Europe travel container list: top 50 locations and experiences

Seeing the Northern Lights has actually topped a list of the top 50 ‘bucket list’ travel dreams for individuals in the UK

TheEuropean container list consists of seeing the Northern Lights (PaulZizka/ SWNS)

TheEuropean travel container list for individuals in the UK consists of seeing the Northern Lights, the Eiffel Tower and – closer to house – Loch Ness.

Hotpots in Italy took 3 of the leading 4 slots in a survey of 2,000 grownups – Pompeii, Lake Como and the Colosseum in Rome.

Destinations such as Iceland‘s Blue Lagoon, Germany‘s Black Forest and our extremely own Stonehenge are likewise searched for.

Three in 10 grownups presently have a pail list of websites and locations they wish to check out, which they forecast will usually take 11 years to finish.

TheAcropolis, Athens

The research study, commissioned by ALL– Accor Live Limitless – Accor’s way of life commitment program, discovered seeing the Northern Lights was the container list experience many people are wander-lusting for, and leading locations individuals wish to check out consist of Rome, Athens and Barcelona.

Travellers wish to do more than simply see a location, they wish to become part of the location and imagine experiences consisting of taking a trip on the Orient Express, sledging with huskies in Lapland and cruising around Greek islands.


Castles are the primary landmark individuals are most thinking about seeing when they take a trip, followed by wild nature, and bodies of water.

On average, 37% of the common container list is European and 34% confessed there are lots of locations in Europe they are yet to check out.

Accor’s representative, Luc Gesvret, stated: “It’s terrific to see just how much of a Brits’ container list is influenced by Europe and the desire to find unbelievable locations and experiences simply a couple of hours away.

“Now travel is back individuals wish to take a trip more than ever and have actually been imagining container list experiences which they can now, lastly, make occur.

“People concur that having a travel desire list motivates them and provides something to eagerly anticipate and one in 5 surveyed Brits currently have container list journeys prepared and scheduled in the next year.

“Whether your travel is food focused, you’re inspired by experiences, or you choose to see archaeological sites, there is something for everybody to check out and enjoy inEurope “

LucGesvret, from Accor, which is using a free gift where members can win a million points– worth EUR20,000, included: “Seeing as the average bucket list will cost over £13,000, that’s a lot of bucket list travel to enjoy in Europe.”

TheEiffel Tower, Paris

European container list top 50:

  • 1. Northern Lights– Iceland/Norway
  • 2. Pompeii– Italy
  • 3. Lake Como– Italy
  • 4. Colosseum– Italy
  • 5. Giant’s Causeway– Northern Ireland
  • 6. Acropolis of Athens– Greece
  • 7. Eiffel Tower– France
  • 8. The Blue Lagoon– Iceland
  • 9. Leaning Tower of Pisa– Italy
  • 10 Auschwitz– Poland
  • 11 Vatican City – Italy
  • 12 Loch Ness– Scotland
  • 13 Lake Geneva, Switzerland
  • 14 Trevi Fountain– Italy
  • 15 The Black Forest– Germany
  • 16 Bran Castle (Dracula’s Castle)– Romania
  • 17 Grand Canal– Italy
  • 18 Stonehenge– England
  • 19 The Azores– Portugal
  • 20 Geysir– Iceland The Matterhorn– Switzerland
  • 21 The Roman Baths– Bath, England
  • 22 Anne Frank Museum– Amsterdam
  • 23 Arthur’s seat Edinburgh– Scotland
  • 24 The Duomo, Florence– Italy
  • 25 Tivoli Gardens– Denmark
  • 26 Brandenburg Gate– Germany
  • 27 Mermaid Statue– Copenhagen
  • 28 Durdle Door– England
  • 29 Buckingham Palace, England
  • 30 Normandy Beaches, France
  • 31 Neuschwanstein Castle– Germany
  • 32 Caucasus Mountains– Georgia
  • 33 Shakespeare’s Stratford– England
  • 34 Landwasser Viaduct Bridge– Switzerland
  • 35 Arc de Triomphe– France
  • 36 Sagrada Familia– Spain
  • 37 Checkpoint Charlie– Berlin
  • 38 Lake Constance – Austria
  • 39 The Hague– Netherlands
  • 40 Montmartre– Paris
  • 41 Lokrum Island– Croatia
  • 42 The Vienna Hofburg– Austria
  • 43 Ancient city of Caceres– Spain
  • 44 Cliffs of Moher– Ireland
  • 45 Duomo di Milano Milan– Italy
  • 46 Park Guell– Barcelona
  • 47 Vipava Valley– Slovenia
  • 48 Maritime Greenwich– England
  • 49 Szechenyi Bath– Budapest
  • 50 Comporta, Portugal

Top10 locations individuals wish to check out:

  • 1. Rome, Italy
  • 2. Florence, Italy
  • 3. Athens, Greece
  • 4. Venice, Italy
  • 5. Barcelona, Spain
  • 6. Vienna, Austria
  • 7. Naples, Italy
  • 8. Madrid, Spain
  • 9. Lisbon, Portugal
  • 10 Amsterdam, Netherlands

Top10 experiences individuals wish to have:

  • 1. See the Northern Lights
  • 2. Travel on the Orient Express
  • 3. Stay in an ice hotel in Norway
  • 4. Sledge with huskies in Lapland
  • 5. Sail around Greek Islands
  • 6. Climb the actions at Giant’s Causeway in Ireland
  • 7. Ride a water Taxi in Venice
  • 8. Pay appreciates at Auschwitz
  • 9. Swim in the Blue Lagoon Iceland
  • 10 Tour a vineyard in Italy

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