Best destinations to visit in 2022 from Manchester Airport

Although the party season may be over and the January blues are upon us, the start of the new year means it’s time to look ahead and plan a trip away (or even several).

Over the past couple of years travelling abroad has been a bit hit and miss; restrictions have been constantly changing and many people chose a staycation over a foreign holiday – and we do have some incredible places to visit right here in the UK.

But sometimes you need to go further afield to satisfy your wanderlust, or seek out some guaranteed sunshine.

Whether it’s a culture-filled European city-break you’re after, or a relaxing island holiday, there’s plenty of destinations you can fly to from Manchester Airport.

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Take a look at these amazing cities and islands below for some travel inspiration.

Porto, Portugal

Porto, Portugal old town on the Douro River.
Porto, Portugal old town on the Douro River

The second largest city in Portugal, Porto sits on the Douro River and strikes the balance between old and new architecture. And the beach is just a stone’s throw away too, so it’s got everything you could want.

Porto’s Old Town is a UNESCO world heritage site and it’s here you’ll find buildings decorated in intricately-painted tiles. Check out the Libraria Lello, a beautiful art-nouveau book shop which reputedly inspired JK Rowling and is a popular destination with Harry Potter fans.

Of course, a visit to Porto wouldn’t be complete without sampling its world-famous port, which you can try at one of the city’s numerous port houses.

Toronto, Canada

Toronto, Canada
Toronto, Canada

For a city break that’s a bit more adventurous, head to Toronto, one of Canada’s hippest locations and an arts and culture hotspot.

Definitely one for foodies, Toronto is home to a huge range of restaurants boasting cuisines from across the world. The city hosts several food festivals throughout the year.

The iconic Niagara Falls is just over an hour’s drive away so you can tick that off your bucket list while you’re there.

Reykjavik, Iceland

Reykjavik, Iceland
Reykjavik, Iceland

Boasting impressive mountains, glaciers and geysers, Iceland is home to some of the most dramatic landscapes in the world, and it’s not that far to visit from the UK.

Capital city Reykjavik offers all the cool characteristics you would expect from a Nordic city (think pastel-coloured buildings, minimalist interiors and independent boutiques) but with a few extras thrown in that give this city a quirky edge.

A must-see is the Hallgrimskirkja, a Brutalist-style church with a 244ft tall steeple that rises above the city. If architecture isn’t your cup of tea, there’s always whale-watching or catching a glimpse of the northern lights.

Boa Vista, Cape Verde

Cabo Santa Maria ship wreck in the north of Boa Vista
Cabo Santa Maria ship wreck in the north of Boa Vista

The islands of Cape Verde, located in the Atlantic Ocean off the westernmost point of Africa, are a hidden gem. They boast long, sandy beaches and a laid-back way off life, without the long-haul flights of a Caribbean holiday.

Boa Vista is the third-largest island in the archipelago and its name means ‘beautiful view’ – and it definitely lives up to it. Its beaches stretch on endlessly so there’s no danger of fighting for a sunbathing spot.

One of the island’s must-sees is the impressive shipwreck of the Cabo Santa Maria, and if you’re a fan of abandoned buildings, check out Curral Velho, a deserted village on the south coast of the island.

Hamburg, Germany

Hamburg, Germany
Hamburg, Germany

Located in one of the biggest harbours in Europe, Hamburg is full of charm with canal-side walks, gorgeous buildings and buzzing nightlife.

During the day take a stroll around the city’s port where you’ll find old warehouses which hark back to the city’s trading past, then visit the Elbphilharmonie, a contemporary concert hall with stunning views of the harbour.

Hamburg is also home to the enchanting Miniatur Wunderland, the world’s largest model railway. When day turns to night pay a visit to the infamous Reeperbahn, the heart of Hamburg’s club scene and where The Beatles performed on several occasions.

Kefalonia, Greek Island

Myrtos Beach, Kefalonia
Myrtos Beach, Kefalonia

Pristine white beaches and turquoise sea make Kefalonia a top destination if you’re after a relaxing getaway.

This Greek Island is dotted with idyllic coves, many of which you can only access by foot or by boat, perfect if you want to escape the crowds. The crystal-clear waters are great for snorkelling, or explore the coastline on a kayak.

Pretty villages can be found all over the island, where you can sit back, relax and sample some local delicacies.

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