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Bogota food & beverage guide: 10 things to attempt in Bogota, Colombia

Bogota is a city of remarkable contrasts where you’ll find juxtaposing architecture, a varied population and food as differed as its culture

Approaching the 500 th year given that its structure, Bogota has actually stayed Colombia’s capital city given that the nation stated its self-reliance from colonial Spain in1810 But regardless of the separation, Spanish impact on Colombian food dominated. Over time, this impact has actually integrated with native Colombian, African and Arabic foods– along with those of surrounding nations– to produce genuinely varied and distinct Colombian flavours.

Unlike the food of other nations, Colombian fare can be broken down into 6 distinct local cooking designs: Amazonian, Andean, Caribbean, Insular, Orinoco andPacific As the capital city, Bogota records components from all these local foods to produce a dining scene filled with terrific meals and beverages. Here is a list of 10 of the leading components of Bogota food and where they can be discovered in the city.


Known as Bogota’s popular signature meal, ajiaco is as much a part of the Bogota experience as the city’s churches and mountains. Due to the city sitting at an elevation of 8,646 feet (or 2,620 m), the weather condition can get rather cold. As such, ajiaco is the ideal solution to heat up your withins. This steamy soup is made with chicken, potatoes, herbs, corn, and avocado– and provided with a serving of rice. Feel totally free to include cream and capers for extra texture and flavour.

Where to attempt: To experience ajiaco like a regional, you’ll wish to check out 200- year-old LaPuerta Falsa(Calle11,No 6-50)– the city’s earliest dining establishment. Get there as early as possible for lunch so you can get a seat with ease. If the wait is a bit much, it deserves taking a look at close by LaEscuela Restaurant(Calle 9,No 8-71), which is likewise found in the gorgeous La Candelaria district.

Ajiaco soup with chicken and veggies


Enjoyed throughout all of the American areas, the Caribbean, and even some previous Spanish nests, tamales are an extremely popular component of Bogotan dining establishments. Each location has a variation, with Colombia’s tamales including rice, corn flour and chicken. The active ingredients are covered in plantain or banana leaves and tend to be much bigger than their Mexican equivalents.

Where to attempt: As tamales can differ from town-to-town, Bogota has lots of several versions of tamales. For the tamal tolimense variation of the meal, typically served for breakfast with a cup of hot chocolate and cheese, go to Pasteler ía Florida(Carrera 7,No 20-82). Be alerted though: the parts are huge! If you’re vegetarian or vegan, you’ll discover breakfast and lunch break tamales at LaEsquina Vegetariana (Carrera11,No 69-26).



While possibly not Bogota’s preferred soup, this breakfast meal is however precious by residents and travelers alike for its soothing impacts. It’s made from a mix of hot milk, poached egg and spring onion, which is served with pan calado (stagnant bread). The bread is then dipped into the soup to soften it. The meal is provided a little flavour thanks to a light cleaning of coriander and appropriates for lacto-ovo vegetarians.

Where to attempt: Specialising in Colombian home cooking, MamaLupe(Calle11,No 6-14) is preferably situated right next to BolivarSquare A preferred with the residents, Panader ía Golconda(Calle118,No 6-74) in fashionable Usaqu én provides a fantastic changua that’s a terrific method to begin the day prior to going to the regional flea market.



As quickly as you show up in Bogota, the odor of arepas in the air informs you all you require to learn about the appeal of these tortilla-like maize deals with. Made with a mix of wheat and corn flour, cheese, butter and sugar, and completed with a topping of your option, it’s a safe meal that will sound attractive and inoffensive to the majority of. History enthusiasts will be interested to understand that clay pieces dating well into the pre-Columbian age have actually been discovered in Colombia and Venezuela– recommending that arepa might be a custom that is countless years of ages.

Where to attempt: Trying them fresh is the secret. One method to do that is by going to Misia by Leo Espinosa (AvenidaCarrera 7,No 67-39), a casual and friendly restaurant that is house to some excellent newly pushed juices. Tiny ElEnvigade ño (Calle23,No 5-19) might look unappetising to travelers from the outdoors, however the within has an entirely enjoyable visual that does not feel required. Oh, and the arepas are scrumptious too.

Freshly prepared arepa with roasted meat


Every food requires its own hangover treatment, and caldo is exactly that. This breakfast or dinner soup served hot has 2 main permutations: caldo de costilla (simmered in beef ribs) and caldo de carne (boiled with a piece of beef). The soup itself includes potatoes, cilantro, garlic, onion and, naturally, beef. It’s so popular as a hangover solution that dining establishments situated near to Bogota’s bars, and popular clubs will remain open late so they can serve caldo.

Where to attempt: If you have actually enjoyed yourself a bit excessive at the end of the night, then the closest location that serves caldo is most likely your best choice. For everybody else wishing to take pleasure in caldo (instead of medicate with it), attempt the Plaza de Mercado de Paloquemao(Av19,No 25-02)– an old farmers’ markets where you’ll discover caldo de costilla being served in the stalls. However, if you frantically require that hangover treatment, CaldoParao Gigio(Calle161,No 18-35) is open 24 hours a day.

Caldo de costilla

Arom ática

This natural fruit ‘tea’ uses herbs, fresh fruit and sugar walking cane to produce a pleasantly warm drink. Certain dining establishments will offer you with numerous fruits that you can take into your warm water to instill it with the fruity taste that you want.

Where to attempt: As aromática is a tea-like drink, it’s possible to discover it served by street suppliers and regional coffee shops in numerous places throughout the city. Each variation of the beverage is truly distinct– thanks to numerous suppliers taking their own method to the tea-making procedure, along with utilizing various herbs. In regards to coffee shop experiences, attempt OmaCafe(AvenidaCarrera,No 15 -1)

Herbal tea


One of the nation’s most popular liquors, refajo, is a mix of lager with a popular carbonated Colombian beverage called‘Colombiana’ This tipple is an exceptional accompaniment to foods that are high in animal fats– which is why residents especially enjoy it at barbecues. Those who recognize with Caribbean food might understand it as ‘Kola Roman’.

Where to attempt: Simple, budget-friendly and gratifying, LaEsquina de la mona(Calle82,No 13-48) dishes out a meaty food that is well fit to refajos. To experience the beverage in a genuine Colombian bar setting, travel to HuertaBar Cocteleria Artesanal(Calle69 a,No 10-15). Its speciality is craft mixed drinks, however you’ll discover loads of refajo versions here too.


Known as the ‘indigenous beer’ of Colombia, Chicha is originated from fermented corn and honey. However, the alcohol material can differ– from no alcohol to a heavy dosage of it. It’s an incredibly sweet beverage with the non-alcohol or low alcohol variations served in big bottles, and the more powerful things generally served in shot glasses.

Where to attempt: With it rumoured that nationwide hero Sim ón Bol ívar met revolutionary Manuela Sáenz to have chichas at LaPuerta Falsa(Calle11,No 6-50) in the early 1800 s, it would be ridiculous not to advise having a glass here. If you’re feeling a bit daring, then get a glass at ElPortal del Chorro(Carrera 2,No 13-94). Don’ t be deceived by the graffiti and run-down appearance– it’s all part of the beauty.

A shot of Chicha

HotChocolate and Cheese

Before you evaluate the mix of these active ingredients, respond to these 2 concerns: do you like hot chocolate? Do you like cheese? If you addressed ‘yes’ to both, then you’re well positioned to enjoy this Colombian meal. Hot chocolate, which is an outright need in the lives of the residents, is served along with a plate of cheese that can then be dipped into the drink– triggering it to melt. Use a spoon to raise the resulting gooeyness out and take pleasure in!

Where to attempt: This is another beverage and meal, which need to be tested at one of the regional coffee shops. The finest location to attempt this wonderfully motivated clash of textures and tastes is at LaPuerta Falsa(Calle11,No 6-50).

Cup of hot chocolate with cheese and arepa


Oblea, the sweetest of street treats, is a preferred with residents and visitors toBogota The dessert includes 2 big, round wafers that can sandwich a filling of your option– whether it’s arequipe, raspberry sauce, coconut, cheese or a mix.

Where to attempt: This dessert is another speciality of street food suppliers that are dotted around the city centre location. One of the most popular street suppliers is the owner of ObleasMick Jagger(AvenidaCalle 53,No 70-18) whose specialty is that he served The Rolling Stones’ Mick Jagger with an oblea that he apparently delighted in. We can’t make certain that Mick Jagger authorized of the stall’s name though.

Cup of hot coffee and obleas

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