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Fly Nonstop LA To Barcelona, Paris, Rome, Athens, London & Back!

Have you been waiting for a sign to finally take that dream trip to Europe? This multi-city flight deal combines six nonstop, one-way flights to help you explore Barcelona, Paris, Rome, Athens and London. For an insane $748, you can visit five countries in Europe — no long layovers required.

Book Euro Trip | $748

5-Country Euro Trip Timeframe: 7. Oct. 2019 – 28. Oct. 2019

  1. Los Angeles


  2. Barcelona


  3. Paris


  4. Rome


  5. Athens


  6. London

    Los Angeles

  • Details

    Booking this five-country flight deal from Los Angeles is simple. Simply click on the button below to visit the booking page, where you can see the details for each leg of your journey. This flight deal departs Los Angeles on October 7 and returns on October 28. You’ll take one-way flights around Europe, spending four nights in each city.

    Book Euro Trip | $748

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