years of age’s.

The triggers and activities will direct the kids to tape their hopes and dreams for their getaway, record highlights and brand-new discoveries. As well as enjoyable activities to keep them captivated. Perfect for long journey !!

Grab your copy of the travel journal here.

TravelJournal for Older Kids

An unique blank journal is a terrific present for older kids to tape their memories and insights.

Kalyra likes tape-recording her travel days in her journal frequently composing pages.

It’s terrific for reflection, however think of when she selects it up in 5 years time.

The pleasure she’ll feel in keeping in mind experiences she might have potentially forgotten and reconnecting with the views of her more youthful self and how these travel minutes assisted produce who she remains in the existing minute.

You can utilize any note pad, however I suggest picking an excellent quality one with an unique color. The memories entering here are valuable.

Here are a number of intriguing ones I discovered on Amazon for you:

DestinationActivity Books and Guides

Filling out their activity books

Help kids pursue their dream locations and engage with the experience by providing particular activity books and guides.

This is how we did a great deal of our homeschooling while taking a trip and the ladies LIKED them!!

When they are asking you to purchase an activity book on a national forest, you are not going to state no to that curious and passionate reality finding out plea!

These are great for journey, long airplane flights and down time in your hotel after a long day of checking out. This is among the most convenient and finest Christmas presents for kids.

Just research study the location on Amazon or LonelyPlanet for kids and you’ll discover something that relates.

You can even discover fiction books to motivate travel in kids. Who does not now wish to go to Hogwarts? Check out this list: 15Books to Inspire Kids to Travel

GreenlightDebit Card for Kids

greenlight debit card for kids

Of course all of us understand travel expenses cash and sacrifices. It includes a great deal of cost savings!

Kids will bug you a lot on your journey to purchase this and that: ice cream, sweet, mementos.

While part of a holiday is delighting in these things, it can be a little draining pipes on your wallet soul and spirit to be continuously needing to respond to yes and no.

Why not let the kids be in control of their own cash and find out some excellent cash concepts at the exact same time?

We enjoy the GreenlightCard, therefore do our ladies.

It is really essential to maintain the discussion with them so they comprehend that little piece of plastic is really cash and it’s not unlimited.

I talk with my ladies how it is a debit card not a charge card and how essential it is for them to understand the distinction. That is, you never ever invest what you do not have.

I enjoy the automated ease of theGreenlight It’s unusual for me to have money on hand, and it was so irritating needing to discover a to get the ladies allowance on a monthly basis.

TheGreenlight makes it so simple with their app.

With a couple of clicks I can move cash onto their card and simple check balances. I get alerts whenever they invest cash and can provide authorization to just patronize specific locations.

I can establish automated allowance payments to their permit. I can likewise set and track tasks they are accountable for performing in order to get their allowance.

The function I enjoy the most is the capability to move their cash into pails, which is so so essential to teach them from an early age. So whenever they get “paid” we move 10% into each of these pails: the cost savings pail, contribution pail, dream objective pail.

What they have actually left over exists’s to invest in their mementos with a great deal of assistance from me, “are you sure that is going to bring value into your life?”

There is a month-to-month card cost of $4.99 I believe that’s an excellent rate for the worth you get and the terrific monetary education and duty it uses kids.

Ease, automation, self-reliance, and essential monetary knowing makes this one of the very best Christmas presents for kids.

Join by means of this link and you’ll get $10 after your very first month.

MerrellHiking Shoes

Grand Canyon in winter

We hope that your journeys with your kids includes going out in nature and delighting in the abundance of outside activities available.

As a household we enjoy to go treking and are really knowledgeable about the significance of great hiking shoes.

The great news is that this Christmas present concept can likewise be utilized for any kind of travel, even walking city streets.

You can likewise utilize these shoes in your community and home town streets.

If there is one product you invest a bit more cash on, we recommend it’s an excellent set of travel shoes for kids. (and you!)

We have actually attempted all various brand names of treking shoes, and Merrell is the one shoe brand name we enjoy and rely on one of the most. They are comfy, tough using therefore strong.

I LIKE my Keen shoes, however if I’m treking a high, domino effect, I rely on that my Merrell shoes will hold me up more. I have actually never ever had a slide using them as soon as.

Our child, Savannah has a set of Merrell hiking shoes and they keep her upright, constant and looking excellent!

I suggest getting a water resistant set to prepare you for the numerous cool experiences you might discover on a walking and outside activity. We have actually encountered numerous creek crossings!

I have actually been astonished at just how much they have actually kept my feet dry. I have actually had complete immersion in a creek prior to and the shoes remained quite dry however my socks got soaked as the water did enter from above and through the socks.

See alternatives for Merrell hiking shoes for kids here


We have actually simply recently settled into a home and when the ladies were developing their spaces, they both jumped at the world to place on their rack.

A world is a terrific present for kids of any ages.

It will sustain their dreams, assist them discover their location worldwide and discover more about nations, landforms and cities.

I keep in mind as a kid, spinning that world and contemplating strangely enough about the world would have had a SUBSTANTIAL effect on the 50+ nations I have actually gone to covering a 22 year life of travel.

You can likewise put a big map on their walls. However I feel a world is a more enjoyable present concept for kids. You simply can’t beat the spin element.

Here is a elegant world I like and here is another.

ReusableWater Bottles

Boys and ladies … there is no requirement at all for individuals in the Western World to purchase single usage plastic water bottles.

Companies are not offering water here, they are offering plastic. It’s time people to take a trip more purposely and this is the most convenient location to begin.

Give the kids the present of a recyclable water bottle. Again the ideal present concepts for kids even beyond travel.

They’ll be delighted to take these all over so they can constantly have water on hand and safeguard the environment– not to discuss conserve you cash!!

  • We enjoy our hydro flasks sports water bottle. It keeps the water cool for hours See more here.
  • My ladies likewise desired me to suggest these vibrant options. I would discover the straw hard to tidy though so would select the broader mouth.
  • For those taking a trip in nations where it is suggested to consume mineral water for health factors, think about recyclable water cleansers. This one by Grayl comes extremely suggested for great purification and elimination. Don’ t skimp out on having something that will clean your water and keep you healthy.


It’s incredible just how much kids will enjoy this present concept.

A headlamp is not simply helpful when it pertains to outdoor camping and nighttime strolls. With numerous cool caverns to check out on your journeys, you’ll be utilizing them in the day also.

Kids enjoy to have these on their head and the course illuminating in front of them so they are still totally free to enjoyable and check out

I understand you most likely do not desire them running much in a cavern, however you understand kids!

We might have utilized a few of these headlamps with our lava river tube walking in Bend, and riding the 1.7 mile pitch black tunnel on the Route of the Hiawatha flight in Idaho.

I believe a headlamp is much better than a flashlight so the kids can be hands totally free. Our kids liked taking control of the campfire so a headlamp used a bit more security for them.

I enjoy the appearance and noise of the GoFor Wild Rechargeable Headlamp on Amazon.

Reviewers enjoy the movement triggered switch– specifically when using gloves– the brilliant light and simple charging function. One customer stated the style was resilient and actually well considered!

It seems like the ideal present for kids AND a budget-friendly present also.


christmas gifts for kids who travel

We’re huge advocates of mentor kids to end up being independent tourists from an extremely young age.

We had our ladies loading their bags and looking after the boarding treatments when they were young children.

As an outcome, they have actually attorneys been unbelievable tourists and seldom now any instructions from me.

So we believe a wonderful travel present concept for kids are passport holders. This will motivate them to take care of something really essential and be accountable independent tourists


Travel pillow Globite luggage accessories

Not simply for airplanes, these headrest pillows are likewise perfect for journey.

Our ladies constantly load them no matter what design of journey or household getaway we take. Therefore I might not leave them off this list of finest Christmas presents for kids. If they voluntarily load it, you understand it’s great.

For more youthful ladies, you can’t pass by a unicorn neck pillow Our Savannah is unicorn made therefore is her finest travel buddy.

ThisGund pusheen pillow makes sure to be a hit. Even grownups raving about it in the evaluations !!

Older kids will enjoy this memory foam all in one travel pillow as a present forChristmas It’s a package that consists of cellular phone holder and eye masks and has rave evaluations.

MoreChristmas Gift Ideas

Check out the following travel present guides:

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