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Don’t Miss The Extraordinary Lower Antelope Canyon Tours in Arizona

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I can’t think we even discussed about checking out Antelope Canyon in Arizona.

We had lots of people inform us it was unmissable, however then we had actually heard numerous other individuals state it was possibly not worth it.

LowerAntelope Canyon Tour

They grumbled about the Antelope Canyon trips being overcrowded and explained it as waiting in line to take a fast picture of the stand apart functions. It seemed like a factory line up design of a trip.

This did not interest us at all.

The crowds we have actually experienced roadway tripping throughout the U.S.A. have actually been quite extreme. Aussies simply aren’t utilized to that, specifically out in nature. I simply desired a little area while linking to awe and question.

But considering that we were just about 40- minutes far from Antelope Canyon when we remained at LoneRock Beach on the coasts of Lake Powell, we chose we may too.

No is sorry for welcomed.

And regret it we would have certainly.

It was wonderful.

AntelopeCanyon is a distinct AmericanSouthwest experience and not to be missed out on.

What is Antelope Canyon?

Are you prepared to stroll into a wonderful slot canyon developed by water that has divided and polished rock crevasses in time?

Lower Antelope Canyon Tours in Arizona

The shapes, colors and textures of the sculpted canyon walls and how it altered in the light was spellbinding.

Nature has numerous surprises in stall for us concealed by simply a small fracture in the ground. Deep beneath is a world that will catch the heart of any who are brave enough to dig a little much deeper and check out broader.

TheNavajo name for Antelope Canyon is Ts é bighánílíní, which indicates ‘the place where water runs through rocks’

The canyon’s English name originated from the herds of pronghorn antelope that as soon as wandered easily through the location and went into the canyon to look for shade throughout the scorching summer seasons.

Our guide likewise informed us the Navajo utilized the canyon to herd and after that hunt the antelope.

AntelopeCanyon is really 2 canyons— upper and lower– formed over countless years as rainwater worked its method through the rock from a greater elevation.

AntelopeCanyon very first opened to the general public in 1997, however actually ended up being well-known when it was included as the cover for a National Geographic publication.

After that, visitors to the canyon blew up and professional photographers and travelers originate from near and far to admire its special, smooth spiraling walls arches and streaming passages.

You might likewise acknowledge it from the old Microsoft screensaver.

Here’s an enjoyable reality:

The most costly photo ever offered was of AntelopeCanyon The black and white, Phantom by Peter Like cost $6.5 million!!!

Lower and Upper Antelope Canyon

I didn’t even understand till we were on our LowerAntelope Canyon trip that there was an upper and a lower canyon.

Lower Antelope Canyon Tour, Arizona

As our Navajo guide discussed, the distinction in between Upper and Lower Antelope Canyon is the size of the canyon and shape.

The upper canyon is broader at the bottom with a narrow opening at the top, which produces lovely beams inside the canyon. This is what the majority of people wish to see and catch when they go to Antelope Canyon.

Think of Upper Canyon as being formed like the letter A.

LowerCanyon is much smaller sized on the canyon flooring with a larger opening at the top. Think of it as being formed like the letter V. More light can go into from above.

We just did the Lower Antelope Canyon trip. But I believe the Upper Antelope Canyon would be simply as fantastic.

What to Expect at Upper Antelope Canyon

UpperAntelope Canyon is much easier to browse and more touristy. Upper Antelope Canyon is much easier to stroll through due to its broader bottom however it will be darker than Lower Antelope Canyon.

You will need to ride in a Jeep/ 4 × 4 to reach the Upper Antelope Canyon which can be rough. After that it’s a flat, simple 1/2 mile walk roundtrip.

Primetime in the Upper Antelope Canyon is when the renowned beams in the canyon appear. This will be the rounded up like livestock minute for you.

But, if your life will not be total without that magic shot then go all out. I hope you get $6.5 million dollars out of it.

UpperAntelope Canyon is the only location that runs photography trips and they are normally throughout Primetime which will be yet another overcrowding minute for you.

TheUpper Antelope Canyon trip is more costly than the Lower Antelope Canyon and trips offer out quicker which is why we wound up on the Lower Antelope Canyon trip.

So make sure to book far beforehand!

Although we did not experience the Upper Canyon trip, and I make certain it’s fantastic, I do not feel we lost out as the Lower Antelope Canyon was such a great experience.

Book your trip beforehand to the Upper Antelope Canyon here

What to Expect at Lower Antelope Canyon?

We experienced the LowerAntelope Canyon trip so can inform you more thorough details on this trip.

Antelope Canyon, Arizona
On the Lower Antelope Canyon trip

LowerAntelope Canyon has narrower walls and a couple of staircases. Our kids discovered a few of the tight squeezes a great deal of enjoyable and boosted the experience of the experience of them

It is thought about more laborious, nevertheless I did not discover it so. And although there were lots of people visiting it is likewise thought about to have less crowds.

It’s a 1/4 mile walk to the entryway, which was no trouble to me. I enjoyed coming out at the end and strolling next to the opening to the canyon. It was so cool to see the narrow slit that held such appeal beneath.

Although you’ll get the altering colors and light in Lower Antelope Canyon, due to the broader opening at the top, you normally will not experience the beams, although we had a number of faint and narrow ones.

Lower Antelope Canyon, Arizona

I enjoyed at the end of it how our guide collected the kids around him in a location in the sand and showed with sand and water how the canyon was formed. It assisted us link much better to the amazing development we had actually simply strolled through.

The kids even attempted to duplicate it back at our camping area with water and sand. This is how we homeschool!

OurNavajo guide was educated about the rock developments and explained different shapes and animals along the method. He was outstanding in taking images for us and revealing us how to catch the special colors and functions.

He understood a lot about our Samsung Galaxy phones and revealed us a couple of functions and methods we didn’t learn about!! It was incredible.

Book your trip to the Lower Antelope Canyon beforehand here.


While you are here, you may too drop in HorseshoeBend It’s extremely nearby and an incredible Arizona panorama you do not wish to miss out on.

Upper vs Lower AntelopeCanyon What is the Best Antelope Canyon Tour?

For the supreme Antelope Canyon trips experience, why refrain from doing both the Upper and LowerAntelope Canyon trip?

Lower Antelope Canyon Tours

I understand this might not constantly be possible provided your readily available time and spending plan. It’s not a simple choice to make and to be truthful, it might be produced you provided what schedule is left for either trip when you go to book.

The even more you book beforehand the greater your possibilities of getting the Antelope Canyon trip you desire one of the most.

We chose the Lower Antelope Canyon to the Upper Antelope Canyon.

Here are our suggestions to assist you pick whether to do the Upper or Lower Antelope Canyon trip

UpperAntelope Canyon Tours

  • Photographers who desire the magic shot.
  • Photographers will get the most out of the photography trip. Best time to go to + skilled guides assisting + more time and area to photo

LowerAntelope Canyon Tours

  • Families with kids
  • Those desiring more experience and less crowds
  • Looking for a more affordable experience
  • Booking eleventh hour

AntelopeCanyon Tours

There are 2 business that run trips through the Lower and Upper Antelope Canyon: Dixie Ellis and Kens.

Lower Antelope Canyon Tour

Both trip business are from the very same Navajo household– it’s a sibling bro competitors or cooperation– you choose. There is not suggested to be any distinction in between the 2 trip operators.

We did our trip through Dixie trips.

If you want to go to Lower or Upper Antelope Canyon in the high season (May-October) you most likely require to book your tickets months beforehand.

Although the canyon is just 1,400 feet long, it can take an hour to stroll through, and it’s nearly difficult to take a bad photo

Every time the sun moves the colors of the walls alter. There is much argument over what time is the very best to go to and catch the light and colors completely. Our guide informed us there was no hard time.

Thankfully the guides are specialists at assisting you take the very best possible photo no matter what time you go to.

Standard trips normally last an hour and expense less than $40 per individual; more costly photography trips permit more time.

Taking a weekday trip might assist thin out the crowds, and attempt to book for the afternoon when the sun is high and shines straight down into the canyon for brilliant images.

Tips for Getting the Most out of Your Lower Antelope Canyon Tour

  • Be knowledgeable about time zone modifications. Antelope Canyon remains in Arizona however right on the border withUtah Utah observes daytime cost savings time however Arizona does not, which can trigger issues if you are remaining in Utah!
  • Be sure to book beforehand. These trips are popular and can reserve out rapidly. The earlier you book beforehand the much better.
  • No video recording permitted.
  • Our guide advised the 8 or 9am trip as being the very best for light.
  • He likewise stated the last trip of the day was great as you do not have crowds showing up behind you so it seems like a quieter and more roomy experience.
  • There actually is no hard time to go to. The colors alter throughout the day so you’re bound to have a fantastic experience anytime. Other individuals state the very best time to go to Upper Antelope Canyon is 10: 30 am and the very best time to go to Lower Antelope Canyon is at 1: 30 pm.

Planning a Trip to Antelope Canyon, Arizona

Getting to Antelope Canyon, Arizona

AntelopeCanyon lies simply outside the town of Page, Arizona and right near Lake Powell.

Page,Arizona has to do with 114 miles from the GrandCanyon and 273 miles from LasVegas and157 miles from Sedona

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  • You might want to lease your own Recreational Vehicle, campervan or motorhome. Check out Outdoorsy and Recreational Vehicle share

Tours to Antelope Canyon, Arizona

Where to Stay in Page, Arizona

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Places to Visit near Antelope Canyon

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