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Dubai food & beverage guide: 10 things to attempt in Dubai

Boasting vibrant, unique flavours, Dubai is the location for tourists wishing to delight in the city’s standard Arabic food

Dubai has actually developed itself as a fast-growing cosmopolitan city that uses different destinations for travelers throughout the world. This has actually likewise brought Middle Eastern food to the leading edge of the worldwide food scene. If you discover yourself looking for a genuine food experience in the gleaming desert city, these are 10 regional foods and drinks that you need to attempt.


A popular, hearty staple of Emirati food, Margoogat is an abundant, tomato-based stew that mixes essential Arab spices and flavours. Commonly made with chicken or lamb, this meal is typically ready and taken pleasure in at Iftar, the night meal that breaks the day-to-day quick throughout Ramadan, and integrates different veggies with herbs like turmeric, cumin and bezar (a regional garam masala like spice mix) for great deals of heat.

Where to attempt:

While every dining establishment and chef has their own special take on the meal, the Margoogat at Aseelah(476Baniyas Road) inside the Radisson Blu Hotel uses a delicious take on the classic.

AlMachboos (Majboos)

Beloved throughout the whole Arabian Peninsula, this standard rice meal is a special in Emirati cooking. Painstakingly prepared in big pots with meat, onions, the meal is specified by the fragrant flavours of baharat (a common Arab spice mix) and loomi (regional dried limes). Though it’s typically prepared with chicken, you can typically discover lamb and seafood variations.

Where to attempt:

Offering traditional Emirati fare with a modern twist,Al Barza Restaurant & &Caf é (JumeirahStreet) brings a wide variety of standard favourites in an unwinded, open setting. The grilled shrimp machboos is splashed in shredded parsley and covered in tomato.


Camel meat & & camel milk

Camel milk has actually made its method from the Bedouin camping tent to great dining restaurants. Slightly saltier than cow’s milk, it is richer in protein, lower in cholesterol, and greater in vitamin C and iron. On the other hand, while camel meat hasn’t constantly become part of the Emirati diet plan, contemporary chefs in Dubai like it for its robust, unique flavours and have actually significantly utilized camel in hamburgers and stews.

Where to attempt: LocalHouseRestaurant(51, Al Bastakiya) is stated to be the very first dining establishment to present the camel hamburger to the United Arab Emirates, and its menu includes a huge selection of camel-based food, from kebabs to steaks. You can attempt camel milkshakes too; they are readily available in a range of flavours, from pistachio to chocolate and their signature, date.

Camel meat together with rice and veggies


A popular Emirati bread, khameer is a date-sweetened bread that you can enjoy it by itself or packed with a range of components from cheese, chicken to kfata (meatballs).

Where to attempt: Logma in Boxpark by Meraas mall (AlWasl Road) dishes out tasty khameer sandwiches.


For a reprieve from the bread-and-meat heavy Emirati staples, Tabbouleh is a vibrant salad made from tomatoes, green onions and cucumber and skilled with fresh mint and lemon juice. A revitalizing accompaniment to nearly any meal, it is likewise the go-to choice in Dubai for foodies searching for much healthier choices.

WhereTo Try: TheLebanese and Mediterranean ShababeekGourmet(AlQasba) uses an interesting plan of Middle Eastern design vegetarian fare, consisting of a vibrant, fresh Tabbouleh el Sayad with green lentils.

Tabbouleh served with couscous


A Lebanese traditional generally consumed for breakfast in Dubai, Manousheh (or manakish in plural) is an easy flatbread specify by its crispy outdoors and soft, chewy centre. Usually topped with Akkawi cheese, earthy Za’ atar herbs and olive oil, more speculative models consist of anything from fresh veggies to fried eggs.

Where to attempt:

EnabBeirut (CityWalk 2) is a charming, diverse restaurant with a clearly homely design; the go-to location for genuine Lebanese classics consisting of manousheh, suitable for breakfast, lunch or late-night treats.

Manousheh topped with Za’ tar


Another standard Arabic meal that’s especially popular throughout Ramadan, Al Harees is a porridge-like meal that includes ground wheat and meat. A mouth-watering reward that’s commonplace at events and events, the ground wheat and meat are prepared for hours up until they harden, and are then topped with ghee, or clarified butter, and put on to flat plates for a nourishing and soothing meal.

Where to attempt: WhileHarees is typically scheduled for unique celebrations such as throughout Ramadan or at wedding events, you can still discover genuine performances in ethnic dining establishments such asAl Jawareh Traditional Restaurant(52 B Jumeirah Street) beyond these celebrations.



Similar in taste and texture to doughnuts, these sweet dumplings are deep-fried deals with, generally served with a sticky date sauce and topped with sesame seeds. Try them as a late night treat with a cup of standard Arab coffee.

Where to attempt:

Serving this essential Emirati dessert with a twist, Logma in Boxpark by Meraas mall (AlWasl Road) enables you to attempt Luqaimat topped with berries, chocolate, Nutella, Oreos and even lotus crumbs.

Luqiamat served with a sweet date syrup


This sweet Levantine pastry has actually ended up being a preferred amongst residents in the UAE. Made of crisp noodle-like pastry or finely-shredded semolina dough, which is taken in a sugar-based syrup, Kanafeh is generally layered with cheese, then sprayed with sliced pistachios. Best served warm and gooey fresh from the pan, this reward sets wonderfully with clotted cream.

Where to attempt:

Purveyors of a few of the finest standard sugary foods and desserts in Dubai– consisting of a soft and crispy kanafeh which numerous think to be the very best in the area– indulge your craving for sweets atFeras Aldiyafa Sweets (DubaiMarina).

Kanafeh sprayed with pistachio


Otherwise referred to as Arabic coffee, gahwa is among the most typical beverages served in the UAE and is typically utilized to represent hospitality and kindness when welcoming visitors. Rich with the aromas of cardamom and cloves, Arabic coffee is more bitter than other blends and is regularly taken in at get-togethers in elaborate Arabian coffee pots and little, handleless cups.

Where to attempt:

For a genuine Arabic coffee, The Coffee Museum (AlFahidi) is among the very best locations to obtain a steaming cup. Alternatively, you can stroll one minute south to the Arabian Tea House (AlFahidi) which likewise serves this divine Emirati staple.

Gawah(Arabic coffee)

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