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Get Paid $1,000 to Watch all Harry Potter Films in a Row!

Calling all Harry Potter fans, as soon as again! is presently providing the dream task, simply for you. In order to effectively finish this task, you will need to see all Harry Potter movies, in addition to the 2 “Fantastic Beasts” movies, and actively report survive on social networks networks while you are binging. Once you have actually completed the series, a ranking for the specific movies need to be sent, hence developing a little ranking for other fans. That’s it! Not bad, huh?

Here is the standard breakdown:

10 movies

25 hours, 6 minutes = 1446 minutes

$4150/ hour …

= $1000 + bonus!

Sounds like a hell of an offer, does not it?

In order to get approved for this position, above-average understanding throughout the magic world is vital. You needs to likewise be active on social networks and have a big following, if possible. This will increase your opportunities immensely!

If you believe you have what it requires a #harrypottermarathoninfluencer, you can use on the EDsmart site up until May 15 th.


Get Paid $1,000 to Watch all Harry Potter Films in a Row!

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