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Amtrak BOGO Sale–PrivateRoomette for Two at the Price of One!

Amtrak is presently having a BOGO sale on luxe roomettes– the best social distancing trip concept! This sale, now bookable through July 17, 2020, will approve you access to a personal space for 2 at the cost of one, beginning with $193

You can select from Amtrak’s 500 locations and departures, and prepare for travel throughout the July 13, 2020– September 30, 2020 window.

Remember to utilize the code: V306 at checkout online of on the Amtrak app.

AmtrakRoomette BOGO Sale Timeframe: 13Jul 2020 -30 Sep. 2020

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    Click the blue button listed below to go to the Amtrak Sale page and choose train travel in between July 13 and September 30,2020

    Enter the code: V306 to get your discount rate. This sale ends July 17.

    Go to Sale

    Amtrak BOGO Sale—Private Roomette for Two at the Price of One!

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