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15 Tips – Why Colombia Travel is Best as a Solo Adventure

After going on several solo journeys, I believed I had solo travel nailed.

I felt comfy going to lots of nations on my own and had actually taken a trip solo in the United States, Europe, Southeast Asia, and South America.

So, when the concept of Colombia travel struck my radar as a fantastic location for a solo journey, I didn’t think twice to begin preparing.

Hiking in CocoraValley in the mountains in the Coffee Triangle

Then the concerns began coming and my buddies and household revealed constant issue.

“Is Colombia safe?” they asked.

Of course”, I responded, feeling less and less positive each time I responded to the exact same concern about security and security and got a blank gaze in action. After all, who hasn’t seen Narcos on Netflix?

I was informed by other tourists who had actually existed that Colombia is not the location it when remained in the 1980 s and 1990 s

Online research study revealed me the exact same outcomes: Colombia is an establishing nation that is typically safe for tourist (if you prevent specific locations in the nation). Even the U.S. State Departments travel advisory agreed.

Guatape Lake

But, how far has it really come given that those dark days?

With a growing sense of issue, I scheduled my journey to see Colombia understanding that I ‘d discover the response to this very concern. And hoping that I would like the response.

Is it Safe to Travel to Colombia?

VisitingColombia was among the most remarkable journeys I have actually ever taken Traveling to an establishing nation might not be for everybody, however I still recall at my images and pinch myself believing how fortunate I am that I went.

And how grateful I am that I didn’t choose to go elsewhere due to the issues my buddies and household revealed.

Now when individuals ask me,“is Colombia safe to travel?” I more than happy to react with a definite “Yes!”

Me Botero Hand, Colombia
MeBotero Hand

That is not to state that you do not require to be mindful when you seeColombia It does not suggest that bad things do not in some cases take place.

However, I discovered taking a trip in Colombia SouthAmerica as safe as travel in any other establishing nation that I have actually gone to.

Yes, there are obstacles, and locations you do not wish to go. And there are problems throughout lots of nations in Latin America

But, if you are wise about where you go and how you do it, this is among the terrific nations to go to in South America

It is likewise a fantastic location to take a trip solo for those with some experience taking a trip solo. When you take a trip by yourself, you get to see a piece of life you might not when you take a trip with somebody else.

TheFallacy of Safety in Groups

Most individuals think we are more at threat when we are taking a trip alone and I partly concur with that.

We are definitely more friendly when we are taking a trip on our own which might make us more of a target.

However, when we travel solo we aren’t sidetracked by talking with a good friend. We do not have an incorrect complacency that having another individual with us makes us safe.

In truth, when we travel solo, it’s most likely that we are more knowledgeable about our environments.

In that method, I believe we are at less threat while taking a trip solo than when we take a trip with others.

ColombiaTravel for the Solo Explorer

When I began preparing a journey to Colombia, I did a great deal of research study about security and security issues.

Though I felt relatively positive I might securely take a trip to Colombia, the issues revealed by those who appreciate me taxed my mind.

Bogota Candycane Church, Colombia
BogotaCandycane Church

When they asked me,“Is it safe to travel to Colombia?” I wished to be definitely sure of the response.

The security warns I check out online were primarily comparable to what you see about taking a trip in Europe: beware of pocket pickers.

My family and friends were so worried I would be robbed at gunpoint, eliminated, abducted or another violent criminal offense. However, I didn’t check out lots of cautions about those type of criminal offenses in the locations I prepared to go to.

That is the understanding of Colombia, and it’s time to challenge that out-of-date view.

It’s essential for solo tourists to do some research prior to taking a trip and especially for solo female tourists.

Below is what I discovered Colombia travel prior to I left and while I existed.

Don’ t Zone on Your Phone in Bogot á

One of my top Colombia ideas is that security begins prior to your Colombia trip.

It’s essential prior to you take a trip anywhere to do some research study on security issues. You’ll wish to collect specifics about the nation in basic, and likewise about the locations you prepare to go to.

Traveling to Colombia tips
Bogota household

A great deal of individuals post cautions online about the threat of getting your cellular phone taken in Bogot á. This was a considerable issue for me: I have definitely no orientation so I count on my phone for navigation.

In the old days, I would bring a map, however absolutely nothing screams “tourist!” like bring a map around. Well, that and using white tennis shoes.

What did I do?

I utilized my phone extremely moderately, and just when I had clear sight around me that it was safe to do so. I made certain my back protested a wall and nobody was close to me.

When I utilized my phone, I made certain to admire examine my environments to be sure it was still safe to have my phone out. If individuals approached me, I put it away.

I more than happy to state my phone joined me for the flight house from Colombia.

GetInsight from Locals in Medell ín

Another terrific method to discover security is by talking with residents.

When you ask where they advise you go, likewise ask if there are locations where you need to not go.

We frequently concentrate on the locations we wish to go to when we take a trip, however understanding where not to go is simply as essential.

Medell ín is among the very best locations to go to in Colombia and there is a lot to do there. You do require to be mindful in specific communities.

Avoid the El Centro Neighborhood at Night

Walking trips are a fantastic method to orient yourself to a brand-new city. I walked trip in Medell ín and our guide, Juan, provided us some vital recommendations.

He stated that we need to not go to the downtown location, La Candelaria (in your area referred to as El Centro), during the night and to be extremely mindful throughout the day too.

Medellin Botero Square, Colombia
MedellinBotero Square

TheEl Centro area is the location where a lot of the destinations remain in Medell ín, and it’s popular.

By day, it is filled with businesspeople and it’s fairly safe, though there are pocket pickers around.

It’s a great concept to preserve awareness around you at all times and to be sure to have a firm grasp on your valuables. If you are using a bag, use it throughout your chest or on your chest (for knapsacks).

However, after the commuters go home, the downtown location is risky and even the residents stay away from it.

Juan shared the Colombian stating, “dar papaya,” which loosely equated methods “you should not put yourself in a position where people can easily take advantage of you.”

So, if a location is the greatest threat like El Centro, or “four papayas,” it’s finest to prevent.

Beware in San Antonio Square

SanAntonio Square (ParqueSan Antonio) has some gorgeous murals that stand apart in a city understood for its innovative street art.

Medellin Street art, Colombia
MedellinStreet art

Also, there are 2 bird sculptures on display screen developed by regional artist FernandoBotero One is undamaged and the other was primarily ruined in 1995 by a guerrilla bomb. It acts as an unpleasant suggestion of the violent history of Medell ín.

Our guide warned us to be careful of gang activity in San Antonio Square even throughout the day and to prevent the park during the night.

It’s finest to just go to in groups (like a strolling trip group) and to be particularly careful of pocket pickers.

VisitingCommuna 13

Communa13 is a fantastic example of a community that was when the poorest and most violent in Medell ín. It is now a location that the majority of travelers go to understood for its remarkable street art.

Communa-13-Memorial, Colombia
Communa13 Memorial

I walked trip of this location with a regional guide who matured there calledSergio He informed us stories from his youth that hurt to listen to and shared how the neighborhood is remembering its history through art.

Sergio shared a wall of little planters painted with names on them representing the life of individuals who vanished in the 1980 s and 1990 s.

TheColombian individuals are extremely knowledgeable about their history. They make every effort to move past it and to progress in a favorable instructions so they can continue to take pride in their nation and how far it has actually come.

When individuals ask, “is it safe to travel to Colombia,” residents will state a definite, “yes!” since they are happy to be Colombian and of what their gorgeous nation is today.

CautionWhen Using Crosswalks

AnotherColombia security suggestion I gained from Juan is that “crosswalks are art” in Medell ín.

Meaning that motorists do not frequently yield the right-of-way to a pedestrian so be extremely mindful when crossing the street.

I discovered this the difficult method the next day when I discovered myself in the middle of the street as a cars and truck approached and needed to rush for the curb as he went racing past me.

It sure got my heart racing and was a great suggestion to be mindful.

Right after that event, a moped rode up on the walkway and almost raked me down, so care ought to likewise reach strolling on the walkway too.

KeepYour Eyes Open in Cartagena

When you’re taking a trip, you never ever understand where you may wind up.

If you resemble me, you prepare for a couple of things every day however leave time to check out if you see something fascinating.

Don’ t make yourself a target by plainly not focusing. Or on the other hand, it’s not a great concept to appear afraid by anxiously browsing. Simply have a look around as you stroll.

I compare this to driving a cars and truck. When we’re driving around, we’re continuously scanning our environments to make certain there is absolutely nothing in our course so we understand it’s safe to continue driving.

At initially, this takes some practice. But in time, we can do it without even considering it. As you construct your solo-traveling muscle, you will discover the exact same.

OldTown Cartagena and Getsemani

The most popular traveler locations in Cartagena are the old town location and the Getsemani area.

Old- town Cartagena is the location within the old city walls and it’s spectacular to walk. There are a great deal of travelers in this location and it can get extremely crowded.

Cartagena Getsemani Neighborhood
CartagenaGetsemani Neighborhood =-LRB- *************)

Travel to Cartagena Colombia is typically safe. However, whenever you remain in a congested location, it’s a great concept to be on the lookout for pocket pickers and to keep your valuables.

Don’ t make yourself a simple target for somebody to take and get your bag since you aren’t focusing. Make sure your bag is zipped and you have a hand on it.

Also, it’s a great concept to not be glued to your phone when you’re walking. If you have your head down and you’re concentrated on your screen, you are not taking notice of what is going on around you.

That’s not to state you can’t examine your phone or utilize it for navigation, however you need to restrict your screen time and utilize a few of the warns pointed out above.

I fulfilled a guy in Cartagena who purchased something and put the bag down on the walkway while on his phone. When he bent to get his bag, it was gone.

Being sidetracked makes you simple victim for an opportunist.

TravelingSolo Doesn’ t Mean Always Being Alone

Just since you aren’t taking a trip with somebody does not suggest you are constantly going to be alone.

A terrific element about taking a trip solo is that you are more friendly to individuals. It’s great to make an individual connection with somebody, particularly a regional.

The individuals of Colombia are typically extremely friendly and love travelers.

Since the nation isn’t greatly touristed in lots of locations, individuals are extremely curious about tourists and wish to state hi.

MakeNew Friends in Salento

It’s a great concept to not go to remote locations by yourself.

I checked out Salento, nestled in the mountains in the Coffee Triangle (EjeCafetero) to trek in Cocora Valley.

It’s an incredibly gorgeous walking that begins in the cloud forest (high-elevation rain forest) and ends in a location surrounded by wax palm trees.

They are the highest palms on the planet and have a type of cartoonish quality as they grow as high as 200 feet (60 meters).

Cocora Wax Palms
CocoraWax Palms

I got fortunate and fulfilled a fantastic group of individuals at the hostel I remained at and we treked Cocora together. There were great deals of hikers and had I not fulfilled anybody prior to beginning the walking, I might have quickly fulfilled others.

As we started the walking, 2 girls from Argentina asked if they might join us and naturally we stated yes.

Though in the city I think solo tourists are as safe, and frequently more secure than individuals who take a trip with others, in remote locations I think taking a trip in groups is finest.

WhyYou Shouldn’ t Uber in Colombia

As a solo female tourist, I do attempt to restrict walking during the night and tend to take a taxi or an Uber when I head out.

Uber is technically prohibited in Colombia (“technically” since you can discover Uber motorists in a few of the significant cities, like Cartagena, nevertheless, you might be bothered by cabby or the cops if they are captured).

I choose Uber over a taxi for a couple of factors.

First, since no cash modifications hands throughout the trip. I do not need to determine just how much a flight fare is or think of if the motorist turned the meter on.

I can likewise be fairly sure a chauffeur is legitimate. Uber informs me the motorist’s name, shares a photo, and the car make and certify plate.

However, it’s valuable to understand that Uber isn’t legal in Colombia, although you will discover some industrious individuals still driving with them.

I had no concept when I went there and gained from a regional I fulfilled while in Cartagena after taking Uber from the airport to my house.

OtherColombia Safety Tips

There are lots of other solo travel security ideas that are valuable anywhere else on the planet.

TheseColombia travel ideas are particularly helpful whether you are a solo tourist or taking a trip with others.

Salento Mirador, Colombia
SalentoMirador View

BeCareful with Alcohol

It’s essential to be particularly mindful when you’re consuming.

You wish to make sure you know your environments and focusing, and you merely aren’t as focused when you are consuming alcohol.

That’s not to state you can’t have a beverage with supper, however it’s simply not a great concept to consume a lot when you’re taking a trip solo.

You do not constantly make terrific choices.

While you remain in the dining establishment or bar, make sure to watch on your beverage at all times.

Especially when you’re taking a trip solo and do not have somebody else watching out for you, it’s an actually hard time to discover what it resembles to get a “mickey” in your beverage.

Keep an Eye or a Hand on Your Belongings

Pickpocketing is a danger for Colombia travel. Don’ t make yourself a chance for a criminal offense of opportunity by not keeping your valuables near to you.

Using a cross-body messenger bag is a wise concept to keep your valuables safe and to keep your hand on the bag.

If you bring a knapsack, either bring it on the front or make certain you include a lock to it as it’s simple to get something out of one when on your back.

Carry a minimum of money in your bag. Though, bear in mind that Colombia is a cash-based society so charge card aren’t regularly utilized.

Another tip is to utilize a cash belt to make certain you have access to more money. There are cash belts that attach around your waist, your neck, or perhaps your bra.

There are likewise innovative ones with a zippered pocket inside a belt or a headscarf.

Be particularly mindful when you take out cash. We frequently leave our bag open and are not taking notice of it while we are purchasing.

It’s a simple time for somebody to assist themselves to the material of your bag.

Why a Trip to Colombia is Best as a Solo Adventure

Colombia is a location you wish to put in the time to truly learn more about.

It’s essential to be experienced of the nation’s history to fall for the location it is today. The finest method to do that is by being familiar with the residents.

Colombia Street Art
ColombiaStreet Art

Traveling solo manages you the very best chance to satisfy Colombians to discover who they truly are. They aren’t their shadowed past however individuals who strive and are happy to be Colombian.

VisitingColombia solo indicates you will be more open up to the message of individuals to discover their real story.

The individuals are tired of the violence and corruption and desire modification. The individuals who are positive for a more favorable future. That’s the Colombia I fell for.

Now when individuals ask me, “Is Colombia safe?” I more than happy to provide a huge smile and share my remarkable experiences from this journey and my prepare for my next one.

I hope this Colombia travel guide used some helpful Colombia travel security ideas to keep you notified and make your Colombia trip as tension totally free and unforgettable as possible.

Tours of Colombia

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They have a star score of 4.7/ 5 with over 300+ evaluations. Check them out here.

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