An interview with Still Standing’s Jonny Harris– Chemainus Valley Courier

Laughter is the very best medication and Still Standing’s Jonny Harris provided the prescription to Chemainus recently throughout shooting of a sector on the town for the CBC-TV series.

Harris, who likewise depicts George Crabtree on another popular CBC-TV series Murdoch Mysteries, offered comic relief as a much-needed treatment to a public ailing from COVID overload.

Based in Toronto, Harris, 44, has actually now criss-crossed the nation the last a number of years to movie 79 episodes of StillStanding He was formerly in the location to do a program on Lake Cowichan, however had actually never ever been to Chemainus in the past.

Being from Newfoundland where other mural jobs have actually appeared, Harris recognized with the story of the Chemainus murals. “Chemainus is a town that was on our radar for a while,” he stated. “It was sort of neat to see the place where it all started.”

Harris and the program’s total writing and production group strategized how to provide the mural story in addition to other elements of the town and its characters.

“We have a great team that does research on an area and puts together what we call a field document, the story we’re going to tell and who we’re going to speak to,” he discussed.

“It’s amazing how much goes into it. It really pays off in the end. It really is more than a glance at the town.”

What takes place is a mix of education about each area, with a funny twist.

“When you’re branding a comedy show, educational is the last word they want you to use,”Harris chuckled.

“But you learn a few things about a community you otherwise wouldn’t learn much about.”

Chemainus belongs to the shooting for the seventh season of Still Standing, with Harris and team highlighting numerous fascinating individuals from neighborhoods struck hard by different financial effects however establishing innovative methods to move on. The Chemainus story, naturally, focused on the previous sawmill closure in the early 1980 s and how tourist progressed through the mural program to keep the town going.

Similar stories from around Canada have actually produced an incredible interest with audiences and made the program a substantial hit. There are even individuals who make Still Standing locations part of their must-see itinerary.

“It’s perhaps become the biggest thing in my life,” statedHarris “I simply seem like Still Standing, I sort of found out a bit about at the same time and I believe I have actually worked harder on it than anything else.

“With Murdoch Mysteries, you’re not generating content, you’re taking content someone else is generating.”

Being the straw man of the program is humbling due to the fact that of the feedback it creates as a unifying force for Canada through sees to locations individuals may not have actually ever learnt about, never ever mind idea of taking a trip to, and instructional for Harris too.

“Obviously we live in a geographically vast country,” he stated. “The fact we’ve gotten to see so much of it, time and expense alone it would be a feat to see half of the places.”

Working on the program in the start, nobody– consisting of Harris– had any concept the length of time it may last or just how much of an audience it may bring in.

“It’s such a competitive market to even get through a first season and to catch peoples’ interest with it isn’t easy,” he yielded.

“Getting numbers and return numbers, it becomes a thing. To have a show where people are still eager to see the new episodes and turn their TVs on at eight o’clock on a Tuesday night, that’s a good place to be.”

Harris is presently going back and forth in between Still Standing and MurdochMysteries He went back to operate in his function as George Crabtree Monday, with shooting of Still Standing episodes not getting once again till September.

Harris’ constable character is excluded of the Murdoch Mysteries script a couple of times whenever there’s a periodic dispute.

SometimesHarris can’t think he’s on the edge of doing his 80 th episode of StillStanding The day of shooting the live program for the program constantly brings a rush of adrenaline and concerns continue.

“If you’re accurate with the storytelling, are the jokes going to be funny? Is the crowd going to be receptive?” he considered. “I don’t know if that ever goes away those pre-show jitters.”

Harris’ capability to find out everything about a town from advance research study, interview individuals throughout a couple of days and after that get on phase to finish up the town’s story with some hallmark chuckles takes a skillful artisan.

Harris tends to discover a style for each area and, for Chemainus, “it’s a place where things tend to get saved,” he stated. One day, “I’d like to spend time in Chemainus in a non-working capacity.”

He utilized to conclude each program with a smart spoof describing his mommy calling and asking him how things were going. Harris would then recite the town’s highlights.

“I like the mom thing,” he stated. “I felt like after a few years the joke was getting a bit old.”

Harris and the authors altered the format to a poetry wrap-up for each town, however numerous diehard audiences were still enamored with the previous ending and believed perhaps it was stopped due to the fact that his mommy remained in illness or something.

“We actually got some feedback people were concerned about my mom,” he laughed.

The well-crafted product packaging of the program continues to catch the creativity of audiences however, like anything else, Harris is never ever sure the length of time it will last.

“I think the show has got some legs,” he reasoned. “It depends how long my legs hold up.”

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Chemainus is the 79th episode for Jonny Harris of Still Standing. (Photo by Chris Armstrong)

Chemainus is the 79 th episode for Jonny Harris of StillStanding (Photo by Chris Armstrong)

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