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9 Tips – How to Manage Picky Eaters When You Travel With Kids

It appears the most significant issue most household tourists have is what to do if you have a picky eater!

Don’ t worry moms and dads, I have one. In reality, I believe I have the fussiest eater on the planet.

I likewise believe I have the most difficult kid on the planet– consuming, sleeping, determination, decision, level of sensitivity, you call it, our Savannah is it!

We enjoy her to bits regardless

But, think what, regardless of all these difficulties and additional tensions we still travel with kids all the time and enjoy it and endure it.

My concern to you is,

What do you finish with your picky eater in the house? Why does your technique need to be various when you take a trip?

Well, naturally it will be a little various, particularly taking a trip to a foreign nation as you have less control of what you prepare, however you have a lot of alternatives readily available to you to assist that picky and plain eater.

9 Tips for Managing Picky Eaters

I was rather stunned to see in our survey results that handling choosy eaters on the roadway is among the most significant difficulties you have with household travel.

It is likewise normally the top concern I get asked whenever I’m talked to on the subject of household travel.

I’m not exactly sure why I marvel as I completely comprehend why this is an issue.

I’m presently sitting beside Savannah on the aircraft recuperating from a laughing fit.

I chose to peel my tasty, juicy orange on the aircraft, due to the fact that domestic flights in America do not feed you and they do not understand that gluten totally free travelers take their flights and in fact would like more alternatives than a bag of peanuts.

Savannah’s delicate nose got.

“Get that away from me.”

She can’t deal with anything that smells near her unless its popcorn or nuggets. Well, I could not get rid of the angering orange and I was starving so I kept peeling and the juice start spurting all over her.


She began chucking a fit and pressed me away into the gentleman next to me who I make sure was sprayed by the juice.

I could not stop chuckling and the juice would not stop spurting.

I wound up burying it in an empty Starbucks bagel bag quiting as Savannah simply could not manage it!

Savannah likewise can’t deal with blending great food.

She does not like sauces of any kind– thanks for the continuous hide-your-vegetables-in-the-pasta-sauce suggestions from SOOO lots of picky eater professionals out there.

When they will not consume the sauce you wish to conceal it in, then what?

And paradise forbid you let the chicken touch the carrot.

Sometimes I forget to request food to be separated at a dining establishment and as quickly as the plate is provided, I whisper “oh bugger” under my breath and scramble to separate the products so she does not see.

Too late, she identified the rushed egg touching the sausage and bacon and now she declines to consume it as the egg is gross and stinks.

You might need to compose all your unique demands down so you do not forget.

I have actually attempted all the ideas by the professionals. None of them work. The old, “Well that is the only supper you’re going to get so you finest consume it” leads to her not consuming supper for 3 nights in a row.

She’s as persistent as a mule. If she does not like it she will not consume it and will go starving. It’s not a power battle for her, she’s simply very picky.

Kalyra on the other hand will consume anything.

I’ll always remember her 9 month old covered in Taco sauce and consuming a spicy Thai noodle meal with her when she had to do with 4. I might hardly include the sweat from leaking into my soup, however she gladly continued slurping away!

thailand with kids

Based on a reader’s survey on the leading household difficulties, we have actually developed a video and article series in collaboration with our sponsor, AllianzTravel, sharing our finest ideas to assist you get rid of those difficulties.

Those leading difficulties were:

  1. Travel is too costly
  2. How to develop a travel experience the entire household will enjoy
  3. How to stabilize school with travel
  4. How to handle a choosy eater on the roadway

If you choose video format, press play listed below to hear our ideas for conserving cash on household travel.

1. Know the meals they like and stay with it

I understand you desire them to consume deep fried scorpions and fish ball soup. Travel is everything about the regional tastes and cultural experiences.

Yes, they can get that through the food, however they can in other methods too.

So stop worrying yourself, and them, out about it.

They can get to those meals when they’re older, like I now buy brussel sprouts anything whereas a kid I ‘d toss them up.

If they just consume sausages and chicken nuggets, carrot sticks and maybe a nibble of broccoli then buy it for every single meal. You’re on a trip, do not let this tension and overwhelm you.

Savannah will consume child carrots and the odd broccoli so she gets them with every meal. We bring treat bags of child carrots with us.

Let them be daring with the sugary foods due to the fact that you understand it does not matter how foreign sounding the name. how unusual looking or smelling, if it’s a dessert they’ll attempt it.

2. Get an excellent breakfast

Slappy Cakes - places to eat in Singapore with kids

I discover breakfast the most convenient meal to handle when taking a trip with a picky eater.

You can generally discover toast or cereal, bagels and pancakes are common winners, and buffet breakfasts generally delight Savannah as she feels she can choose she’ll like.

On the other hand, I dislike buffet breakfasts as I have dietary problems and they never ever deal with me.

It’s likewise quite simple when you’re taking a trip to bring a box of cereal or bagels or whatever your kid has for breakfast and you can serve that up no matter where you are.

3. Know your location

Research your location and their food and how to discover foods that match your kid.

It’s likewise great to understand how the food might impact a delicate stomach. Be knowledgeable about how the food you are purchasing is prepared, particularly in concerns to street food and water!

It’s an excellent concept to offer your kid (and yourself) probiotics to assist enhance their gut for travel.

Doing your due diligence prior to you show up will assist you have a pleased picky eater on the journey.

We constantly ensure we have travel insurance coverage to secure us and the women in case of any unanticipated emergency situations!

4. What food can you load?

Cape Mentelle Winery, Margaret River

With a picky eater it is very important to have a back up strategy.

I can’t inform you the number of times I have actually kicked myself for not being much better ready. I feel so bad for Savannah when she’s confronted with no food alternatives she’ll consume, and I might have done a much better task at having something for her.

As I stated she is one identified girl and one picky eater and she is not going to attempt any food she does not wish to no matter how starving she is.

It’s an obstacle for us to constantly keep in mind considering that we take a trip full-time.

It may be an excellent concept to have an “Out the Door Checklist” so you keep in mind to have actually food crammed in your bag for the day’s experiences.

When taking a trip in Australia, we would load vegemite sandwiches (and in the United States when we can get our hands on it. She’ll consume that all day !!)

In the United States, we’ll load peanut butter or honey sandwiches.

5. Take your own aircraft food

Take your own food on low cost airlines is one of our tips for flying low cost flights. Click to read more + our experience with Cebu Pacific

With a picky eater, it’s finest you load your own aircraft food as you do not understand what food they will serve.

It’s a long flight for everybody when you have a starving kid.


Even though you purchase a kid’s aircraft ticket, you still need to ask for a kid’s meal. Go figure. It’s apparent a world ticket for a kid would require a kid’s meal.

We didn’t understand this on a flight to Singapore as soon as and Savannah was served an adult meal and there was no other way she was going near that saucy looking amusing thing so she did not consume for the whole 8 hour flight.

Do not make the exact same error.

Be sure to load your own food and demand that kid meal.

6. Encourage brand-new tastes

Pizza making classes is one of the activities on offer at the Movenpick Resort Boracay Island in the Philippines. You can read more about why we loved this family friendly resort in our blog

Encourage them to a minimum of munch on brand-new and unique food.

I understand I discussed a peace of mind conserving idea is to simply let them consume the foods they like and are utilized to.

But, you do wish to present them to the brand-new and amazing and a minimum of provide the chance to sample it.

Let it remain in front of them. Let them experience the various texture, colors, and the odor and even if they pick not to consume it a minimum of they are still having some sort of experience with the unique food.

We motivate food trips and cooking classes when we can.

All the professionals inform you how letting a kid prepare their own food motivates them to consume what they prepare as they’ll feel more linked to it.

YeahNah Not ourSavannah She LIKES cooking and does it with me all the time.

She never ever consumes any of it, including this tasty pizza above you can inform she’s experiencing a lot delight cooking!!

7. Check the dining establishment menus

magnolia table restaurant waco tx

Check the dining establishment menus prior to you go to.

Some dining establishments might not have kids menus or any terrific alternatives your kid will consume.

It’s much better you understand this prior to hand prior to you take a seat and need to go through the drama of leaving as soon as you figure it out.

You can discover these menus on sites or take a look at evaluations like TripAdvisor or Yelp, which leaves great suggestions regarding whether locations are household friendly.

If they do not have kids menus, examine the appetiser area, as you can typically discover appropriate meals there for kids.

Or, they might even share a primary, if you can discover something appropriate. (To be sincere, in the United States a minimum of, they can even typically share a kids meal. )

8. No dessert till …

Zanettes Gold Coast ice cream

And do not forget the “No dessert until” guideline.

You’re on a trip, your kids will wish to consume ice cream all day.

You desire them to have these deals with, however make sure to likewise implement great consuming practices too. Make sure there is no dessert till they have actually consumed a few of those veggies or fruit on the plate.

Don’ t concern once they see that dessert menu they’ll ensure they’ll consume them.

9. Be sure they consume something prior to bed

Enjoying dessert at the Holiday Inn Sydney Airport

Make sure your picky eater has something to consume prior to they go to sleep.

We have actually found that if Savannah does not consume much prior to bed, and is incredibly exhausted, she’ll typically awaken throwing up.

This is a pattern we have actually found so I have actually considering that found out to ensure she has something great to consume prior to bed. And it has actually dramatically decreased the variety of times this has actually taken place.

In reality, I do not believe it has actually taken place as soon as yet on our present Recreational Vehicle journey (3 months in).

She knows this being an issue and is far better now at consuming as she does not wish to be ill. Sometimes it does imply we need to succumb to the fight and offer her something plain for supper like a vegemite sandwich.

At least we understand she’ll consume it and go to sleep on a complete stomach and a higher possibility of getting up fresh dynamic and pleased the next day.

Travel will tire your kids so it’s important they are getting adequate energy for each day.

Click the playlist listed below to see more ideas in this household travel difficulties series:

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Help out a mate! Do you have a picky eater? What’s your finest idea for handling them when you take a trip?