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Dubrovnik food & beverage guide: 10 things to attempt in Dubrovnik

With a pleasing mix of locally-sourced and modern food, Dubrovnik is the food lover pearl of the Dalmatian coast

Situated on the sensational Dalmatian shoreline, Dubrovnik takes pride in its fresh regional fruit and vegetables and the city is a quickly growing cosmopolitan gastronome hotspot. Read on to find out about the 10 must-try meals and specialized beverages in Dubrovnik.

1. Black Risotto

Being surrounded by sea and with anglers providing their everyday catch to dining establishments throughout the city, it ought to come as not a surprise that Dubrovnik uses a few of the very best seafood meals. Black Risotto, or Crni rižot, gets both its name and colour from gloriously dark, creamy squid ink. At some dining establishments, they might include mussels, clams and other shellfish into the meal, making it a genuine harvest of the fruit and vegetables of the Adriatic.

Where to attempt black risotto in Dubrovnik:
GverovicOrsan(Shtikovica43), well-liked by both residents and travelers, prides itself on its fantastic black risotto.

Black Risotto with squid and squid ink sauce
BlackRisotto with squid and squid ink sauce

2. Zelena Menestra

With the earliest composed records of the dish going back to the 15 th century, zelena menestra, actually equated as GreenStew, is a one-pot meal based on 3 standard active ingredients: meat, potatoes and cabbage. Various kinds of treated meat like ham, bacon, sausages, and dried mutton are frequently utilized, offering this meal a smoky and salted flavour.

Where to attempt zelena menestra in Dubrovnik:
Poklisar(OdRibarnice 1) makes zelena menestra that tastes like the most reassuring house cooking at its finest.

3. Pa šticada

A meal for essential functions, pašticada is likewise frequently called Dalmatinska pašticada due to the fact that it comes from Dalmatia– in truth, the earliest taped dish is traced to the 15 th centuryDubrovnik This meal needs long preparation– beef is packed with herbs and marinaded in vinegar over night, then roasted and stewed for hours prior to enduring it with pasta or gnocchi.

Where to attempt pašticada in Dubrovnik:
Kopun(Polj R Bo škovića 7) serves standard Croatian meals consisting of pašticada. Another terrific option is KonobaVeranda(Štikovica 24 a).

Pasticada with gnocchi
Pasticada with gnocchi

4. Šporki Makaruli

Although actually equated as ‘Dirty Macaroni’, do not let the name alarm you. This meal sets macaroni with an abundant, tomato and meat sauce comparable to a Ragu or a Bolognese, and simply as tasty to boot. Napkins most certainly needed while enjoying this meal.

Where to attempt šporki makaruli in Dubrovnik:
Kapun(Polj R.Boshkovica 7) does šporki makaruli effectively.

5. Ro žata

You can’t leave Dubrovnik without attempting its most well-known dessert rožata. Similar to crème brûlée in texture, this pudding has a secret active ingredient– homemade increased liqueur. Rum is frequently contributed to provide it a kick.

Where to attempt rožata in Dubrovnik:
Almost all dining establishments in Dubrovnik serve rožata and a great alternative is GverovicOrsan(Shtikovica43).

Roz ̌ata

6. Arancini (candied orange or lemon peel)

The earliest records of this basic sweet reward go back to the Romans when it was a popular present for family and friends. Centuries on, arancini is still a popular present so do get back with a pack or more.

Where to attempt arancini in Dubrovnik:
You can discover arancini in the market on Gunduli ćeva poljana in the heart of the Old Town.

Candied orange peel
Candied orange peel

7. Olives

Dubrovnik and its surrounding locations have actually grown deep-green olives for centuries and lots of households still treat their own olives. Keep a lookout for Croatian olive oil too.

Where to attempt regional olives in Dubrovnik:
Most dining establishments use them. Alternatively, you can buy quality Croatian olives and olive oil from the marketplace on Gunduli ćeva poljana.

A shop in Dubrovnik selling olives and olive oil
A store in Dubrovnik selling olives and olive oil

8. Po šip Wine

An ideal pairing with seafood, this gewurztraminer is made on the neighboring island of Kor čula. Light however robust, practically honey-like in taste, it’s likewise excellent with soft crumbly cheeses like feta.

Where to attempt Po šip Wine in Dubrovnik:
DalmatinoDubrovnik(Prijeko15) has a variety of exceptional vintage Po šips on their red wine list.

9. Rakija

Ubiquitous in Croatia, rakija is a brandy made with plums, pears, pomegranate or other fruits. The residents think that rakija is likewise a great solution for cold and stomach pains.

Where to attempt rakija in Dubrovnik:
Almost every dining establishment in Dubrovnik serves rakija, or you can purchase it from any of the alcohol shops.

Rakija fruit brandy
Rakija fruit brandy

10 Craft Beer

Once upon a time, popular beer brand names are popular in Dubrovnik however nowadays, it’s craft beer that guidelines. From light and revitalizing Zmajska Pale Ale to robust dark beer Kri ževačko Tamno Pivo, you’ll be ruined for option here.

Where to consume craft beer in Dubrovnik:
GlamCaf é(Palmoticeva 5) has a vast array of Croatian craft beers.

© Glam Café
© Glam Caf é

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