Canada Could Get An All-NewDisney Theme Park

All my life I had actually coveted the U.S for their amped up Theme Parks and locations.

FromUniversal studios to Six flags, to Disneyland – the U.S has actually got us, and the majority of the world beat when it concerns excellent amusement park experiences.

I did not mature here in Montreal, and back on the meadows we did not have the high-end of a regional amusement park like La Ronde, and even the brief drive to close parks close by.

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MikeBostoli, from TheDisney Blog, thinks that its time for Disney to construct its 3rd park in North America, and the only location to do it remains in Toronto!

Imagine my enjoyment when checking out that Disneyland Canada might possibly be a truth!

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Here is some truths about why this will work and ought to occur ASAP:

  • Toronto has lots of big towns with numerous countless individuals neighboring
  • Over 8 million Canadians live within a couple of hours drive to Toronto
  • 2012 population information exposes that 35% of U.S people live within driving range of Toronto, anticipated to increase to 141 million by 2050
  • Our dollar is presently lower than the U.S dollar, making increased price an element for lots of.

It’s simple to presume the next place ought to remain in New York state, or someplace along the North East – however Bostoli feels a relocate to Canada would be a “big, counterintuitive plus.”

The concern with this kind of amusement park opening in Canada is that it might be rather expensive to establish brand-new park premises … however the option might be right under Disney’s nose!

Canada’sWonderland amusement park has actually been having a hard time for a variety of years, however the place stays incredibly popular.

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To this day, Canada’s Wonderland is still owned by Ohio’s Cedar Fair Entertainment. A prospective buyout or collaboration in between to U.S amusement park titans is not far from truth. The park might be purchased and redeveloped in no time at all, and all of us understand Disney has the $ to make it occur!

The prospective brand-new Disneyland place is approx. 3.5 times larger than the Magic Kingdom today, and about the exact same size of Disneyland’s Hong KongResort There is a lot of area.

The other thing to think about is dates of operation.Currently, the season for Wonderland is May-October

AsCanadians, we are not scared of winter season. Hell,Montreal has a Ferris Wheel at Place Des Arts today! There is no factor Disneyland might not discover a method to include our winter into a kick-ass amusement park.

Think of the capacity Frozen town – ice castles, outside activities, it might be the Anna and Elsa experience that, so far, just dreams are made from!

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We might have brand-new trips and Disney classics. The huge premises might make it quite easy for the Imagineers to construct brand-new experiences surrounding Disney’s movie roll-outs, consisting of the Marvel Universe!

The images I’ve consisted of reveal simply how fantastic a Wintery Disneyland might be! Let’s be genuine – the Disneyland Canada Christmas occasions would put every other Disney turn to pity!

What do you believe?Should Disneyland make the dive to Canada? I believe we require to get a petition moving and bring this into a truth.

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