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A Canopy Treehouse in Costa Rica 🌴 ☁️


This accommodation is quite remote. Guests are advised to have 4×4 vehicles to get to the main base (check-in area) and then a 15 to 20-minute hike through the rainforest is required to get to the treehouse. The journey is reportedly well worth it though.

The accommodation consists of a two story casita estate connected to a two story treehouse by a foot suspension bridge.

There are three bedrooms in total that can accommodate up to seven guests. One bedroom with a queen-sized bed and sofa bed.

Two bedrooms and two bathrooms in the main estate.

The main estate has a full kitchen, dining area, and a screened in living room space.

Rates start at $225 a night, however, this price point does not include Airbnb taxes and fees and a minimum of a two night stay must be booked, bringing the total to $526. Split between seven peopleβ€”the maximum number of guests who can book, you’re looking at around $37 per person, per night.

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