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Bangkok food & beverage guide: 10 things to attempt in Bangkok, Thailand

From steamy street stalls to advanced Michelin- starred dining establishments, Bangkok is every food lover’s dream

Thai food has actually gone far for itself all over the world– and in spite of any efforts to reproduce the complex flavours or particular flavoring, the most genuine Thai food can just be discovered in Thailand.

While rural Thailand concentrates on more special and fascinating active ingredients, you’ll discover all the traditional Thai favourites on and off the streets ofBangkok A word of alerting however, as the Bangkok chefs are renowned for not keeping back on the spices. If you’re not sure of how to browse the dining scene, here are the top 10 things to attempt in Bangkok, together with the very best stalls, dining establishments and bars to attempt them in.

KaengKhiao Wan (GreenChicken Curry)

If you’re checking out Thailand for the very first time, we recommend reducing into the world of Thai specials with a genuine green chicken curry. Often served along with khanom chin (thin rice noodles) or perhaps simply rice, this incredibly fragrant collection is the supreme mix of sweet and salted– and among Thailand’s most well-known meals. Having grown in appeal throughout the early 20 th century, this scrumptiously velvety curry stays a preferred.

Where to attempt: It’s difficult to discover a dining establishment in Bangkok that does not serve this curry– so head out and check out. If you’re likewise lured to meddle other meals from beyond Bangkok– SmoothCurry(WitthayuRoad) makes sure to do the technique. Promising significant parts and loading all the flavour, this advanced restaurant has actually completely mastered the kaeng khiao wan in addition to meals from throughoutThailand Those who can’t yet manage the spice will discover solace at RoseApple Cuisine(28Phahon Yothin 6)– dishing out green curry versions in a wonderful setting.

Top- down view of green chicken curry

PadThai (ThaiStir Fry)

An renowned street food special, pad thai is an easy stir-fry which is believed to have actually stemmed from Chinese traders checking out the area throughout the duration of the Ayutthaya Kingdom (1350-1767). Its primary part is dried rice noodles, a pattern that occurred from the rice lacks that Thailand experienced throughout World War II. The particular taste stuck to the Thai individuals, and phad thai is now among the nation’s nationwide meals. You actually can’t beat the mix of chewy and soft, with a bit of a crunch.

Where to attempt: There’s no doubt that ThipSamai(313Mahachai Road) is the location to opt for PadThai The dining establishment is over 50 years of ages and is understood by lots of in Bangkok for being the very best manufacturer of pad thai for years. It’s popular, it’s costly, however it deserves it. If you ‘d like a sweeter variation of the meal, then Nara(494Ploenchit Road) is appropriate to foreign palate.

Thai pad (stir fry) served with shrimps

KaengPhet (RedCurry)

If you can manage the heat– then tasting Thailand’s traditional red curry must be next on your list. Renowned for its spiciness, this intense fare gets its name from the dry red spur chillies that are utilized to produce the paste. Although the chillies take the program in this meal, coconut milk, cumin and garlic likewise improve the flavourful experience.

Where to attempt: Promising generous quantities of hot mixes and exceptional worth for cash, InterRestaurant(PhatthanakanRoad) provides a remarkable quality of curry meals. The roasted duck lathered in a red curry sauce is a specific favourite. If you’re searching for a red curry with a distinction, head directly to SraBua by Kiin Kiin(991/ 9 Rama I Road) in the Siam KempinskiHotel Here, you’ll find a frozen red curry matched with Maine lobster salad, which is as special as it is costly.

TraditionalThai Kaeng Phet (red curry) with king prawns and veggies

PakBoong (MorningGlory)

Sometimes described as water spinach or (less appealingly) overload cabbage, early morning splendor is popular in East and Southeast Asian meals. This basic Thai staple is frequently sautéed with garlic, chilli and fish sauce to produce a fast, light meal that approves flavour.

Where to attempt: Delivering exceptionally pleasing meals at a terrific cost, JokPochana(96-98Soi Samsen 2) is a simple, family-run dining establishment, which has actually been granted a ‘Certificate of Excellence’ by TripAdvisor for 4 years directly. LekSeafood (156Soi Phiphat) isn’t the most attractive dining establishment, however if the residents like it, especially the stir-fried early morning splendor, then they’re doing something right.

Stir- fried early morning splendor (water spinach)

KhaoPad (FriedRice)

Not the most daring with food? Well, do not stress– you can still experience Thai food without travelling out of your convenience zone. Khao pad is generally worked as a lunch meal, however it can likewise produce a tasty light night meal. The modest mix of rice, veggies, basil, onion, chilli, egg and meat of your option is merely delicious.

Where to attempt: Khao pad is a popular street food, and is finest experienced as a lunch meal. Join the residents for a paper plate of real khao pad on SilomRoad or opt for something more premium at the improved BaanRestaurant(WirelessRoad).

KhaoPad (fried rice) with fried egg, chicken and shrimps

TomKha Gai (ChickenCoconut Soup)

Continuing the pattern of light meals, this chicken coconut soup is rupturing with genuine spicy and sour Thai flavours. It comes as not a surprise that tom kha gai is among the nation’s most popular meals thanks to its velvety and abundant texture. If you require minerals, this broth is an outstanding go-to considered that it’s made with chicken bones, cartilage and marrow.

Where to attempt: For an initial Thai variation of tom kha gai, you must take a look at NalinKitchen(1463Charoenkrung Rd). You will not discover any meals adjusted to western schemes here, as the menu is everything about keeping its flavours genuine. But if you wish to relax on the palate, then you might discover the tom kha gai at BuaRestaurant ( 1/4 Convent Road) is more to your preference.

Bowl of Thai Tom Kha Gai soup on the wood table

SomTam (GreenPapaya Salad)

Listed as one of the world’s 50 most tasty foods by CNN Travel in 2011 and 2018, som tam is Thailand’s most well-known and popular salad. The name basically suggests ‘salad made in a mortar’– describing the garlic and chillies pounded in a mortar and pestle to make the paste. This salad is far from lacklustre with grated green papaya, cherry tomatoes, dried shrimp, fish sauce, tamarind juice, lime juice, sugar walking cane paste and green string beans, and a side of kow neeyao (sticky rice).

Where to attempt: Both residents and travelers alike are huge fans of SomTam Nua Restaurant(392/14Soi Siam Square) which is preferably positioned in the city’s style center. As its name recommends, its speciality is som tam– however it serves variations that are popular throughout all schemes. However, if you desire the purest variation of som tam, head to SiriwanHoi Tod(120Prachathipatai Road)– you will not be dissatisfied.

Traditional spicy Som Tam (papaya salad)


Those who take pleasure in a liquor from time to time would have become aware of Thai beers. Both Singha and Chang have actually increased to prominence in the UK– with the previous having actually sponsored Leicester City throughout the ‘fairytale season’ that saw the club win the English Premier League in 2015/16 Beyond these 2 worldwide powerhouses, there are a lot more beer brand names to be drunk. The cost of a malty pint or 3 will not spend a lot either, as beer is incredibly inexpensive in Bangkok.

Where to attempt: You’re ruined for option in this city when it concerns consuming dens. If you wish to line your stomach while tasting the regional craft beers, endeavor to SalaRattanakosin Eatery and Bar(39Maharat Road). To get the complete experience of Bangkok’s beers, head to HOBS(522/ 3 Sukhumvit 55 Rd)– House of Beers.

ChaYen (ThaiIced Tea)

Undoubtedly the nation’s preferred non-alcoholic beverage, this velvety ice tea is tremendously sweet– looking like more of a dessert than a beverage. After a hectic day of checking out Bangkok, this mix of condensed milk and orange bloom water is the supreme pick-me-up.

Where to attempt: You certainly should not lose out on the chance to sample a variation of Thai iced tea from among the lots of regional street suppliers(numerous). Over time and with lots of practice, these suppliers have actually crafted their tea to excellence. If you remain in search of something with name acknowledgment, then ChaTra Mue(88Soi Sukhumvit 19)– which equates as ‘number one brand’– has 18 kiosks throughout the city. These suppliers have actually specialised in tea for over 70 years and have actually stayed exceptionally popular for simply as long.

Thai iced tea– signature regional drink

NomYen (IcedMilk with Sala Syrup)

This rosy pink beverage is irresistibly sweet, totally tasty and enjoyed by the Bangkok residents. Street suppliers make great cash from the little effort needed to put the beverage together. Comprised of hot condensed milk and Sala syrup, you’ll enjoy to discover it on practically any street when looking for beverage from the heat.

Where to attempt: Much like with Thai iced tea or Thai iced coffee, nom yen is finest sourced from street suppliers ( numerous). You’ll likewise discover this beverage in numerous dining establishments, where it can be served in various methods– often iced, often as a frappe. Condensed milk, sweetened milk or ice cream can likewise be included.

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