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Barcelona food & beverage guide: 10 things to attempt in Barcelona

Barcelona is house to a bounty of regional, must-eat foods. Join us as we dive head initially into the colours, scents and flavours of the Mediterranean

Welcome to Barcelona! Check out these 10 food and beverages you just need to attempt in this lively Catalonian city.


One of Spain’s well-known cooking exports, paella has actually ended up being a worldwide phenomenon that’s associated with strong flavour and stunning colour. This rice meal is prepared in a big pan with meats, seafood and veggies in addition to paprika and saffron, the fragrant spices that provide it its apparent colour. If you’re a genuine food lover, be sure to opt for the soccarat, or toasted rice at the bottom of the pan– this is where the most flavour is and is thought about a special.

Where to attempt:

Take in the city’s vintage appeal at 7 Portes (PasseigIsabel II 14), a historic restaurant where Picasso was a routine. Opened in 1836 and called for the dining establishment’s 7 entryway doors, it is perhaps house to a few of the very best, standard paella in Barcelona.

Traditional seafood paella in the fry pan


The essential tapas dish that anybody going to Barcelona need to attempt, these tennis ball-sized potato croquettes are normally served with 2 sauces: a drip of white garlic aioli for the bomb’s fuse, and a spicy red sauce for its explosive quality. Stuffed with skilled, ground pork, covered in bread crumbs and fried, La Bomba is a blast that will delight and excite the taste buds and leave you desiring more.

Where to attempt:

LaCova Fumada(Carrer del Baluard 56) is a famous hole-in-the-wall tapas bar renowned for tasty, standard bomba and a genuine, regional dining experience.

La bomba

Esqueixada de Bacalao

Esqueixada is a summertime ceviche salad that exudes freshness and flavour. Made with “bacalao” (or raw salted cod), this meal is normally served with diced tomatoes, onions, and black olives.

Where to attempt:

Located in the picturesque, winding streets of the old Gothic Jewish quarter, LaVinateria del Call (Carrer de Salom ó Ben Adret 9) mixes a cosy, intimate setting with an excellent choice of regional tapas seafood meals– consisting of a wonderful, flavoursome esqueixada.

Esqueixada de Bacalao served with red pepper, tomato, onion and black olives, and dressed with olive oil

Pa amb Tom àquet

Incredibly easy and simple, Pa amb Tom àquet is the Spanish response to bruschetta– fresh bread rubbed with garlic, topped with tomato juice and skilled with olive oil, salt, and pepper. An excellent accompaniment to a primary meal or amazing by itself, some dining establishments will just supply you with the components so you can set up the meal as you please.

Where to attempt:

An authentic, area tapas bar that uses a genuine taste of Spain, BodegaCan Ros(Carrer de Roger de Flor 303, city Joanic) is renowned for quality homemade cooking, gorgeous, fresh components and a remarkably easy pa amb tomaquet.

Pa amb Tom àquet with tomato sauce and sausage


Escalivada is a typical tapas dish made from barbecuing eggplant and red bell peppers over an open wood fire or cinders. These veggies are then peeled and served with generous lashings of quality olive oil, garlic, salt, anchovies. Primarily acted as tapas, escalivada can likewise accompany grilled meats or seafood.

Where to attempt:

Escalivada is so common that you must have the ability to discover it all over and anywhere that serves tapas.

Escalivada made with grilled and peeled eggplant, red pepper and onion

Cap i pota

Literally equating to ‘head and foot’, this hearty stew came from the early post-war duration and prevailed amongst those that might not pay for premium cuts of meat. Made utilizing offcut morsels of veal and pork, consisting of pieces of tripe which provide it an unique flavour, this meal is a slow-cooked staple of the standard Catalan diet plan and one that need to be tested for a total Barcelona experience.

WhereTo Try:

Where else however the eponymous RestaurantCap i Pota (CalleVilafant, 35 Figueres), well-known for its robust and rustic variation of the meal and the superb richness of its sauce– ideal for mopping up with crusty bread.

Cal çots

A kind of scallion cultivated in Valls, Catalonia, the calçot holds a distinct status in Catalan food: with their seasonal arrival and harvest from November to April each year, neighborhoods come together to commemorate the calçot with a street celebration in its honour. This celebration sees residents barbecue the sweet, leek-like onions which are then dipped in homemade romesco sauce, a conventional salsa made with hazelnuts, almonds, and red peppers, in addition to different cuts of meat.

Where to attempt:

If you can’t discover a calçotadas(the abovementioned street celebration) to commemorate the arrival of the calçot, you can enjoy this rustic routine in the convenience of L’AnticForn (Carrer del Pintor Fortuny 28), a great dining establishment situated in the heart of the city.

Barbecued calçots and a bowl of romesco sauce

Molecular gastronomy

WhileBarcelona uses a varied selection of standard Catalan food and beverage, it is likewise at the leading edge of the cooking discipline of MolecularGastronomy Here you’ll discover old favourites and traditional components rendered into unexpected and wonderful foams, gels and powders utilizing clinical techniques to deconstruct and recreate.

Where to attempt:

Tickets(AvingudaParal · lel 164), a one Michelin- starred tapas dining establishment headed by Albert Adri á, uses ingenious food. Do note that the dining establishment needs bookings as far ahead of time as 3 months.

Ball mousse cake, yogurt spheres, cherries, raspberries and a caramel design in steaming solidified carbon dioxide


While it might bear a striking similarity to the traditional French “creme brûlée”, this Catalan dessert is made with milk rather of cream, and instilled with lemon passion and cinnamon rather of vanilla. Served cold, this sweet meal uses a rejuvenating, tantalising taste that’s the ideal method to end a genuine Catalan meal.

Where to attempt:

Situated at the heart of the dynamic La Rambla, PatisseriaEscrib à(LaRambla, 83) is Barcelona’s most well-known patisserie and has actually been serving this sweet special for practically a century.

Crema catalana

Leche de Pantera

Aka“Panther Milk”, Leche de Pantera is a powerful, milk-based mixed drink that goes back to the 1920 s. Composed of a mix of gin, rum and condensed milk, and served over ice with a cleaning of cinnamon, the effective pub mixture was very first traced to the Spanish Foreign Legion in the 1920 s, and ended up being popular in 1975 when a bar restored the dish.

Where to attempt:

A rustic and no-frills bar, Tasca el Corral(Carrer de la Merc è, 17) cheerfully serves Leche de Pantera in addition to other beverages, excellent food and an excellent nightlife experience.

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