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Life in Level 2: The Curious Case of the Very Invisible Virus

As at mid-day on 12 August, Aotearoa New Zealand went to Alert Level 2 and Auckland City to Lockdown, Alert Level 3. This, the outcome of 4 infections found in a South Auckland enterprise zone.

The source of reinfection in South Auckland is yet to be identified. Options are restricted to;-LRB- ***************).

    • Border personnel at airports, ports, or quarantine centers unknowingly getting the infection
    • An inaccurate test result enabling a favorable infection to leave a quarantine center
    • “Lurking” asymptomatic neighborhood transmission left over from previous months
    • Returning flight team member( s) obtaining the infection abroad

The 3rd choice appears not likely. Where there is asymptomatic infection there are likewise symptomatic cases where individuals wind up in healthcare facility and ICU care. It appears impractical for one to happen, however not the other;-LRB- ***************).

The other hypothesis doing the rounds is that perhaps New Zealand never ever got rid of the infection which it has actually been bubbling away undiscovered in the neighborhood for 3 months.

Professor[Epidemiologist Mary-Louise McLaws from the University of New South Wales] … believes this is extremely not likely, which a minimum of some cases would have had signs and provided to medical authorities.

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The last choice is the most troubling. It is clear that returning airline company flight teams from foreign locations are not needed to quarantine for fourteen days, unlike other Returnees travelling through our borders;-LRB- ***************).

The presumption that the brand-new break out might have been the outcome of returning global flight teams is a possibility we must not rapidly dismiss. To test this hypothesis, it is essential to take a look at appropriate realities.

Firstly, the genome of the covid19 infection in this most current break out does not match those who are contaminated and in existing quarantine As Prime Minister Ardern specified on 14 August,

“This recommends this is not a case of the infection being inactive or of a burning ash in our neighborhood. It seems brand-new to New Zealand.

So we can dismiss the 2nd choice above, and part of the very first choice. There is likewise no indicator of attack through a port, or an Americold employee have any association with a port employee.

Next: according to DrAshley Bloomfield and the Ministry of Health, the genome of the infection suggests it might have stemmed from one of 2 nations;-LRB- ***************).

“We are continuing with genome sequencing examinations. What we understand up until now is that there has actually been no specific relate to a current case in MIQ from the samples we have actually had the ability to genome series, nevertheless, genome sequencing of brand-new cases looks like the genome pattern from the UK and Australia most carefully.”

By contrast, genomic sequencing indicate the initial look of the infection in late-February as having actually originated from North America, not from Asia, Australia, or the UK.

Next: The center where covid19 was very first found is Americold NZ Ltd, located at MtWellington It is likewise the website where the majority of the cases have actually centred

Suggestions that transmission happened by means of importation of chilled/frozen items in between Australian and New Zealand Americold centers were unquestionably dismissed by the business’s handling director, Richard Winnall;-LRB- ***************).

Americold have actually examined and we can totally dismiss there is no transfer of item in between these centers in Australia or New Zealand,” Winnall informed the Herald today.

We can totally dismiss transmission through that speculation on freight. It’s simply not possible since there is no freight or supply chain linking those 2 residential or commercial properties [Mt Wellington and Melbourne].

In reality, for months and months[there has been no freight between Melbourne and Auckland] I can’t inform you for how long aside from my Melbourne center has actually verified they have no record of delivering to that Mt Wellington center.”

OtagoUniversity teacher and epidemiologist, Michael Baker, explained the tip of viral contamination on imported items as not likely;

much lesser than direct breathing spread.

University of Otago teacher of contagious illness, DavidMurdoch, stated;-LRB- ***************).

I believe on balance it’s most likely less most likely, however definitely worth checking out

Epidemiologist at the University of North Carolina, RachelGraham, mentioned;-LRB- ***************).

“Even frozen, on a surface like that, you’ll see the virus desiccate and dry out, which renders it completely non-infectious.”

And executive director of the World Health Organisation’s Health Emergencies Program, MichaelRyan, specified;-LRB- ***************).

“There is no evidence that food or the food chain is participating in transmission of this virus, and people should feel comfortable and feel safe,”Ryan stated in a press instruction on Thursday, including, “people should not fear food, or food packaging or processing, and the delivery of food.”

Next: Mr Winnall made this prominent point;-LRB- ***************).

“We think that was simply 2 staff members that contracted Covid-19 from outside the office, that occurred to be staff members of ours.”

This is where things get … “interesting” ( however ideally not in a Gerry Brownlee kind-of-way).

Americold likewise has a 2nd center, at Manu Tapu Drive, just a few kilometres from Auckland Airport;-LRB- ***************).

One of the Americold employees checked operates at the Manu Tapu Drive center The outcomes of this individual’s test stays unidentified as at publication of this story. A Ministry of Health media release dated 13 August specified;-LRB- ***************).

Two of the AmeriCold websites, Mount Wellington and Auckland Airport, have actually been closed, and all personnel from the Airport website have actually now been checked.

That was 3 days back, and the MoH site has no upgrade regarding the outcomes of screening of personnel at the Auckland Airport Americold website.

The very first tape-recorded Americold employee’s (not at the center near the Airport) was on 31 July

Working backwards from 31 July, the very first employee would have been contaminated approximately fourteen to sixteen days prior to providing with signs. That considers roughly 12 to 14 days to breed; one day presenting; and another day to test and figure out a favorable outcome.

The MoH site for covid cases yields the following outcome for Returnees flying house from Australia;-LRB- ***************).

Recall that this pressure of infection more than likely originated from UK or Australia.

Whilst the proof above must be considered as circumstantial, the possibility that an airline company flight team going back to Aotearoa New Zealand brought the covid19 infection and transmitted infection to an Americold staff-member must not be dismissed out of hand.

This nation has currently had one such circumstances of returning flight personnel bring the contagion throughout our borders into the neighborhood— with deadly outcomes.

Equally disconcerting, is that flights from Australia and in other places continue to show up to our nation;-LRB- ***************).

auckland airport arrivals

None of the flight team personnel are quarantined.


Meanwhile, the re-emergence of covid19 outside our quarantine centers must squash more unreasonable propositions that we re-open our borders to others apart from returning New Zealanders;-LRB- ***********)

covid19 nz

Key’s assertion that;-LRB- ***************).

“We don’t really have a health crisis in New Zealand because we don’t have community transmission; we have a financial crisis that is coming, not a health crisis.”

— defies sound judgment and must be disposed of as the misdirected ‘reckons’ of a guy with out of balance top priorities. People like Key, DavidSeymour, et al, must be related to with derision if we value human life above cash.


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