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Navigating the world of Slovak white wine

Over time, the southern part of Slovakia has actually been refining the art of white wine production, specialising in uncommonly dry and sweet ranges

Slovakia has actually been fermenting grapes into their finest type given that the days of the Ancient RomanEmpire The barrelled blends from this nation have Ancient Roman, German, Italian Renaissance, Hungarian and 20 th-century Czechoslovakian affects. Today, about 50 000 tonnes of grapes are produced from more than 15 000 hectares of vineyards in the 6 wine-growing areas.

Slovak white wine character

Slovak white wine might not be that popular globally, however it’s especially popular inEurope These white wines are noticeably characterful as an outcome of a special terroir (the mix of soil, environment, elevation and topographical position). The 6 various growing areas in the nation, all with differing conditions and elevations, imply that you can anticipate a scrumptious series of reds, whites and rosés. Slovakian soil, which consists of sediments from extinct volcanoes and granite, has actually likewise contributed in boosting the unique flavour of the white wine.

Slovak grape ranges

The quality of grapes identifies a great white wine– and Slovakia boasts its own ‘modern hybrids’ along with grapes particular to the nation. The most commonly understood Slovakian- developed range is probablyDunaj This range of red grape, developed in 1958 at the Vine Research Institute in Bratislava, gets its name from the longest river in Slovakia, theDanube Other popular ranges consist of the Slovakian trifecta of Gr üner Veltliner, Welschriesling and Blaufr änkisch in addition to the ever-popular Müller-Thurgau, which develops moderate white wines and Muscat flavours.

When it concerns grapes, permitting them to ripen to the ideal sweet taste is essential. Warmer environments yield a less acidic, sweeter white wine. For example, Blaufr änkisch ranges grown in the south of Slovakia will be sweeter than a Cabernet Sauvignon produced in the cooler Central Slovakia area.

White white wine drinkers will be extremely calmed as the majority of the ranges of grapes grown in Slovakia are white. But those with a choice for something darker can make the most of the nation’s red ranges, especially the Blaufr änkisch– a medium-bodied red with a tip of peppery spice.

Ripe lots of grapes in the Slovak valley of Tokaj

Tokaj speciality

For speciality white wines, the Tokaj white wine area produces a few of the very best inSlovakia This southeastern area experiences an environment that favours naturally sweet white wines. These grapes are impacted by ‘noble rot’ (a grey fungi that increases the sugar concentration), which leads to spicy, honey scents. You can likewise anticipate yeasty undertones due to the existence of oxygen throughout the ripening procedure. In contrast to the other Slovak white wines, Tokaj white wines have actually gotten some global honor thanks to Peter the Great, Catherine the Great and King Louis XIV of France.

Three complete Tokaji bottles and one present box including a Tokay bottle.

Must- attempt Slovak white wines and where to discover them


Gr üner Veltliner

The most commonly planted white grape range in Slovakia; Gr üner Veltliner is believed to stem from either Austria or the north ofItaly The grapes for Gr üner Veltliner have a deep green colour and ripen in mid-lateOctober In Slovakia, Gr üner Veltliner originates from the Small Carpathian and Nitra wine-growing areas, which results in variation in their flavour and sweet taste, depending upon environment. These ranges are characterised by velvety textures and fruity tips consisting of, however not restricted to, grapefruit, peach and pineapple.

Sommelier taking pleasure in the white wine colour in an old wine rack

Rivaner/ Müller-Thurgau

With around 104,000 acres of Müller-Thurgau gathered worldwide, this white grape is the most commonly planted “new breed” of the grape ranges developed given that the late 19 th century. The Germanic origin Müller-Thurgau is a moderate white wine with low level of acidity and, unlike lots of other white wines, is ruled out to improve with age– so get consuming now. On a sizzling summer season day, a glass or more of this smooth, sweet and ever so fruity white wine is simply what you require.


Despite the name consisting of the word “Riesling”, this gewurztraminer really has no connection to the German Riesling household. In fact, its origin doubts with some arguing that the Romans developed it and others declaring it originates from someplace east of theBalkans The most current theory is that this white wine comes from the Champagne

area of France by means ofGermany In Slovakia, you can find this white wine in the Modra and Nitra areas. A Welschriesling’s flavour and sweet taste varies depending upon the area it’s produced in. Generally, Slovak Welschriesling is refreshingly flower with a mix of citrus and stone fruits. Coupled with the Gr üner Veltliner and Müller-Thurgau, these are Slovakia’s 3 well-known gewurztraminers.

Two glasses of gewurztraminer with flowers in the background


Blaufr änkisch

Blaufr änkisch is the most commonly produced red white wine in Slovakia, covering practically 9% of vineyard lands. It was likewise thought to have actually been the preferred white wine of Empress Maria Theresa (a woman ruler of the Habsburg rules). In Slovakia the grape is more commonly called Frankovka modrá. It’s characterised by its crimson colour, medium body, late ripening and generous grape yield.

Ra ča, a district in the Small Carpathians area, is well-known for its Blaufr änkisch, however other ranges can be discovered in the Nitra, Southern Slovakia and Central Slovakia areas. Blaufr änkisch is a hot white wine thanks to high levels of tannin, which leave notes of cherry and plum. This white wine is likewise special due to the fact that it consists of resveratrol– a chemical substance thought to have a range of heath-boosting advantages.

Slovakia might not be your go-to location for a vacation of white wine trips and tastings. But next time you prepare a journey, think about offering this amazing nation and its similarly impressive white wines a shot– your taste buds will not be dissatisfied.

Waiter putting red white wine in a glass

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