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Don’t Miss Goblin Valley State Park, Utah (it deserves it)

If you’re searching for a distinct and rugged land filled with goblins, gnomes and mushroom shaped desert animals, then do not miss out on Goblin Valley State Park, among the coolest locations to check out in Utah!

GoblinValley was developed by sand transferred 170 million years back from a large inland sea that was then sculptured by uplift and disintegration by wind and water. Now we have stone gnomes and distinctively shaped goblins tempting us into play.

The valley, which is just about a mile throughout and 2 miles long is filled with vibrant orange and chocolate covered animals which stand at just a couple of feet high.

The wind blew in all sorts of patterns and instructions while we checked out providing us an insight into how these gnarly animals were formed.

Goblin Valley State Park, Utah

Can you picture being the cowboys looking for livestock that initially came across this remote valley? What must have they been believing as they came across the 5 buttes and a valley of unusual shaped rock kinds secured by a wall of deteriorated cliffs?

It’s surreal and unearthly landscape was even the setting for Galaxy Quest, a Hollywood motion picture.

GoblinValley State Park Utah is a simple location to check out and needs just a couple hours of play time. You might remain longer if you desired.

After a month of extensive walkings and days of checking out all the finest things to do in Utah and the Southwest U.S.A.’s national forests, I was enjoyed have the ease of checking out Goblin Valley.

Is there treking in Goblin Valley State Park?

Yes Despite it being a play ground for video games of conceal and look for, there are numerous Goblin Valley walkings you can do if you are up for it.

Goblin Valley State Park, Utah

There are 3 primary treking routes within the Goblin Valley State Park:

  • CarmelCanyon: 1.5 mile reasonably difficult lop to the desert flooring and among the goblins.
  • CurtisBench: Easy 2.1 mile return path following the Curtis development. It provides you an introduction of Goblin Valley in addition to views of the Henry Mountains.
  • EntradaCanyon: a daring, reasonably difficult one method path from the camping site to the goblins and back.

There are lots of walkings and extraordinary experiences neighboring Goblin Valley at CapitolReef National Park and in Moab

But whilst visiting this Utah state park, you might be grateful for the chance to hang up the treking boots and simply play.

Or rather, let the kids play and you discover yourself a charming goblin to perch on and rest.

Goblin Valley State Park, Utah

I enjoyed sitting and enjoying the kids play conceal and look for and play tag among the maze-like valley of knotted and knobby hoodoo like rock animals.

They had a blast and did not wish to leave.

Be mild with the hoodoos as these animals are soft and breakable and we desire them here for another million years.

We went into the park from the primary parking area and simply strolled down into the field of goblins and played in a location that took the kids fancy.

Goblin Valley State Park, Utah

I do suggest spending quality time to appreciate the views of the field of goblins and take a mild walk among them.

Goblin state park is likewise an International Dark Sky Park Even more factor to camp nearyby and delight in a spectucular night experience.

Video: Goblin Valley State Park, Utah

See how enjoyable Goblin Valley remains in our video. Be sure to register for our You Tube Channel.

Planning a Trip to Visit Goblin Valley State Park

We suggest outdoor camping over night and remaining a couple of additional days even to check out the surrounding San Rafael Wilderness.

It’s remote and gorgeous and has a lot of outside experience waiting on you like cycling, treking and 4WD Driving.

Goblin Valley State Park, Utah

Near to where we camped was Little Wild Horse and BellyCanyons There is a walking here that takes you rushing over big stones and squeezing through narrow areas that is indicated to be rather enjoyable.

You might quickly check out Goblin Valley State Park as an excursion from Moab.

If you are checking out Utah thoroughly, we suggest you check out Goblin Valley State Park en route to CapitolReef National Park from Moab(or vice versa).

It’s an extremely simple detour and can separate the drive. Leave in the early morning, invest a couple of hours at Goblin Valley and after that head into the national forest from there.

  • Spring and fall are perfect times to trek in this location. Summer afternoons are really hot.
  • Cost: $15 per car
  • TheVisitor Center is open daily from 8 am to 5 pm.

Where is Goblin Valley State Park?

GoblinValley Utah lies in between Green River and Hanksville.

Follow highway 24 (gorgeous picturesque drive) to Temple MountainJunction From there it is 12 miles southwest to the park. It has to do with 100 miles (90 minutes) Moab and 48 miles (1 hour) to Capitol Reef National Park.

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Camping near Goblin Valley State Park

We boondocked (Recreational Vehicle dry camping/ complimentary outdoor camping) simply outdoors Goblin Valley State Park at Little Wild HorseCanyon I imply take a look at it.

Goblin Valley

It was ideal. The kids enjoyed our little orange shrouded nook where they might climb up, conceal and play. Within the crannies was a firepit, although we had rather the dust storm, so no fires for us.

I would have enjoyed to remain here for longer than one night. It was incredible and complimentary.

Take a dirt roadway off the primary roadway to discover your complimentary outdoor camping area.

ForGoblin Valley camping details go here.

Outside of outdoor camping, the closest lodging would remain in Green River and The River Terrace Inn comes advised. Click here for schedule and rates. It has a gorgeous area on the river and has to do with equidistant fromArches National Park and GoblinValley.

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