Flying out of town? These are the airline companies with the most hold-ups

STATEN ISLAND, N.Y.– You’re all signed in at the airport, your travel luggage has actually made it through TSA screening, and you simply took a seat by the departure gate to consume the pricey treats you acquired.

And that’s when it takes place. Your flight has actually been postponed. It’s every tourist’s greatest animal peeve– albeit behind getting stuck in front of weeping children on a red eye, that is.

Data journalism site Stacker utilized details from the U.S. Bureau of Transportation Statistics (BTS) to identify the portion of postponed flights amongst all airline companies.

“We looked at the most recent data available—reported by the airlines to the BTS from December 2020 to December 2021—and defined ‘delayed’ as a flight that arrived at its destination at least 15 minutes after its scheduled arrival time,” statedStacker “If 2 airline companies had the very same portion of on-time flights, they share the very same ranking. We likewise determined the most bothersome airport– the one with a minimum of 100 flights throughout the reporting duration and the greatest portion of postponed flights– for each airline company.

#16 Endeavor Air Inc.

– On- time flights: 91%- Airport with the most postponed flights: Orlando, FL: Orlando International

“Delta- owned EndeavorAir, which runs Delta Connection aircrafts, might be under the radar; however it has the difference of having actually less postponed flights than any U.S. provider on our list,” stated Stacker.

#16 Hawaiian Airlines Inc.

– On- time flights: 91%- Airport with the most postponed flights: Orlando, FL: Orlando International

“Because numerous HawaiianAirlines flights go to the 50 th state, where weather condition hold-ups are reasonably unusual, its on-time record is excellent. Hawaiian, in reality, consistently tops on-time efficiency lists and gets the least grievances about cancellations, overbooking, and baggage-handling issues,” stated Stacker.

#15 Delta Air Lines Inc.

– On- time flights: 88%- Airport with the most postponed flights: Kahului, HI: Kahului Airport

Delta is the only airline company in the leading 8 on our list that ranks amongst the 5 biggest U.S. airline companies: 2nd in guests brought and miles flown, 3rd in fleet size, and 5th in the variety of paths and locations. Infrequent hold-ups represent one reason that Fodor’s ranks it as the # 1 U.S. airline company Its flights to Kahului (Maui), where airport growth has actually been disputed for years, are postponed frequently,” stated Stacker.

#13 Horizon Air

– On- time flights: 87%- Airport with the most postponed flights: Dallas, TX: Dallas Love Field

Horizon,AlaskaAirlines‘ local provider, serves lots of locations in the Western U.S., Canada, and Mexico, with Milwaukee the only location east of theMississippi

“The light air traffic in Western stations, such as Wichita, Kansas; Walla Walla, Washington; and Dillingham, Alaska keep it on time nearly all the time; just 2 of the 10 U.S. airports with the worst on-time statistics remain in theWest Horizon likewise flies to a handful of significant Western cities, which does drag those statistics down. Its centers are Seattle, where it began as a little local provider, and Portland, Oregon, while Dallas is the city where you’re probably to be postponed on a Horizon flight,” stated Stacker.

#13 Republic Airways

– On- time flights: 87%- Airport with the most postponed flights: Lansing, MI: Capital Region International

The airline company runs local flights on behalf of United Express, American Eagle, and DeltaConnection “Republic gets credit for its solid on-time percentage, even though the airline benefit from flying in and out of quiet airports like Bangor, Maine, and Lansing, Michigan—where snow and ice on the runways contribute to the frequency of delays,” stated Stacker.

#12 PSA Airlines Inc.

– On- time flights: 86%- Airport with the most postponed flights: Traverse City, MI: Cherry Capital

PSA ran for a couple of years in the 1990 s as an independent airline company now runs aircrafts specifically on American Eagle local paths, according toStacker “Almost all of its nearly 100 destinations are small cities in the eastern half of the U.S. This focus on small cities like Traverse City, Michigan—where winter weather delays make it the airline’s most problematic airport—generally keep delays to a minimum,” stated Stacker.

#10 Envoy Air

– On- time flights: 85%- Airport with the most postponed flights: Burlington, VT: Burlington International

,Envoy flies mainly to smaller sized cities– more than 150 locations throughout North and South America, making it American Airlines’ busiest local partner. “The snows of Burlington, Vermont, can be blamed for Envoy’s mediocre on-time percentage there,” stated Stacker.

#10 SkyWestAirlines Inc.

– On- time flights: 85%- Airport with the most postponed flights: Panama City, FL: Northwest Florida Beaches International

“Because it serves numerous masters– running flights for American, Alaska, United, and Delta– SkyWest is the busiest local airline company in the U.S. The airline company postponed more than 1,300 flights in October 2021 due to a server interruption,” stated Stacker.

# 9. Alaska Airlines Inc.

– On- time flights: 84%- Airport with the most postponed flights: Adak Island, AK: Adak

“It’s safe to state that if an airline company can make it in Alaska, it can make it anywhere; and AlaskaAirlines has undoubtedly ‘made it’ as a significant provider throughout Canada, Mexico, and the majority of the other 49 states. Among significant airline companies, just Delta has a lower portion of postponed flights. True to its roots, Alaska still flies to small Adak Island (pop. 326), where regular hold-ups can be credited to the Aleutian island’s intense winds and 173 yearly days of fog,” stated Stacker.

# 7. American Airlines Inc.

– On- time flights: 83%- Airport with the most postponed flights: Lubbock, TX: Lubbock Preston Smith International

No U.S. airline company carries more guests than American Its on-time efficiency is okay, though competitors Delta and Alaska do much better. Besides 230 U.S. locations, the leviathan flies to 121 foreign locations in 62 nations on every continent other thanAfrica A current $42 million remodelling of Lubbock Airport might assist end its status as the worst location in the U.S. for hold-ups.

# 7. United Airlines Inc.

– On- time flights: 83%- Airport with the most postponed flights: Aguadilla, PR: Rafael Hernandez

United paid a record $1.9 million fine in 2015 for subjecting the guests of 25 flights in between 2015 and 2021 to prolonged tarmac hold-ups, according to Stacker.

“And it hasn’t precisely enhanced for many years, slipping from an 85% on-time record (third-best amongst significant U.S. airline companies) in 2010 to 83.75% (just seventh-best) in2020 Delays in the not-so-friendly United skies are most typical in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico, since it’s a popular beach vacation city with just one departure gate and a 1930 s runway due to be changed,” stated Stacker.

# 6. Mesa Airlines Inc.

– On- time flights: 81%- Airport with the most postponed flights: Montgomery, AL: Montgomery Regional

Mesa is a midsized airline company that runs jets for American Eagle and UnitedExpress

“It became America’s first regional airline to exclusively fly large jets in 2010, with most flights transporting passengers from small airports to six U.S. hub cities (Houston, Dallas, Phoenix, Cincinnati, Louisville, and Washington D.C.). If you’re itching to leave Alabama, though, you might need to cool your heels for a while as flight delays leaving Birmingham are common,” stated Stacker.

# 5. Spirit Airlines

– On- time flights: 80%- Airport with the most postponed flights: Aguadilla, PR: Rafael Hernandez

“IfSpirit used a Little League group, it would be granted the ‘most improved’ prize,” statedStacker “In2017, it was dead last (68%) amongst significant U.S. airline companies for on-time arrivals. Moving as much as fifth-worst ain’t bad, though it’s still in the bottom half on our list. It’s America’s biggest ultra-low-cost airline company and is anticipated to combine this year with Frontier in a $ 6.6 billion offer.

# 3. Southwest Airlines Co.

– On- time flights: 79%- Airport with the most postponed flights: Chicago, IL: Chicago O’HareInternational

Southwest endeared itself to numerous devoted guests with its versatile ticketing policy and complimentary examined bags, however its tendency for hold-ups almost eclipses those advantages. And it does no even worse throughout the world than at notoriously discouraging Chicago O’Hare, where hold-ups are something of a routine event due to snow, extreme rain, staffing lacks, and just a lot of flights on any provided day.

# 3. Frontier Airlines Inc.

– On- time flights: 79%- Airport with the most postponed flights: Newark, NJ: Newark Liberty International

“Frontier was # 1 without a doubt in the variety of grievances per guest in between July 2020 and September2021 Those grievances weren’t just about hold-ups, however its on-time record is far from excellent, as you can see by its position in this ranking,” statedStacker “Worst- case situation: Your flight is postponed for hours while you’re stuck in Newark– the U.S. airport with the worst record for hold-ups

# 2. Jet Blue Airways

– On- time flights: 75%- Airport with the most postponed flights: Ontario, CA: Ontario International

“Maybe there’s a factor for the name. Too numerous Jet Blue guests sing the ‘Jet Blues’ while waiting, often for hours, at their boarding gates,” statedStacker “The budget airline flies to more than 100 destinations throughout the Americas (as well as London). Its on-time record is hurt by flying mostly to major cities with high air-traffic volume, but so do most of the major airlines that have better on-time stats.”

# 1. Allegiant Air

– On- time flights: 73%- Airport with the most postponed flights: Myrtle Beach, SC: Myrtle Beach International

“If a baseball group wins 73% of its video games, it’s World Series- worthwhile. But if an airline company is just on time 73% of the time, it’s … well, it’s Allegiant, which has a well-deserved track record for hold-ups and other issues (consisting of an abysmal security record exposed in a “60Minutes” section),” statedStacker

“In its defense, it’s an ultra-low-cost airline, so you’re essentially paying for the strong possibility that your flight won’t leave on time. On the bright side, if you’re in Myrtle Beach, where delays are most common, you might have time to hit the sand for some extra tanning.”


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