A Look At Ansett’s Mystery Destination Flights

A generation or more earlier, secret flights was among the peculiarities of the Australian airline company scene. You ‘d purchase a ticket, not understanding where you ‘d be heading. It was a genuine lottery game, which was what provided secret flights their edge. You might wind up having lunch on the beach on the bright GoldCoast Alternatively, you may wind up freezing your butt off in the rain someplace. Mystery flights showed popular however were ultimately terminated by a lot of airline companies. In later times, Virgin Australia upped the ante by providing secret weekends away.

Ansett ran secret flights up till the airline company’s collapse in2001 Photo: Wally H through Wikimedia Commons

Beach locations were constantly a struck with travelers

When I was a kid, Ansett, East-WestAirlines, and Australian Airlines (the predecessor to Qantas domestic) all ran secret flights. My sis was a teenage secret flight connoisseur and an East-West follower. During school vacations, she and a good friend would wind up on the Sunshine Coast for a couple of hours, flying up on a Fokker F27 They ‘d capture the bus to Maroochydore beach, have a swim and consume hamburgers on the sand. All for the baronial amount of around $50

Different airline companies ran secret flights in a different way. Ansett and East-West didn’t inform you where you were going up until you rolled up to the airport. They ‘d just inform you what time to be at the airport. This method triggered the odd issue due to the fact that individuals dressed for the beach and wound up inLaunceston Or wished for Perth and got Canberra.

If you were fortunate, your secret flight would land near a great beach. Photo: Gold Coast Airport Newsroom

AustralianAirlines would inform you where you were going 24 hours prior to if you called the call center. At least then, you ‘d dress properly. A previous airline company staff member who utilized to offer secret flights stated particular locations were popular. Cairns, Alice Springs, Coolangatta, and Maroochydore constantly got the thumbs up from travelers. Not so Canberra, Adelaide, andHobart People constantly grumbled when they got sent out there, which is a bit severe, particularly onHobart Hobart is a wonderful location.

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Where you went was chosen by the yield management group

Mystery flights were an easy method for airline companies to fill empty seats and produce some profits. Where you went was figured out by yield management the day prior to travel, based upon where the empty seats were the next day.

“There is no chance to ensure a location, it’s the luck of the draw,” the airline company staff member stated.

Mystery flight tickets would be priced in between about $50 and $150, depending upon your origin city and who you were flying with. That may appear low-cost, however this was 30 years earlier, so it wasn’t actually. Instead, it highlights how cost effective airline company travel has actually ended up being in subsequent years.

One by one, those traditional airline companies flying around Australia vanished off the radar. Ansett consumed East-West and collapsed itself in2001 Australian Airlines got subsumed intoQantas In later years, Qantas never ever actually welcomed secret flights.

East-WestAirlines was among a number of airline companies providing secret flights a generation or more earlier. Photo: DanielTanner through Wikimedia Commons

VirginAustralia kept offering secret breaks up until previously this year

Until previously this year, VirginAustralia used an upgraded variation of those old secret flights. They used secret breaks from Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, orPerth The offer consisted of air travels, 4 to 5-star lodging, and airport transfers. What you paid would depend upon your origin airport and the number of nights you wished to keep away.

You could, for instance, wind up inAdelaide Or possibly HamiltonIsland Or Melbourne, Newcastle, orCairns There’s a specific aspect of luck here. You might wind up on Hamilton Island, which would be no challenge. Equally, you might wind up in Newcastle, which may sap your interest.

But that’s the point of secret flights. You never ever understood where you were going, and even the most common location has its beauties as soon as you make an effort to scratch the surface area. No airline companies in Australia use secret flights any longer, which’s an embarassment. They were a distinct item that presented a great deal of individuals to flying when taking a flight wasn’t as typical as it is now. When Virgin Australia returns on its feet, possibly they’ll use their variation as soon as again.

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