Heading to the Magdalen Islands by automobile? You can drop in New Brunswick, however just for gas

It’s an old joke: some individuals have derisively called NewBrunswick the “drive-through province” due to the fact that it separates the rest of Canada from popular traveler locations like Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia and Quebec’s Magdalen Islands.

Now the New Brunswick federal government is taking that label to heart, enabling Quebec travelers headed for the Magdalen Islands to drive through the province, as long as the only stop they make along the method is for gas.

Travellers aren’t permitted to remain over night in the province or pick up a bite to consume in a dining establishment, according to a declaration launched by Quebec’s Tourism Ministry on Thursday.

That comes as shock to lots of people preparing journeys, as simply 5 days earlier, the Quebec federal government revealed it would be possible for visitors to stay for one night in New Brunswick, beginning on June 26.

SandraO’Connor, a ministry representative, stated the scenario is continuing to progress, and individuals must anticipate shifts in policy as the 3 provinces associated with any trip to the Magdalen Islands adapt to the pandemic.

“We follow the situation on the ground,” she informed CBC News in an e-mail. “We adjust and we adapt.”

Catching the ferryboat might indicate driving all night

Similar guidelines remain in location in P.E.I. Travellers will just be permitted on the island the very same day they have a ferryboat booking and need to offer evidence of that at the Confederation Bridge

That suggests Montreal- location homeowners preparing to capture the ferryboat from P.E.I. to the Magdalen Islands, a little island chain in the Gulf ofSt Lawrence, will need to drive all night to reach the ferryboat’s port by midday. That’s a 1,220- kilometre drive.

The other choice is to remain over night in Dégelis, on the Quebec side of the border with New Brunswick, and get up early for a seven-hour drive.

Making individuals drive all night is a security concern, MNA states

One provincial political leader isn’t on board with the brand-new arrangement. MNA Jo ël Arseneau states disallowing Quebecers from picking up more than gas.

“What we want is that traveling through New Brunswick be as safe as possible,” stated Arseneau, a Parti Qu ébecois member who represents the Magdalen Islands.

“Not having the ability to remain over night in New Brunswick suggests driving at night. It actually is not perfect.

However, he stated, Quebec need to appreciate the truth that New Brunswick is still locked down in an effort to keep COVID-19 at bay.

ArianeArsenault owns a soap store in Havre-Aubert, on the Magdalen Islands.

She has actually been eagerly anticipating heading west this summertime to visit her kids’ dad in New Brunswick and after that her mom in the Quebec City location.

“At the minute, we do not believe our summertime journey to New Brunswick will take place due to the fact that, actually, if we go, we will need to self-quarantine for 2 weeks and 2 weeks is the time of our holiday,” she stated.

But not having the ability to stop en route through New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island isn’t the only obstacle Quebec visitors will deal with when the border opens to them.

Tourists needs to provide evidence of lodging appointments on the Magdalen Islands in addition to appointments on the ferryboat. As for homeowners of the Magdalen Islands, they need to have evidence of house in addition to evidence of ferryboat appointments.

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