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Niue: The small Pacific paradise where a duck guidelines

The small Pacific paradise of Niue – 3 hours north of Auckland – just recently had a nationwide crisis. Trevor, the island’s only duck, had actually lacked water. The roadside puddle he called house, had actually become a spot of dirt.

You see, Trevor is a world-famous mallard (and called after our really own Trevor Mallard). The bird got limelights everywhere after inexplicably showing up on the island in 2015. Ducks do not reside in this part of the world; there are no swamps, lakes, and even ponds. Niue is a rock. A really lovely rock – however no location for ducks.


One of the unbelievable covert swimming holes in the AvaikiCave

How had Trevor showed up? Was he exploded from New Zealand on a wind of scriptural percentage? Or was he a stowaway on a ship? What is particular: he’s the loneliest duck to ever drift. Except, that’s the issue: Trevor wasn’t drifting. His house had actually dried up. He was a pea without his carrot, a macaroni without his cheese.

So the Niue National Fire Service had among their most significant callouts of current times: to Trevor’s home. Their objective was easy: fill Trevor’s space. Fill the puddle.

And so, there it was: this huge yellow glossy fire engine obtained from the airport resting on the side of the roadway – pumping water into a pit, to make a puddle.

Nobody knows for sure how Trevor the duck arrived in Niue.


Nobody understands for sure how Trevor the duck got here in Niue.

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We’d simply shown up in Niue, and were passing ‘the duck sanctuary’ (aka the hole with water) when I was being informed this story. I quickly fell forNiue Except the popular bird was no place to be seen. Public Service Warning to Trevor: do not play glancing duck – it has a various significance in numerous parts of the world.

Niue's Fire Service has an ongoing job: keep Trevor's puddle filled up.


Niue’sFire Service has a continuous task: keep Trevor’s puddle filled.

But wait, this little nation – which sits in between Cook Island and Tonga – gets back at much better. The next thing I saw was a little lonesome structure next to a golf course. It ended up being the jail. Nobody understands where the secret is – since there isn’t any criminal activity. Once, a couple of years back, somebody remained in the penitentiary. They didn’t utilize the secret – the detainee might play golf throughout the day, they simply needed to put themselves to bed during the night. How could I not enjoy this county anymore?

The Scenic Matavai Resort has the best outlook on the island


TheScenic Matavai Resort has the very best outlook on the island

Well, it ends up I can – I was missing out on the very best part: its impressive charm. Niue differs from anything I’ve ever seen. It’s among the most significant raised coral atolls worldwide; that suggests it does not have your standard sandy beaches. Instead, it has rock swimming pools of enormous percentage, a fracture in the Earth that forms a sensational swimming area, a secret sand sanctuary, and an intricate series of caverns that expose glittering blue-green swimming pools. Not to discuss its world-renowned deep sea fishing.

And get this: while the majority of the world comes to grips with over-tourism, Niue does not. There are simply 1500 individuals on the island – it is among the tiniest nations on Earth – and there are just 2 flights a week fromAuckland That suggests 10 percent of the island is on the flight with you, and just around 300 individuals can reoccur weekly. That’s it. There are no crowds, no lines, no traffic signal, no criminal activity. Just great deals of smiles.

It's a hard choice between the resort's pool and exploring the island.


It’s a difficult option in between the resort’s swimming pool and checking out the island.

So having actually passed Trevor and the prison, we reached the only resort on the island, the ScenicMatavai The hotel neglects a picturesque area of coast that has all tones of topaz on screen as the coral cliffs drop greatly to deep water. As we were being handed our coconuts on arrival, the resident population of dolphins began a program less than a hundred metres off the front of our space.

The Matapa Chasm formed over thousands of years of erosion.


TheMatapa Chasm formed over countless years of disintegration.

While the resort has a sensational series of swimming pools ignoring the ocean – so great you will not wish to leave – we had an orientation trip organized with ‘CommodoreKeith’– he makes certain you do not lose out on anything.

Our very first stop was a location with a lot charm, the standard kings of Niue utilized it as their unique bathing area: MatapaChasm This narrow strip of blue-green water resembles an enormous fracture in the earth, enclosed by high cliffs on either side. The gorge is safeguarded from the sea by a big stone, suggesting it’s completely calm – like an Olympic pool that’s been positioned deep in the coral cliffs. I might have invested the day there, however Keith kept informing us that we were only simply getting going.

The Lima Rock Pools need to be top of your list of activities in Niue.


TheLima Rock Pools require to be leading of your list of activities in Niue.

What you rapidly find about Niue, exists are a lot of destinations that ought to be world-famous – other than couple of individuals learn about this location, not to mention ever come here. The Limu Pools is another of those areas that would be swarmed by thousands if it remained in Europe orAsia It’s a rock swimming pool that is most likely the most significant worldwide, and sparkles a spectacular kaleidoscope of blues. To our awe, we were the only ones there.

Niue is renowned for having a few of the very best ocean exposure worldwide for diving and snorkelling – that’s since there are no rivers or streams to unclean the water. The island is basically a huge piece of coral that grew on top of an old undersea volcano — and there is a huge network of coral caverns, inlets and caverns dotted around the island. Our next stop, the Avaiki Cave, even had a big covert rockpool in its depths.

It's not official, but we think the Lima Rock Pools could be the biggest in the world.


It’s not main, however we believe the Lima Rock Pools might be the most significant worldwide.

The Togo Chasm is another first-rate development that, like me, you have actually most likely never ever become aware of. The 30- minute walk to the gorge travels through among the biggest exposed coral fields on Earth, and appears like it’s directly from depths of Mordor in the Lord of theRings For numerous metres each method, all you can see is jagged razor sharp coral towers, with a little course sculpted through the middle. At completion of the track, the peaks suddenly stop to expose a sunken treasure: deep in a hole is a sandy coconut tree-filled sanctuary, entirely confined by rock. It appears like a beach, however there is no water. If Tom Hanks and his beach ball Wilson ever wished to movie a 2nd instalment of Cast Away: it needs to be here.

The Togo Chasm is an out-of-this-world experience, where you walk through a raised coral garden, before finding the sunken 'treasure' - a sandy oasis.


TheTogo Chasm is an out-of-this-world experience, where you stroll through a raised coral garden, prior to discovering the sunken ‘treasure’ – a sandy sanctuary.

The ‘beach’ is accessed by means of a long ladder – where you can depend on the sand, under a tree, and admire nature’s unbelievable power to produce the most wonderful little areas.

Niue is likewise acquiring a credibility as being among the very best locations to swim with humpback whales, which regular the waters from July toOctober Or you can go on a swim with dolphins – that romp in front of the resort – at any time of the year.

You need to brave a long ladder to descend down into the Togo Chasm.


You require to brave a long ladder to descend down into the Togo Chasm.

The English found Niue in the 1700 s, however residents would not let Captain Cook land – which led him to call the location “Savage Island.” Three a century later on, just a handful of immigrants get to visit this location weekly – and what they discover is anything however savage. This is a location with a lot empathy, the fire service gets called out to assist a duck. It likewise has a lot charm, it will not be a trick for a lot longer.

Niue has countless rock pools scattered around the coast.


Niue has many rock swimming pools spread around the coast.

Getting there: AirNew Zealand flies to Niue two times a week. See:

Staying there: ScenicMatavai is the very best option for lovely ocean-front lodging and has among the very best dining establishments on the island. Rates start from around $180 per night. See:

Playing there: The NOT trip (or Niue Orientation Tour) is extremely suggested. Keith (the Commodore of the world’s only private yacht club with no luxury yachts) – supplies an outstanding journey around the island. See:

Niue has a lot to do undersea: from whales to dolphins, diving or snorkelling. Buccaneer Adventures, best beside the Scenic Matavai, is the very best location to book with. See:

The author’s journey was supported by Air New Zealand, Niue Tourism, and Scenic Matavai Resort.

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