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Guide to traveler arrival policies at popular worldwide locations

Yesterday, anxious, travel-thirsting South Africans holds on to the edges of their seats to hear the brand-new travel essentials, conditions, and the limited locations list.

No less than 57 nations were considered high danger and therefore, South Africans are presently not able to go to these for leisure.

Thankfully, all of Africa, a couple of European nations, a lot of Asian locations, and Oceania nations (like New Zealand and Australia) were significantly missing from the list.

Unfortunately, there are still numerous factors to consider to consider when picking our next journey, and it might not be as basic as simply choosing a nation that wasn’t defined as high-risk.

To aid prevent reservations of rather made complex (or needlessly costly) journeys, listed below is a practical summary of border constraints and essentials for popular locations.


In order to handle their COVID-19 data and guarantee health of both their residents and visitors, lots of nations still have actually securely sealed or managed borders.

DespiteSouth Africa okaying, numerous nations not in the prolonged list are unready to invite us back.

NewZealand, for instance, is presently just enabling their own residents or irreversible homeowners back– and even these arrivals need to initially observe a necessary quarantine or seclusion.

Singapore,China, Vietnam, Indonesia and Malaysia, likewise considered safe for South Africans to endeavor to, aren’t enabling short-term visitors yet (among a list of others).


If you’re intending to pop right over for a week or more to someplace warm and sandy for a bit of a long past due beach break, you might wish to dismiss Mauritius and Thailand for the minute.

Both locations need a fourteen-day quarantine on arrival, and therefore, are just genuinely worth thinking about if you’re preparing a long-lasting travel journey.

A little bit of great news, though: Thailand has actually just recently presented a brand-new nine-month long visitor visa– so if you’re seeking to benefit from the now-possible numerous months-long stay, 2 weeks are however a drop in the really blue, white-beached ocean.


Cambodia, for its amazing temples– the most well known of which is Angkor Wat– and abundant cultural immersions, a really beneficial currency exchange rate and low-cost lodging, is gradually sneaking onto everybody’s schedules.

WhileCambodia is entirely available to travelers and South Africans aren’t limited from checking out, a massive $3,000(around simply over R50,000, however charged in United States dollars) is needed as a deposit on arrival.

Deposits are mandatorily credited charge card, from which COVID test expenses are to be subtracted. Should the tests supply a favorable outcome, visitors will be needed to quarantine … expenses for which will likewise be secured of the deposit.


Although it might not lack comprehensive research study and much time, there really are a lot of worldwide locations to be discovered that are excitedly expecting your arrival.

Live life big in Dubai or the Maldives, or release your inner outdoorsy-self in African nations, the majority of which just have screenings in location.

If possible and if you want to jeopardize, check out the choice of domestic travel rather of crossing borders.

Remember, the scenario is incredibly fluid according to changing infection rates, so what might be prohibited today might be problem-free tomorrow– and vice versa.

Keep monitoring in on advisories and federal government guidelines, as a lot of locations are hectic phasing back in worldwide travel and unwinding their existing constraints.

Wherever you might pick, do not forget your masks, sanitiser and, simply in case, some relied on travel insurance coverage.

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