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Living in Chiang Mai, Thailand (+ what to do in Chiang Mai for travelers)

Life’s an amusing thing.

You can be roaming around without a care worldwide, ( apart from attempting to determine what’s for supper or getting the household chores done), when unexpectedly your world’s turned upside down and prior to you understand it you’re residing in Chiang Mai, Thailand

That’s what occurred to us and little did we understand it would alter our life permanently.

BuddhistTemple Chiang Mai

OurWakeup Call

Sometimes all it takes is one occasion to wake you as much as how valuable life is, to advise you that from the minute we are born the clock is ticking.

It’s simple for the white sound of life to muffle the noise of the ticking clock. Our lives are hectic, we raise our households, hurrying occasionally, residing in an exhausted stressed out state, wanting away our lives awaiting the weekends.

Our wake-up call was available in our mid 50’s and it sufficed to make us alter our life. We decided to stop our tasks in favour of living a life of travel

For the record, making that choice was among the hardest of our life.

Walking into the unknown was frightening however it was an action that offered us a brand-new profession and produced chances we would never ever have actually imagined.

Stepping out of our convenience zone has actually been among the most improving experiences of our life. It has actually offered us a newly found self-confidence and made us understand that being affected by how others see us can in some cases cloud our own self-belief.

It took us half a life time to discover this lesson, so be real to yourself, you have more concealed strengths than you can picture.

Last year we were guest speakers at the International Living Conference in Brisbane, Australia

As we based on the podium and offered our discussion, we recalled at how far our lives had actually can be found in a couple of brief years and we thanked our fortunate stars we had the nerve to take that primary step.

VisitingChiang Mai, Thailand

ChiangMai was among the top places we went to after taking that enter the unidentified and it is among our preferred travel locations.

We love Chiang Mai a lot that we have actually made it a home for our world takes a trip.

It has an easygoing ambiance that draws in individuals of any ages, from young digital wanderers and households to retired people looking for a brand-new and unique way of life.

ChiangMai has a lot going all out, the city has lots of life, the residents get along, it has an ancient culture with all the modern-day benefits and the food is to crave!

FirstImpressions of Chiang Mai

When individuals think about Thailand, they normally picture the white sands and azure waters of Krabi and Phuket

Thailand is likewise house to magnificent mountains and awesome vistas that extend to the horizon. Chiang Mai is nestled within a fertile valley surrounded by these splendid mountains.

Our impressions of Chiang Mai were of friendly faces, we did not hesitate to let down our guard and enjoy our environments without the worry of being pestered as we had in a few of the more popular locations to check out in Thailand.

Strolling within the moated Old City walls, we found ancient Buddhist temples. We strolled through tropical gardens filled with the scent of incense and the balanced hum of Buddhist chants.

Inside the temples golden Buddha’s sparkled with a heavenly radiance, an awesome sight filled with appeal.

Food stalls and little dining establishments lined the streets, the odor of unique spices filled the air making our mouth’s water. Strange meals bubbled as broad smiles welcomed us to sample regional specials.

What to do in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Exploring little alleys, we watched open for motorcycles that rapidly zip down the lane.

Thick ropes of black electrical cable television are tangled from pole to pole and the streets were filled with a broken-down beauty that is definitely Asian.

We were delighted and excited to find more of this lively city.

Where to Stay in Chiang Mai

Most individuals checking out Chiang Mai either remain in the Old City or the Night Market location.

These are terrific locations to be in as you will get a great feel of what makes Chiang Mai tick. The locations are filled with destinations and within strolling range of each other.

What to Do in Chiang Mai

Living in Chiang Mai we have actually found a vibrant city that is never ever dull, the option of activities is limitless.

Here are the most popular things to do in Chiang Mai for visitors.

Eat the Local Thai Food

I begin with food due to the fact that it’s a popular leisure activity in Chiang Mai.

“Where are we satisfying for Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner?” is typically the very first subject of discussion.

If you are eating in restaurants in Chiang Mai you remain in for a genuine reward, the option of foods and dining designs are relatively limitless.

While checking out Chiang Mai, make sure to attempt the signature meal, Khao Soy (Soi), a spicy chicken noodle soup which is just tasty. If you have a craving for sweets you can’t pass by Mango and Sticky Rice.

Khao Soy Chiang Mai’s signature dish
TryKhao Soy a spicy chicken soup

For those who like low-cost and pleasant, visit at a street food stall, there are a lot of to pick from and each offer a various range of meals.

Look out for the stall that has the most residents waiting to be served– these normally offer the most tasty meals and you can be guaranteed that the food is fresh!

Food markets are likewise another low-cost choice

A preferred is the ChiangMai Gate Market at the bottom of the Old City moat.

Best time to check out the marketplace remains in the early morning and night and you can either take a seat with the residents or get a takeaway meal. The market is a fantastic location to attempt Thai food while absorbing the regional environment.

There are loads of little dining establishments throughout the Old City and Night Market location, the majority of have a choice of Thai and Western foods and some have vegetarian and vegan choices.

A preferred for healthy and delicious food would need to be the DadaCaf é in the Old City.

If you are searching for an amazing food experience in Chiang Mai, among the very best dining establishments in Chiang Mai would need to be B Samcook Home 16The dining establishment serves a variety of Asian combination meals which are magnificently provided.

B Samcook Home 16 remains in a little lane simply south of the Old City.

 B Samcook Home 16 one of the best restaurant's in Chiang Mai
Visit B Samcook Home 16 Chiang Mai

Another method to find Thai food is to take a Thai cooking class I just recently invested the day bonding with my child at a Thai cooking school.

 Learn to cook Thai dishes at a Thai cooking class
Having enjoyable at a Thai cooking class

We went to the marketplace to purchase the veggies and discovered the complexities of Thai cooking. We had such an enjoyable day with a fantastic lot of individuals, a mix of songs, couples and households.

Visit a Chiang Mai Buddhist Temple

ChiangMai has more than 300 Buddhist temples or Wat’s as they are employed Thai.

 Inside Wat Chedi Luang Buddhist temple Chiang Mai
The golden radiance of Buddha at the Wat Chedi Luang Buddhist complex

They are all elegant and lots of can be discovered within strolling range of each other in Chiang Mai’s Old City.

If you have an interest in discovering more about Buddhism, you can participate in Monk Chat at Wat Chedi Luang in the OldCity Not just will your interest be pleased however you will likewise be assisting the Monks to find out English.

WatChedi Luang is among the most popular Buddhist temples to check out in the Old City which is carefully followed by Wat Phra Singh.

Both temple complexes are gorgeous and well worth a see.

My preferred Buddhist temple in the Old City is WatChiang Man, which remains in the North East corner of the Old City.

WatChiang Man is the earliest temple in Chiang Mai and the premises are tranquil and peaceful. My preferred function is the Elephant Chedi, a big golden spire that is supported by sculpted elephants.

Of course, the most spiritual Buddhist temple in Chiang Mai is WatPhra That Doi Suthep which ignores Chiang Mai from the heights of Doi Suthep mountain.

WatPhra That Doi Suthep is more frequently understood by residents as Doi Suthep.

Wat Phra That Doi Suthep Buddhist temple
OverlookingChiang Mai is Wat Phra That Doi Suthep on Doi Suthep Mountain

The roadway as much as Doi Suthep is curved and hectic so it’s a good idea to take a trip. Many of the trips to Doi Suthep likewise check out a neighboring Hmong hill people town.

Shopping at the Local Markets

Markets are the body and soul of a city and the location to get a genuine insight into regional culture.

TheSaturday Walking Street Market and the Night Markets are magnificent for getting mementos, regional arts and crafts, jewellery and clothes.

Sunday Walking Street Market Chiang Mai Sunday Walking
StreetMarket Chiang Mai

ChiangMai has lots of markets however WarorotMarket would need to be among my favourites. It’s the location where the residents go to go shopping, an assortment of little stores all housed under one roofing system.

It’s an enjoyable location to check out, a bunny warren of material, house items, Buddhist products, clothes and jewellery, Thai treats and fresh fruit and vegetables.

Warorot market Chiang Mai
Strolling through the Warorot market in Chiang Mai

WarorotMarket is actions from the Flower Market which lies beside the River Ping.

Just follow the heady fragrance of roses and jasmine and you will discover the elaborately embellished flower garlands and temple offerings which are offered for excellent luck and to make benefit at the temple.

Flower market in Chiang Mai
The flower market near Warorot market

Make sure to check out the streets around the marketplace for a lot more stores.

If you like ethnic clothes and jewellery visit atThamel Souvenir, they have an abundant series of progressive clothes and jewellery to pick from.

Inside the Thamel Coffee cafe and restaurant
Relaxing at the Thamel Coffee coffee shop and dining establishment

After shopping head upstairs to Thamel Coffee, a captivating coffee bar, ideal for a coffee break or lunch.

BestTime to Visit Chiang Mai

The finest time to check out Chiang Mai is in between October and February.

These are the cold weather and although still hot, the early mornings and nights are cool, making an enjoyable modification from the sticky heat of summer season.

During this time, you can see 2 sensational Festivals, the LoyKrathong and Yi Peng Festivals in November and the Flower Festival in February.

Chiang Mai Flower festival float
The beauty of the Chiang Mai Flower Festival

TheLoy Krathong and Yi Peng Festival is an amazing sight as elaborately embellished flower baskets called Krathong are put into the river to provide thanks to the River Goddess.

ChiangMai commemorates with Buddhist spiritual events, appeal contests and parades.

The grand ending is the release of countless Khom Loy lanterns into the night skies of Chiang Mai.

releasing a Khom Loy lantern
launching a Khom Loy lantern

AnotherFestival that should not be missed out on is Thai New Year or Songkran as it is understood in Thai.

TheFestival is kept in April in among Chiang Mai’s most popular months and is thought about among the biggest water battles worldwide.

Songkran is likewise the time to check out the temple to make benefit. Buddha statues are paraded through the streets and adoringly sprayed with water to be cleaned for excellent luck and success for the coming year.

During the day, residents and travelers participate in the battle as water handguns, incredibly soakers and pails of ice cold water, are sprayed or tossed onto anybody death by.

It’s difficult to remain dry and it’s simple to participate in the vacation spirit as everybody lets their hair down and enjoys.

What I enjoy most is the naughty search the kids’s faces, it’s a wonderful time for them and they have a lot enjoyable.

Getting to Chiang Mai Thailand

ChiangMai is 702 km (435 miles) north of Bangkok, the capital of Thailand.

There are a couple of methods to get to Chiang Mai, you can take a bus or train, however many people normally fly.

The flight from Bangkok to Chiang Mai takes a little over an hour and they leave from both Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi Airport and Don Mueang International Airport.

Just understand that the airports are 48 km (30 miles) from each other and it can take hours to get in between airports in Bangkok traffic.

Check which Bangkok airport you are flying into and ensure your linking Chiang Mai flight leaves from the exact same airport.

There is a complimentary shuttle in between Suvarnabhumi Airport and Don Mueang International Airport however provide yourself lots of time in between flights to offset the traffic.

Phuket and Krabi likewise have direct flights to Chiang Mai so think about including Chiang Mai to your next Thailand schedule.

Living in Chiang Mai, Thailand

I have actually just scratched the surface area of what it resembles residing in Chiang Mai Thailand.

There is a lot more to see and do.

Take a bike trip through the city, check out an umbrella and silk factory or rock the night away at one of Chiang Mai’s lots of home entertainment places.

If you are an adventure candidate you can leave the city behind and go travelling and white water rafting in the marvelous mountains that surround Chiang Mai.

It’s your option regarding how laid back or daring you desire your journey to be.

One thing for sure, after a check out to the area you will fall under the spell of Chiang Mai Thailand.

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