Countries That Have Reopened For Canadian Tourists

*Portugal has actually chosen to accept the suggestion by the EU and GET RID OF Canada from the authorized countries. Entry will no longer be possible since October 31.

Portugal … the most complicated nation in the EU.

As per direct discussion with the Canadian Consulate and well as SEF Immigration, Portugal is open for Canadian travelers since July 7th, without any reciprocity or quarantine required.

Airlines like TAP are likewise validating the above info to be real,

However, on numerous main federal government sites and files, Portugal is still pointing out the ‘Reciprocity’ provision, declaring it will just permit Canadians in when Portuguese can likewise take a trip there.

Portugal has actually altered its guidelines and its choices on this sometimes considering that resuming borders.

Note: If you require to take a trip to Portugal, beware guidelines can alter. Call the consulate and your airline company to verify.

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