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HavanaClub, the leading rum manufacturer has actually launched the 4th instalment of its ultra-prestige rums, Havana Club Tributo 2019

Havana Club Tributo 2019
HavanaClub Tributo 2019

A nation breaking with energy and interest, Cuba is a buzzing symbiosis of culture, history and superb natural appeal.

Whether you’re taking in the abundant colours of Havana’s winding streets, lapping up the sun on Playa Varadero or travelling around town in the rear seats of among Cuba’s lots of timeless American roadsters, opportunities are you will not be far from a regional bar or shop serving the nation’s preferred staple; rum.

Cuba is the world’s most popular exporter of rum, with Havana Club renowned the world over for its abundant flavours and smooth taste. Nationalised by the Cuban federal government following the Communist transformation in 1959, Havana Club now exports to over 120 nations and has actually won 27 medals in tasting competitors in the last 4 years.

TheHabanos Festival

Each year, Havana plays host to the Habanos Festival, which commemorates the ‘world’ s finest tobacco’ with 4 days of celebrations. Whether you’re a lover of stogies and a few of the finer elements of tobacco or choose to simply enjoy among the city’s biggest events, the Habanos Festival is not one to be missed out on.

Celebrated each year in the middle of February when Cuba averages a clement 22 ° C((******************************************************************************** ) ° F), the Habanos Festival is the best time for travelers wishing to check out the city and delight in the brilliant colours and vibrancy of Havana’s old town.

From live music to tobacco plantation touring, the celebration is a genuine assortment of all things Cuban, and this year sees the release of a special from the nation’s landmark rum brand name– Havana Club Tributo 2019.

Havana Club Tributo 2019 full packaging
HavanaClub Tributo 2019

Something to be savoured by anybody with an enthusiasm for rum and its abundant molasses flavours, Havana Club Tributo 2019 is a small-batch, craft mix of the popular Havana Club rum that unites strong flavours produced by its masters.

Celebrating generations of Cuban rum makers and integrating the most noteworthy designs and rum bases of the 1970 s, 90 s and 2010 s with the assistance of genius Don Jos é Navarro, Asbel Morales, and Salom é Aleman, the Tributo 2019 is a scintillating mix of timeless Cuban rum scent with a modern twist. There are just 2,500 bottles readily available in chosen markets consisting of Austria, Australia, Belgium, Cayman Islands, Czech Republic, Denmark, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Mexico, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, Thailand and the United Kingdom.

There is a lot depth to Cuba and not simply in the full-bodied rums that the nation likes so very much. For more details about Havana Club’s Tributo 2019, please visit their site here

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