20 Trending Places to Travel in 2020, According to Airbnb

According to Airbnb internal reservation information, which compares appointments produced 2020 since September 2019 with appointments produced 2019 since September 2018, the 2020 travel outlook will include a little bit of checking out off the beaten course– and doing so in such a way that thinks about the environment.

“Looking ahead to travel planning for next year, we’re forecasting growing interest in lesser-known and eco-conscious cities and countries across the world,”Airbnb specified in a release. “Ranging from post-industrial culture hubs like Milwaukee and Guadalajara to emerging destinations that are benefiting from an increase in sustainable tourism, this year’s list is full of surprises and hidden gems. Our research also shows that some of the top trending locales are cities and regions that are preparing for big events like the 2020 Mars Exploration Program launching from Cape Canaveral and the many surf competitions happening in Ubatuba, Brazil.”

We have actually broken down the top 20 cities in Airbnb’s 2020 travel projection and separated them by continent so you can strike up the most popular brand-new centers prior to the remainder of the world captures on.


1. Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Year- over-year boost: 729 p ercent

Sitting on the western coast of Lake Michigan, Milwaukee is a must-add to any beer enthusiast’s container list: It’s nicknamed Brew City and has actually been a substantial area in the history of beer given that the mid-1800 s. It’s likewise a foodie city, a minimum of if you enjoy home cooking like cheese curds and frozen custard.

2. Eugene, Oregon

Year- over-year boost: 213 p ercent

If a journey meandering through museums and getting a lot of fresh air in the terrific outdoors seem like the perfect strategy, Eugene is a strong choice for your 2020 travel dream list. Airbnb believes the city is seeing more reservations due to the fact that it’s hosting the 2020 U.S. Olympic Team Track & & Field Trials in2020 Perched on the Willamette River, Eugene is loaded with parks, museums devoted to art and history, natural foods, and in your area owned organisations, so it’s simple to see why the city frequently ranks amongst the very best locations to reside in the United States.

3. Cape Canaveral, Florida

Year- over-year boost: 136 p ercent

A beachy area on the eastern coast of Florida, Cape Canaveral is best called the house of Kennedy Space Center, NASA’s primary launch pad for sending out people and rockets into area. The 2020 launch of NASA’s MarsExploration Program, which will browse the Red Planet for indications of previous microbial life, is most likely accountable for the city’s increased appeal amongst Airbnb- ers.

4. Guadalajara, Mexico

Year- over-year boost: 158 p ercent

Guadalajara is the capital of the Mexican state of Jalisco, the birth place of tequila and mariachi music. What’s not to enjoy? Plus, the town hall is a sight to witness: Baroque, neoclassical, and renaissance designs of Spanish colonial architecture develop an architectural banquet for the eyes. Guadalajara is likewise nicknamed the Mexican Silicon Valley, maybe making it even more appealing to tourists who depend on the San Francisco- based lodging broker.

5. Courtenay, British Columbia, Canada

Year- over-year boost: 114 p ercent

Located on the east coast of Vancouver Island, Courtenay is the only city in the Comox Valley area and supplies simple access to outside experiences. AirbnbAdventures offered in Courtenay consist of cruising the Gulf Islands, a bioluminescent over night private yacht stay, and a four-day glamping journey, the emphasize of which is orca-watching while kayaking through a killer whale sanctuary.


Street in Portugalete, Bilbao, Spain
Street in Portugalete, Bilbao, Spain
Bilbao,Spain (Courtesy of Airbnb)

6. Bilbao, Spain

Year- over-year boost: 402 p ercent

The capital of Spain’s Basque Country, Bilbao is a port city surrounded by the BasqueMountains In 2020, Bilbao will host among the most popular soccer competitors inEurope The Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) Euro 2020 competition is most likely accountable for the increased attention on Bilbao, illustration legions of sports fans next summertime.

Cityscape Sighisoara, Romania
Cityscape Sighisoara, Romania
Romania. (Courtesy of Airbnb)

7. Romania

Year- over-year boost: 298 p ercent

Romania, a nation in the Balkans of southeastern Europe, is house to centuries of history and the middle ages area of Transylvania, in addition to thick spruce forests in the CarpathianMountains Don’ t leave without attempting papanași, a standard Romanian food that’s a pastry comparable to a cheese donut, or sarmale, a cabbage roll and Romanian staple.

Vianden castle and a small valley
Vianden castle and a small valley
Luxembourg. (Courtesy of Airbnb)

8. Luxembourg

Year- over-year boost: 167 p ercent

The whole city of Luxembourg is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, making it a captivating location for enthusiasts of history and culture. Its middle ages old town sits atop cliffs and is strengthened by ramparts going back to the 17 th century. The nation is surrounded by Belgium, France, and Germany, and Luxembourg City is among 4 main capitals of the European Union.

9. Aberdeen, Scotland

Year- over-year boost: 119 p ercent

Located where the Dee and Don Rivers circulation into the North Sea in northeast Scotland, the Granite City so nicknamed for the myriad of structures made from gray granite from regional quarries functions as a significant house for fishing, shipping, and overseas oil markets. Aberdeen will host the SeeScotlandExpo in 2020, among the greatest occasions in Scottish tourist.

Pretty Alpine Village, French Alps
Pretty Alpine Village, French Alps
Les Contamines-Montjoie,France. (Courtesy of Airbnb)

10 Les Contamines-Montjoie,France

Year- over-year boost: 108 p ercent

The town of Les Contamines-Montjoie, situated in the French Alps, is a popular snowboarding location in the winter season and brings in mountain climbers throughout the summertime. It’s situated near to near to Mont Blanc, the greatest mountain in the Alps, yet preserves a sense of peace as a hidden-away valley with well maintained Savoy- design structures.

11 Maastricht, Netherlands

Year- over-year boost: 55 p ercent

Maastricht has more historical structures than any other Dutch city beyond Amsterdam, so tourists will value the chance to roam its patched old town and take in middle ages and Gothic- design architecture. In 2020, Maastricht will host TEFAF Maastricht, the world’s leading reasonable for art and antiques.


Phanom Rung Castle in Buriram Thailand
Phanom Rung Castle in Buriram Thailand
Buriram,Thailand (Courtesy of Airbnb)

12 Buriram, Thailand

Year- over-year boost: 383 p ercent

Travelers can head to Buriram a name that implies “city of happiness” to check out ancient ruins. The Thai province is starting to get more attention after years invested in the shadow of more popular travel locations in Thailand, such as Bangkok andPhuket Buriram’s huge Phanom Rung complex is equivalent to Angkor Wat in surrounding Cambodia, so there’s plenty to check out.

13 Xi’ an, China

Year- over-year boost: 255 p ercent

Xi’ an’s specialty is Emperor Qinshihuang’s Mausoleum Site Museum, much better called the TerracottaArmy Buried together with an emperor in the 200 s BC, the terracotta soldiers credit Xi’ an as one of the birth places of Chinese civilization. Airbnb associates the explosive development in Xi’ a reservations to a brand-new offering prepared for 2020: The ancient city is releasing a tourist program with 30 nighttime trip paths.

Aerial view of Yasure Volcano; Tanna Island, Vanuatu
Aerial view of Yasure Volcano; Tanna Island, Vanuatu
Vanuatu. (Courtesy of Airbnb)

14 Vanuatu

Year- over-year boost: 140 p ercent

One of the most sensational island archipelagos in the South Pacific, it’s simple to see why Vanuatu would be a popular travel location. Located almost 2,000 miles east of Australia’s golden coasts, Vanuatu uses a huge selection of rugged outside experiences from diving to volcano hiking throughout its 80 islands.

Tokyo,Japan (Courtesy of Airbnb)

15 Tokyo, Japan

Year- over-year boost: 103 p ercent

Long among the world’s most popular cities to check out, Tokyo will experience an even bigger increase of tourist in 2020 due to working as the host city for the 2020 Summer Olympics, its 4th time hosting the worldwide video games. However, the 2020 focus will be on sustainability believe recycling 99 percent of obtained products, utilizing existing locations rather of building brand-new ones, recycling rainwater, and 100 percent eco-friendly electrical power

Young Woman Kayaking Through the Backwaters of Monroe Island
Young Woman Kayaking Through the Backwaters of Monroe Island
Kerala,India (Courtesy of Airbnb)

16 Kerala, India

Year- over-year boost: 95 p ercent

Kerala is amongst the most tropical and peaceful locations ofIndia Unlike the nation’s more congested cities, Kerala sports a density not of individuals however of attractive beaches and national forests, where wildlife and unique types like elephants and tigers live. The inland part of Kerala is defined by the Western Ghats, a range of mountains where tea, coffee, and spice plantations are plentiful.


17 Cali, Colombia

Year- over-year boost: 137 p ercent

Colombia is understood for its night life, however the city of Cali in specific is the salsa capital of the world, causing an abundance of clubs and dynamic locations to get grooving. Refresh and rehydrate with a juicy bite of “chontaduro,” or peach palm, a fruit that’s a popular street food in Cali.

Beach and sunny day - Ubatuba - Brazil
Beach and sunny day - Ubatuba - Brazil
Ubatuba,Brazil (Courtesy of Airbnb)

18 Ubatuba, Brazil

Year- over-year boost: 108 p ercent

With adequate beaches and jungles within simple reach, Ubatuba is a popular location to get outdoors and trek or swim in a tropical setting. It’s likewise thought about the browsing capital of Brazil’s São Paulo state, so get a board or a beach chair if you wish to enjoy among the lots of browsing champions kept in Ubatuba each year. Plus, the currency exchange rate in Brazil is the very best it has actually remained in the previous years.


Hells Kitchen Canyon of Marafa
Hells Kitchen Canyon of Marafa
Malindi,Kenya (Courtesy of Airbnb)

19 Malindi, Kenya

Year- over-year boost: 88 p ercent

Head to Kenya to discover an aesthetically attractive mix of postcard-worthy beaches and Swahili architecture in the beach town ofMalindi Visitors to Malindi likewise enjoy going to the ruins of Gedi, an ancient Swahili town, and diving to identify a broad variety of sea life.


Rows of vines closeup in Autumn at sunset. Victoria, Australia
Rows of vines closeup in Autumn at sunset. Victoria, Australia
Sunbury, Victoria,Australia (Courtesy of Airbnb)

20 Sunbury, Victoria, Australia

Year- over-year boost: 356 p ercent

The white wine area of Sunbury is found a brief range north of the popular Australian metropolitan area ofMelbourne Between the vineyards, parks, and Victorian- design structures, Sunbury is a preferable travel location, however it’s of unique interest to cricket gamers: It’s the birth place of the Ashes– a series of matches in between Australia and England– and will likely draw cricket fans from Melbourne throughout the 2020 ICC T20World Cup.

SkyeSherman is a freelance travel author based in West Palm Beach,Fla She covers news, transit, and global locations for a range of outlets. You can follow her experiences on Instagram and Twitter @skyesherman

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