CancunVs Punta Cana: Which Is The Best All Inclusive Destination?

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There’s no concern that Cancun and Punta Cana are 2 of the most popular locations for an extensive trip. Cancun is the most gone to Destination in Mexico, while Punta Cana is the most gone to location in the DominicanRepublic Each area provides visitors a broad choice of complete homes at costs that vary from ultra-luxurious to completely budget-friendly. Both locations have actually been breaking records this summer season, showing that travelers are gathering to the areas. For those who are on the fence about which location to select, this short article will assist identify a winner!

Cancun hotel zone with paraglider in the foregroundCancun hotel zone with paraglider in the foreground

TravelOff Path has actually pitted each area versus each other in a head-to-head contrast to identify the very best complete location. For clearness, we have actually broken things down into areas, consisting of prices and resort choices, beaches, weather condition, activities, security, in addition to flight connection and expense, and tourist interest

For this contrast, we presumed a one-week trip throughout January, a peak travel month for both locations. Specifically, we selected January 14 th to January 21 st, with flights in and out on each of those days also. All costs revealed are based upon 2 individuals taking a trip together.

Punta Cana BeachPunta Cana Beach

AllInclusive Costs & &Options

One of the driving decision-making aspects for holidays is expense, so it deserves checking out how Cancun and Punta Cana rank versus each other. To make the contrast of homes pertinent to more than simply high-end tourists, we will check out 2 classifications; 4-star homes & & 5-star homes. Average expenses were discovered utilizing and the dates of January 14 th through January 21 st

Only complete homes were thought about, and prices information was pulled on September 5 th We combed through all readily available homes to get a typical expense of each classification, and the outcomes are listed below:

VIK hotel Arena Blanca punta canaVIK hotel Arena Blanca punta cana
ImageCourtesy Of: VIK hotel Arena Blanca Punta Cana

4-StarStack up

Number of Available 4-StarAll Inclusives


  • Cancun: $276 per night
  • PuntaCana: $239 per night

AverageUser Rating Out Of 10

  • Cancun: 7.68
  • PuntaCana: 7.22
Grand Fiesta Americana Coral Beach CancunGrand Fiesta Americana Coral Beach Cancun
ImageCourtesy Of: GrandFiesta Americana Coral Beach Cancun

5-StarStack up

Number of Available 5-StarAll Inclusives


  • Cancun: $505 per night
  • PuntaCana: $422 per night

AverageUser Rating Out Of 10

  • Cancun: 8.46
  • PuntaCana: 8.08
punta cana beach dominicanpunta cana beach dominican

Pricing: Who Wins?

Based typically costs alone, Punta Cana has the upper hand in this classification.

In overall, Cancun has 74 all inclusive homes to select from, while Punta Cana has72 Cancun has more 4-star choices than Punta Cana, suggesting more price. However, typically, Cancun’s 4-star homes are over $30 more per night than Punta Cana.Similarly, Cancun’s 5-star homes are, typically, about $80 more per night than Punta Cana.This isn’t to state that Cancun has no budget-friendly choices, however.

Cancun beach during blue hourCancun beach during blue hour

For circumstances, the 4-star HotelDos Playas Faranda Canc ún is simply $200 per night for the dates checked out. The least expensive alternative for a 4-star remain in Punta Cana, the whala!bávaro, comes out a bit more budget-friendly at $187 per night. It must likewise be kept in mind that, typically, Cancun’s 4-star and 5-star homes have somewhat greater user rankings.



What’s a tropical trip without a gorgeous beach? That initial step onto that white-sand Caribbean beach is practically worth the expense of the flight alone. When picking in between Cancun or Punta Cana, it is necessary to understand which has actually beaches much better fit to your travel design. We’ll break down the leading 5 beaches for each location and their distinctions. Beach rankings were discovered utilizing Tripadvisor.

Overhead beach photoOverhead beach photo

Top 5 Punta Cana Beaches

  1. BavaroBeach
  2. MacaoBeach
  3. JuanilloBeach
  4. ArenaGorda Beach
  5. PlayaLa Vacama
Bavaro Beach in Punta CanaBavaro Beach in Punta Cana

Top 5 Cancun Beaches

  1. PlayaDelfines
  2. PlayaLangosta
  3. XcacelBeach
  4. PlayaCaracol
  5. PlayaTortugas
Playa Delfines in CancunPlaya Delfines in Cancun


The single greatest distinction in between beach days in Cancun vs. Punta Cana is the level of advancement In Cancun, the long stretch of sand in the hotel zone is loaded with dining establishments, stores, hotels, and limitless activities for travelers to benefit from.

Conversely,Punta Cana’s beaches are less industrialized and provide a more genuine tropical beach ambiance. While hotels definitely dot the coasts, it’s a lot easier to discover a remote stretch of sand to absorb the sun.

punta canapunta cana

Beaches: Who Wins?

When it pertains to beaches, there’s no particular metric that can choose whether Cancun or Punta Cana is the supreme winner. However, it can definitely be an influencing element when choosing which location is for you.

If you choose your beach days to be near to a relatively limitless range of activities, Cancun might be for you.The tradeoff is that the beaches will be a lot more hectic and congested. But if that’s your ambiance, then Cancun is ideal!

PuntaCana will be a much better location for tourists who like to take their own area at the beach.However, the cost you’ll spend for less crowds and privacy will be less access to facilities. That’s definitely not to state there aren’t activities and dining establishments to attempt, merely that they are not as condensed into one location as they remain in Cancun.

Tourists Sunbathing In Cancun Beach, Quintana RooTourists Sunbathing In Cancun Beach, Quintana Roo


The beautiful weather condition provided by both Cancun and PuntaCana is among the numerous factors tourists flock to these locations over the fall and winter season. A week of sunlight and warm weather condition is a terrific method to separate the winter season into more workable areas. January is the dry season for both areas, and rain does not tend to stay. For days that it does rain, it frequently storms for a brief duration and rapidly returns to gorgeous sunlight.

Below, we have actually set out typical temperature levels and other details for the month of January in each location.


  • Temperature:
    • Average– 74.6 ° F(236 ° C)
    • (************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************ )–777 ° F (254 ° C)
    • (***************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** )– 72.3 ° F(224 ° C)
  • RainfallAverage: 9(******************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************* )with Rain, averaging 3 inches (51 mm)
  • AverageHumidity: 71%
  • AverageWater Temperature: 79 ° F((*************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** ) ° C)
Tourists playing volleyball on the beach in all inclusive hotel in Cancun, MexicoTourists playing volleyball on the beach in all inclusive hotel in Cancun, Mexico


  • Temperature:
    • Average–766 ° F(248 ° C)
    • Low–748 ° F(238 ° C)
  • RainfallAverage:11Days withRain, averaging 2 inches(51 mm)
  • AverageHumidity:76 %
  • AverageWaterTemperature:80 ° F(27 ° C)


Cancun andPuntaCana have such comparable averages in January that it is challenging to identify a supreme winner in this classification. Both locations will provide a welcome reprieve from the cold of winter season. However, for those who do not like it too hot, Cancun might be much better typically due to the lower humidity levels and somewhat lower typical temperature levels.

punta cana DRpunta cana DR


Cancun and Punta Cana provide a large range of activities to delight in throughout your stay. The most substantial distinction in offerings is the design of activities readily available. While there are numerous overlaps, such as snorkeling, watersports, and swimming in cenotes, each location has its own feel and special offerings for tourists to delight in.


Cancun’s hotel zone resembles a giant 15- mile-long play ground.It is the heart of tourist in Mexico and is developed to provide limitless home entertainment to those visiting its coasts. Nightclubs, dining establishments, going shopping malls, beach clubs, and more are all simply a fast taxi flight or leave when you remain in the hotel zone. An comprehensive list of every activity readily available would need a number of pages, so we have actually noted a few of note listed below:

Xoximilco dining experience in cancunXoximilco dining experience in cancun
ImageCourtesy Of: Xoximilco
  • XoximilcoCancun– A self-named “Floating Fiesta” waits for visitors heading to Xoximilco Guests board colorfully embellished gondolas with an open bar and a three-course meal. As you endeavor through the park’s canals, you will see various bands and programs. This is simply among Cancun’s numerous supper programs, however it definitely sets itself apart from the rest!
  • Nightlife– Cancun’s night life is extraordinary, and there are some hugely popular locations to go. CocoBongo is a should and is probably Cancun’s most popular bar. With live efficiencies, balloons, confetti, bubbles, complete phase lighting, extraordinary music, and a lot more, visitors will delight in the celebration of a life time.
  • DayTrips Galore– Not just is Cancun itself loaded with things to do, however it likewise has simple access to some quite extraordinary outing. From Cenotes to ancient ruins, numerous experiences wait for. Tulum is among the most popular outing, permitting visitors to check out an ancient Mayan historical site.
Resort in CancunResort in Cancun

PuntaCana Activities

PuntaCana is an exceptional location for tourists who value the outdoors and have a daring spirit.While it likewise has nightlife choices, there aren’t almost as numerous asCancun For an daring day of rest the resort, tourists can ride ATVs through the interior forests, zipline through the trees, swim in a cenote, or ride a horse on the beach at sundown. Here are a couple of activities of note in Punta Cana listed below:

Saona Island Dominican RepublicSaona Island Dominican Republic
  • ScapePark– This 247- acre park is a fantastic method to participate in a host of outside activities all in one location. Swim in underground caverns, zipline along a cliff, go caving, snorkel at Bucaneros reef, or drift around in the blue-green waters of Hoyo Azul, a covert cenote.
  • VisitSaona Island– SaonaIsland lies off the southern coast of the Dominican Republic and is a nature reserve devoid of significant advancement. If you wish to seem like you are strolling along the beach in an unblemished tropical paradise, this is where to do it. Day journeys consist of a boat flight to the island, frequently with an open bar and a buffet lunch.
  • UniqueNight Life– While Punta Cana might not have as numerous choices as Cancun when it pertains to nightlife, it definitely has some special ones. One of the most intriguing needs to be ImagineCave Disco Built right into natural caverns, this bar sets the tone for what makes sure to be an unforgettable night.
Imagine Cave Disco interiorImagine Cave Disco interior
ImageCourtesy Of: ImagineCave Disco

Activities: Who Wins?

If we base the winner simply on the variety of activities provided, then Cancun is a clear winner.However, every tourist has their own special tastes when they check out a brand-new location. For tourists wanting to invest more time outdoors adventuring, Punta Cana might be the method to go. Cancun is the method to choose tourists looking for a location that feels a lot more city and is bristling with limitless things to do.

cancun aerial sunsetcancun aerial sunset


All inclusive homes in Cancun and Punta Cana are thought about safe locations. When venturing far from the resorts nevertheless, visitors ought to work out increased care. The most typical criminal offense impacting travelers in both locations is minor theft. Criminals presume that travelers have a great deal of cash, smart devices, precious jewelry, and other prized possessions.

Man with backpack being pickpocketed on vacationMan with backpack being pickpocketed on vacation

The U.S State Department categorizes TheDominican Republic and the QuintanaRoo State(where Cancun lives) as Level 2: Exercise IncreasedCaution Advice from the state department for Level 2 locations consists of:

  • Stay knowledgeable about environments
  • Do not withstand a burglary
  • Don’ t screen indications of wealth
  • Follow regional guidance of resort or tourist guide for security

Both nations ought to be safe for tourists who adhere to widely known traveler locations and activities. However, by the numbers, Cancun comes out ahead for security.Mexico has a criminal offense rate of 54.19 while the Dominican Republic has a criminal offense rate of 61.02 This indicates that per every 100,000 individuals, 61 of them undergo a criminal offense in the Dominican Republic while 54 undergo a criminal offense in Mexico.

punta cana resortpunta cana resort

FlightConnectivity and Costs

Hotel and basic expenses in the location are simply 2 pieces of the puzzle when preparing a journey. Another significant piece is flight expenses and how simple it is to get to where you are going. Below we have actually broken down how well-connected Cancun and Punta Cana are to the United States and Canada.

CancunConnectivity and Cost

For the month of January, there are 40 U.S. cities and 16 Canadian cities that fly continuously to Cancun Notable U.S. cities with direct flights consist of Miami, New York City, Atlanta, Los Angeles, andSeattle Notable Canadian cities with direct flights consist of Toronto, Montreal, andVancouver Below are some costs for a round-trip ticket to Cancun from January 14 th to January 21 st

cancun connectionscancun connections
ImageCourtesy Of: FlightConnections

Toronto to Cancun Round-Trip(YYZ to CUN)

  • Price: $512
  • Airline: Air Transat
  • Luggage: Free Carry On, $54Checked Bag

NewYork City to Cancun Round-Trip(JFK to CUN)

  • Price: $356
  • Airline: American Airlines
  • Luggage: Free Carry On, $60Checked Bag
cancun airport signcancun airport sign

PuntaCana Connectivity and Cost

For the month of January, there are 20 U.S. cities and 8 Canadian cities that fly continuously to PuntaCana Notable U.S. cities with direct flights consist of Miami, New York City, Atlanta, Austin, andChicago The east coast has the upper hand for flights to PuntaCana There are no direct flights to Punta Cana more west than Austin, Texas, for the month of January.

NotableCanadian cities with direct flights consist of Toronto, Montreal, and QuebecCity Below are some costs for a round-trip ticket to Punta Cana from January 14 th to January 21 st

Punta Cana ConnectionsPunta Cana Connections
ImageCourtesy Of: FlightConnections

Toronto to Punta Cana Round-Trip(YYZ to PUJ)

  • Price: $569
  • Airline: Air Canada
  • Luggage: Free Carry On, $46Checked Bag

NewYork City to Punta Cana Round-Trip(JFK to PUJ)

  • Price: $470
  • Airline: JetBlue
  • Luggage: Free Carry On, $60Checked Bag
Punta Cana Airport SignPunta Cana Airport Sign

Flights: Who Wins?

Cancun is the winner when it pertains to both flight connection and flight costs. While flights to Punta Cana aren’t extremely more pricey, Cancun regularly has lower costs. Also, Cancun has double the variety of direct flights to both the U.S. andCanada Cancun likewise has more reaching continuously flights, whereas Punta Cana just goes as far west as Austin,Texas As Punta Cana continues to grow in appeal, we will likely see more cities using direct flights. For now, nevertheless, Cancun is less expensive and simpler to fly to.

Cancun Hotel Zone Pictured During Sunrise, MexicoCancun Hotel Zone Pictured During Sunrise, Mexico


One essential sign of the basic population’s interest in something is the number of individuals look for it on Google.To see how interested individuals have actually remained in Cancun and PuntaCana over the in 2015, we compared the 2 utilizing Google Trends.

Looking at the chart above, we can see that for the previous year, Punta Cana has actually had to do with half as popular as Cancun when it pertains to Google searches. However, this does not always suggest that Cancun is much better, merely that it is looked for regularly. Also, this just considers searches within the United States.

Cancun BeachCancun Beach

TheBottom Line

Cancun and Punta Cana both provide extraordinary complete experiences for tourists heading for warmer weather condition and sandy coasts. Which one triumphes will eventually be a choice for each specific tourist.

Cancun is much better linked and less expensive to fly to, provides limitless activities, and has first-rate beaches with extraordinary facilities right along the coast. If you want simple access to activities, late-night celebrations, and a more dynamic ambiance, Cancun is for you.

cancun skylinecancun skyline

PuntaCana has less expensive lodgings, provides more remote beach experiences, and accommodates tourists who delight in adventuring outdoors when they aren’t unwinding at one of its elegant complete homes. If you want a place that feels less industrialized and more genuine, Punta Cana is for you.

Both locations provide incredible experiences that will be kept in mind for a life time, and either one would be well worth a go to. Punta Cana and Cancun are both winners in our book. The finest guidance we can offer tourists questioning which one to select would be … select both!

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