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17 Lesser-KnownGreek Islands You Should Explore!


1. Evia (Euboea)

The second-largest Greek island, Evia, is a popular location amongst mainland locals however lower so amongst global visitors. The island’s landscape uses a little bit of whatever – you’ll discover sandy beaches, high cliffs, waterfalls, canyons, rocky shorelines, and various olive groves and wheat fields. There are more ancient websites here than on any other island, apart from Crete, an amazing quantity of natural thermal springs, and great deals of strolling routes throughout the mountainous landscapes.

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2. Skiathos

A little island that belongs to the Sporades, with as numerous as 60 gorgeous beaches. You’ll likewise discover lovely white homes with standard blue shutters. Most of the sandy beaches are available from the mainland, however some remote coves are just available by motorboat. You might even have a possibility to fulfill Hollywood stars like Kate Hudson or Russell Crowe here!

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3. Lefkada

An incredibly attractive, fertile, and green island. On its west coast, you can discover a few of the finest beaches in the Ionian Islands and awesome cliffs like onZakynthos Great for those searching for peace, relaxation, extraordinary views, and a possibility to get in touch with nature.

4. Kefalonia

It’s been called “the best-kept secret in Greece” since it has actually long prevented mass tourist. It’s quickly among the most gorgeous islands in the Ionian Sea, with its blue-green sea and gorgeous beaches. You’ll take pleasure in fantastic regional food and some fantastic white and red white wines here; why not take a bottle house?

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5. Milos

Milos is typically neglected in favor of Mykonos and Santorini, however this volcanic island is a wonderful choice for those searching for a more serene trip. Famously, the marble statue called ‘Venus de Milo’ was discovered here and place on screen in the Louvre inParis It’s a landscape of tranquil fishing towns, peaceful coves, and a varied selection of beaches.

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6. Folegandros

Located in between Paros and Santorini, this gem of an island is nearly unblemished by global tourist. The Cycladic architecture of whitewashed homes, small alleys, and blue-tipped churches makes it a really visually pleasing location (extremely Instagram friendly, let’s state). Don’t miss out on a see to Kastro, the town of Chora’s Venetian quarter.

7. Amorgos

One of the bigger islands in the Cyclades, it’s long, thin, and uses remarkable views at every turn. You will not require to stress over crowds here, mostly due to the absence of an airport – although there are a lot of ferryboats that can take you here. The middle ages capital, the Chora of Amorgos, is among the most gorgeous and genuine old towns you’ll discover.

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8. Paxos

Accessible by boat from surrounding Corfu, Paxos is pristine and loaded with beauty. Think rolling olive groves, vacation homes, and blue-green waters. You can check out the biggest town, Gaios, on foot, stopping at waterside bars, stores, and dining establishments en route, obviously. No check out is total without a see to the concealed cove, called the Blue Caves, for their brilliant blue waters.

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9. Ithaca

Ithaca is famous for being the legendary island of Odysseus in Greek folklore, however Ithaca does not simply rest on its laurels! The island is peaceful, however loaded with things to do for those curious: such as historical museums, abbeys, and ancient town ruins. For professional photographers, Vathy, Kioni, and Frikes are the most picture-perfect towns.

10 Patmos

It might be called the ‘Island of the armageddon,’ however do not let the name fool you; this area is far from a disaster (the name originates from the Book of the Apocalypse composed by Saint John the Divine). Visit the island’s capital of Chora for extraordinary views of the Aegean Sea and a dynamic town loaded with things to do and see.

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11 Symi

Elegant, unwinded, and with postcard-worthy views, Symi is a gem in the Dodecanese island chain. It’s a perfect location to check out on foot, with the primary port surrounded by quite towns. A go to here has to do with relaxing, sticking around in seaside pubs, and checking out small chapels dotted around the island.

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12 Sifnos

If you like food, this might be the island for you. The air around the island is heavy with the aroma of sizzling seafood from the tavernas, and with an abundant food lover scene, you can consume your method throughout the island with ease. Sifnos is simply 3 hours from Athens, however it seems like a island paradise.

13 Skopelos

A gorgeous island where the well-known musical “Mamma Mia” starring Meryl Streep was recorded. Skopelos is overgrown with pine forests and is a natural paradise with beaches, attractive coves, and numerous cultural treasures. The island is likewise understood for its fantastic olives, feta cheese, honey, and sun-dried plums.

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14 Thassos

Nicknamed”Emerald Island”, Thassos lies 8km from mainlandGreece You’ll discover terrific beaches and lovely coves with crystal clear green waters where you can unwind in solitude. It is understood for its natural pool amongst the sea cliffs called Giola and the “marble beach” Saliara with its white sand and marble particles.

15 Samos

This is a dream island for fans of peaceful beach strolls and treks. The island’s ancient heritage can be seen at every turn. You’ll area Roman baths, an ancient theatre, and a special tunnel aqueduct. The regional individuals are hot and friendly, olive groves dot the island, and the terrific sweet white wine that is well-known throughout Greece (ever become aware of Malmassia?) is discovered here. It’s likewise the greenest of the Aegean islands.

16 Lesbos

Lesbos is connected with the poet Safona, who lived here in ancient times. And, obviously, with lesbians, whose term originates from this extremely island. However, it is likewise a location perfect for those who wish to invest a memorable journey amongst the monoliths and attractive landscapes. One of the traveler destinations is the “Petrified Forest,” a geopark with a location of 150 km ². This location is covered with the volcanic lava stays of a subtropical forest.

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17 Paros

This island comes from theCyclades Here you’ll discover busy resorts and towns that have actually maintained their credibility. There is a quarry for the well-known Parian marble, and on Paros you’ll discover a great deal of water-sports schools. Numerous churches, particular mills, gorgeous beaches, and regional architecture make this island a magnificent option for a getaway!

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