ATAC installs lobbying push in Ottawa

Describing the proposed brand-new guidelines governing flight team tiredness management as “the single most important issue facing our industry,” the Air Transport Association of Canada (ATAC) is installing an extensive lobbying project on Parliament Hill to get the word out that a one-size, authoritative set of policies does not fit all air travel operators.

ATAC thinks the proposed modifications to pilot tiredness management policies represent the most crucial problem presently dealing with the market. Air Georgian Photo

According to ATAC president John McKenna, the project– administered by Hill + Knowlton Strategies– targets Liberal cabinet members who may be able to affect the views of Transport Minister Marc Garneau.

Garneau stays a strong advocate of the proposed modifications to pilot tiredness management policies, mentioning “science-based evidence” that he stated confirms the brand-new guidelines. But McKenna stated the minister’s method will in fact be destructive to the market.

“The TSB [Transportation Safety Board of Canada] has actually never ever determined tiredness as a factor to any air travel mishap in Canada,” the association president informed Skies “We have one of the safest systems in the world. So is this level of change really needed?”

In combination with the existing pilot scarcity, the brand-new tiredness management policies are anticipated to provide considerable difficulties for every single operator. McKenna stated the big airline companies might require to work with 20 percent more pilots to fulfill regulative requirements. And smaller sized operators– depending upon their size– might require to increase their pilot lineup by as much as 50 percent to do the exact same quantity of work.

“It will threaten the livelihood of some companies,” stated McKenna. “If unexpectedly your labour expenses increase by [an average of] 35 percent, a few of the operators will not have the ability to run.”

The increased staffing needs will come at a time when the whole market is currently feeling the pinch of a pilot scarcity. Some operators have actually parked airplanes and cancelled flights due to the fact that they do not have teams to service them.

Flights to less popular locations might be in jeopardy, as business seek to simplify their operations to lower expenses.

McKenna, who was set up to speak at a Quebec local air travel top soon after talking with Skies, stated his contacts there have actually currently informed him they are upset about the increasing expense of local travel.

” I informed them to speak toOttawa Regional service will be damaged by these brand-new policies. That’s why we’re making this effort to put our viewpoint in front of those who speak to the [transport] minister. It’s him who need to make a relocation.”

McKenna advised members of Canada’s air travel neighborhood to call their Member of Parliament to voice their issues.

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