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– Non- stop from Miami to Belize for just $68 one-way (or $198 roundtrip)

Non- stop from Miami to Belize for just $68 one-way (or $198 roundtrip)

Non- stop flights from Miami to Belize City, Belize for just $68 one-way with American Airlines
Or fly roundtrip for just $198

Miami, U.S.A.

BelizeCity, Belize

Miami, U.S.A.

Availability from April to May 2018

Example dates:

One- method: $68
3rd, fourth, 5th, 9th, 10 th, 11 th, 12 th, 16 th, 17 th, 18 th, 19 th, 30 thApr
1st, second, 3rd, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10 th, 14 th, 15 th, 16 thMay

Roundtrip: $198
fourth-12 th Apr
5th-11 th Apr
5th-12 th Apr
5th-18 th Apr
10 th-18 th Apr
11 th-18 th Apr
11 th-24 th Apr
12 th-18 th Apr
16 th-26 th Apr
17 th-24 th Apr
17 th-25 th Apr
19 th-26 th Apr
19 th-30 th Apr
19 th Apr– first May
19 th Apr– second May
23 rd-30 th Apr
second-10 th May
second-15 th May
3rd-9th May
3rd-10 th May
3rd-15 th May
3rd-16 th May
7th-15 th May
7th-16 th May

and more …



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