Cyprus holidays: Country could be ‘less accessible’ in the future – here’s why | Travel News | Travel

“I think Cyprus has grown in popularity significantly. It’s usually guaranteed good weather, certainly throughout the summer season,” he said.

Despite Turkey’s popularity this year, Ashford thinks the country pre-Covid was less popular than Cyprus due to “low consumer confidence”.

“Cyprus has been the next best option,” he added.

Skyscanner spoke exclusively to about the average flight prices from the UK to the popular holiday destination.

Skyscanner’s site said economy class, return travel from the UK to Cyprus by month from 2018 and 2019 was £237 in October, £167 in November and £234 in December.

However, the travel agency’s current prices are a lot lower which has been the case for many travel companies during the coronavirus pandemic.

The travel agency is currently offering flights from London to Cyprus in October from £60 and November and December from £40.

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