Our 20 Best Travel Tips After 20 Years of Traveling

Over the past 20 years, Caz and I have actually been lucky to have actually gone to over 50 nations and resided in 5, and today we had actually like to show you our 20 finest travel ideas!

Whilst our design of travel has actually developed from solo travel to taking a trip as a couple and to now taking a trip as a household of 4, there are some core travel routines that have actually served us well, and we continue to follow them to this day.

For us, travel is not practically inspecting locations off our list.

Our slogan has actually constantly been “accumulate memories and moments, not just possessions”, and we like to do that through travel.

From our travel experiences and 7 years of travel blogging we have actually collected our reasonable share of top travel ideas along the method and it was challenging to restrict this to simply twenty!

We hope this list of our finest travel ideas will motivate and assist you to take a trip, and take a trip more frequently!

Our20 Best Travel Tips

1. Make Travel a Priority

If you wish to take a trip more, you have actually got to make it a concern!

Seriously, if you do not have adequate cash for travel yet you have a closet loaded with designer clothing that you never ever use, or a garage loaded with costly toys gathering dust, then you’re unclear on your concerns and function.

We have actually had the ability to take a trip abroad regularly over the past 20 years since we made travel among our leading concerns.

We carried the majority of our energy, focus, and financial resources towards travel.

Currently we do not own a great deal of things, however we sure have a great deal of memories.

2. Spend More Time in Fewer Places

Happy to be in Hawaii after our overnight flight from Sydney
We invested 2 weeks in Hawaii and didn’t wish to leave

When you’re preparing a journey, do not attempt and go all over and do whatever– that’s a dish for burnout and blowing your spending plan!

Instead of racing from one end of a nation to another, or tearing through 6 nations in 6 weeks, learn more about an area well.

Constantly needing to load and unload, hang around looking for inexpensive flights, handle various time zones, currency modifications, and even visa problems can cause stress out.

And walking around to a lot of travel locations can truly consume into your financial resources.

Slow down and take more in. This method, you’ll get a much better feel for a location.

Traveling with kids?

Plan for a slower rate than you would if taking a trip solo or as a couple. Be sensible about what you achieve, particularly when taking a trip with young children.

The less you feel you need to see and do, the more satisfying and trouble-free for everybody.

Understand that you will never ever have time to see and do WHATEVER. And be all right with that.

3. Don’ t Expect Things to Be Like They Are at Home

things to do in bangkok
Rush hour in Bangkok

If you desire whatever like it is at house, then what’s the point of going anywhere?

Keep an open mind to discovering and experiencing brand-new things when you take a trip abroad, that consists of attempting brand-new foods which can inform you a lot about a culture– and do not be frightened to consume the street food!

We travel abroad to experience various cultures, environments, and point of views. So do not shut yourself off to experiencing all a nation needs to use.

If you take a trip with an open mind you can have a far more improving experience.

There will be minutes when other cultures will stun you. Don’ t judge them. When this takes place, relax and state, “Isn’t that interesting, tell me more!”

4. TravelDoes Not Have to Stop OnceYou Have Kids

Family travel in Outback Queensland, Australia

We frequently get e-mails or have discussions with individuals we fulfill on the roadway who reveal that as soon as they have kids their travel days are over!

Take it from us, household travel is possible and need not be a trouble. In truth, it can be among the very best experiences you have as a household!

Sure, we do not circumnavigate the world like we utilized to or celebration as much as we did pre-kids, be we undoubtedly still take a trip therefore do MANY other households– the household travel specific niche lives and growing.

Over the past 20 years, our travel design has actually developed from taking a trip solo, to taking a trip as a couple, to now taking a trip with our 2 children and much of our readers are motivated to follow in our steps.

Yes, household travel has its obstacles and there are advantages and disadvantages of taking a trip with kids, however producing invaluable memories is something to treasure!

There are important advantages to taking a trip with kids. They force you to develop your design of travel, and in my viewpoint, generally for the much better.

TopTips for Traveling with kids:

There are 3 essential vital to having a tension complimentary household holiday. 99% of the time your kid will be inflamed, irritable or shouting since they are either:

1. Tired

Provide adequate chances for them to rest and an environment for them to get an excellent nights sleep.

2. Bored

Choose a kid-friendly location that has enough activities to keep them inhabited, and bring along a couple of house conveniences such as a packed toy, checking out books, or activity packs which can be a lifesaver on flights and trip.

3. Hungry

Pack enough healthy treats to keep them pleased, particularly on flights, buses and trip. Long trip or flights can leave kids feeling irritable and starving.

When eating in restaurants, go out for breakfast or lunch as we discover it much easier to deal with than supper as they tend to be less expensive and more casual affairs. Plus by supper time our kids are worn out and can get a little insane!

A starving or worn out kid is a bad-tempered kid, similar to me in fact!

Read more:

5. Plan it Together

Sit down with all members of your household and speak about your journey.

The finest method to get your kids interested and ecstatic is to have them associated with the travel preparation procedure.

Talk about:

Memorable journeys are those where each member of your household gets to experience something they like.

Grab a couple of pamphlets or take a trip publications and flick through the vibrant pages. Everyone gets to select a location and activity they want to see and do.

Go through the list as a household, go over the advantages and disadvantages of each and vote.

Next, dive online or on the flooring with a huge paper map and plot out your fundamental path with a highlighter, leaving space for versatility.

When you prepare a journey it is very important you select a location and activities that match the interests of all relative. If your kids (or you) are tired or do not like a location it’s not the dish for an unforgettable holiday.

Planning to take a trip quickly? Let us assist you understand what to do and when. Our pre-departure lists will get here in your inbox at the ideal phase of the travel preparation journey and inform you what to look after. They’re complimentary.

Click here to Automate your travel preparing now!

6. Talk to the Locals

Craig with the residents in Dali, China

One of our finest travel ideas and what we constantly do is speak with the residents!

They generally have the very best travel recommendations and expert understanding on what to see, do and consume in their own town.

It’s really fantastic what you will find out by striking up a table talk.

We ask easy concerns like:

  • Where can we get the very best coffee?
  • Where is the very best area to see the dawn?
  • What are the leading 3 things you would reveal a buddy from out of town?

You’ll discover that the residents like sharing travel information and stories about their town and are more than pleased to assist you have an unforgettable go to!

Some of the very best residents to speak with are those working behind the front desk in your hotel, or the bell young boy. We constantly ask for ideas on where to consume, consume and check out.

Failing that, we search TripAdvisor.

7. Learn the Basics of the Local Language

Do not yell at the residents, they are not deaf, they most likely simply can’t comprehend you!

And NEVER grumble that individuals of the nation you are going to do not speak proficientEnglish Remember where you are!

Learning the fundamentals of the regional language is an excellent method to lionize and break down barriers. Plus a smile, a wave, and a friendly mindset can break down any barrier where language isn’t comprehended.

Get an expression book, or an app, and make the effort to find out a minimum of a couple of fundamental expressions.

It can make life much easier for you, you’ll immerse yourself more in the culture, and the residents will appreciate you more.

8. Travel In Your Own Backyard

One of the best things to do in Sydney with kids is the Bondi Beach to Bronte Beach coastal walk.
Doing the Bondi Beach walk in Sydney

If you can’t manage to take a trip abroad or out of state, if you do not have the time to disappear for more than a couple of days or the idea of taking a trip makes you worried, begin by taking a trip in your own yard.

You do not need to be abundant to take a trip and it does not need to include long flights.

An excellent method to bring more travel into your life is merely by checking out brand-new locations in your house city or state.

Start off by taking a field trip to a neighboring town or a weekend trip to the coast or mountains. Or merely explore your own town with brand-new eyes.

  • Visit a brand-new coffee shop or market
  • Go kayaking in a neighboring river
  • Climb a brand-new mountain
  • Visit a various park or beach.
  • Grab a beverage at a various bar
  • Walk around a various neigborhood

After a while, you’ll be trying to find larger and longer experiences.

This technique is among the most ignored and most inexpensive methods of bringing more travel into your life.

The advantages of regional travel consist of:

  • Less preparation
  • Less packaging
  • Les time away
  • No jet lag or burnout
  • Usually less expensive


9. Do the FREE Stuff

Snowmass colorado
Taking a walk in Snowmass, Colorado

If conserving cash when you take a trip is a focus for you, then among our finest spending plan travel ideas is to look for all the complimentary things to do.

Most of the time the very best experiences in life are complimentary, or very low expense.

There is outright delight in the most basic of minutes, such as swinging in a hammock while viewing the sundown over the horizon.

Other complimentary things:

  • Take a walk or bike flight
  • Swim at the beach or lake
  • Climb a mountain
  • Catch a spectacular dawn
  • Attend museums or traveler websites on complimentary days or when they are marked down
  • Play in the park
  • Visit a market
  • See a street reasonable or cultural occasion

We LOVE walking. It’s among the very best methods to learn more about and value anywhere you are rather of racing around by cars and truck.

When you walk you have time to stop and admire all the nooks and crannies.

You are much better able to absorb the environment and feel the energy. And walking is FREE and helpful for your health!

And walking is FREE and helpful for your health!

10 Stay in Apartments or Airbnb (and share the expenses)

We love staying in apartments and holiday homes
Enjoying a BARBEQUE at our house in Tasmania

This is among our preferred holiday ideas!

Depending on the length of our journey and the location, we tend to slice and alter in between lodging designs.

If we are preparing a journey that is longer than a weekend trip, we choose to remain in apartment or condos or an Airbnb

They use numerous advantages:

  • Access to a complete cooking area (conserves cash on eating in restaurants)
  • Separate bed rooms from the living-room (much easier to get the kids to sleep)
  • You have your own laundry.
  • You can schedule a 3 or 4-bed house and divided the expenses with another friend or family.

These additional centers on a long stay can make your journey a lot more satisfying.

Apartments and Airbnb are likewise normally less expensive and more useful than a hotel– particularly for households or little groups.

But if it’s just a brief city stay, or we’re simply taking a trip as a couple, we enjoy to remain in a hotel

11 Fly Where the Deals Are

This is among our finest travel ideas on how to discover inexpensive flights!

Instead of picking a location and after that costs days or weeks trying to find an offer, thinking about flying to where the offers currently are.

Skyscanner is among the very best travel sites, a flight online search engine that lets you key in your departure city and look for a list of inexpensive flights to throughout the world.

Simply go to Skyscanner and click in the “To” box and a fall menu will appear permitting you to look for flights to all over from your departure point. This is an enjoyable tool to p lan a holiday.

Searching flights using Skyscanner

KayakExplore is another among the very best travel websites to look for flights to anywhere by merely typing in your departure city.

After you have actually utilized these flight online search engine and discovered your most inexpensive airline tickets, go straight to that airline company’s own website to see if you can get it less expensive.

Many airline companies have lower fares just offered by themselves site.

12 Blow Your Budget

Scuba Diving the Great Barrier Reef - Cairns, Queensland, Australia
Craig discovering to dive at the Great Barrier Reef

Every from time to time, do not hesitate to blow your travel spending plan on those once-in-a-lifetime-experiences.

We disappear to experience things and produce long-lasting memories Don’ t limitation yourself to simply taking a trip for the sake of taking a trip.

Go spend lavishly on a well-known dining establishment, see a huge performance, go to a mega sporting occasion, go on a safari, find out to scuba dive, take that hot air balloon flight, do something extraordinary you have actually constantly wished to do!

Even if you need to go under spending plan for a couple of days or a week to make up for your splurge, it deserves it.

We invested $650 for a field trip out to the Great Barrier Reef And $600 to travel and see the gorillas in Uganda— costly at the time however long-lasting memories!

13 Be Flexible

One of our finest travel ideas, particularly if you travel with kids like us, is to leave space for versatility in your travel plan.

If you’re on a prolonged journey, do not pre-book whatever. You’ll fulfill individuals along the method who will suggest excellent locations you have actually never ever become aware of.

You’ll find fascinating cultural activities and trips, and activities you believed you just required 2 hours at you’ll require throughout the day! And puts that sound excellent from your pre-trip research study can end up being terrible!

If all your flights, trips and lodging are pre-booked it can be pricey to alter. Go with the circulation a little and do not over strategy.

Of course, if you are on a brief journey with restricted time and there are popular tourist attractions you wish to check out, it pays to book ahead.

14 Don’ t Travel Without Travel Insurance

Probably our essential journey recommendations. I have actually stated this over and over …”If you can’t manage travel insurance coverage, then you can’t manage to take a trip”.

It’s that easy. Especially if it’s an o verseas journey!

No, I do not like spending for it either, however purchasing travel insurance coverage can be so inexpensive it’s a no-brainer and the comfort is invaluable!

I would rather invest an additional $100 or two for our journey and probably never ever utilize the insurance coverage than erase my savings account if something did fail.

Why do you require travel insurance coverage?

What takes place if:

  • You require to cancel your journey suddenly
  • A typhoon damages your location
  • There is a terrorist occasion
  • You get ill or hurt on your journey
  • Your baggage is lost or taken
  • You lose your passport

If you are an American, or somebody going to the U.S.A., you must certainly NOT stint travel medical insurance coverage.

Health care expenses in the U.S. are absurd, so big that individuals declare bankruptcy.

15 Working Holidays Are a Great Way to Experience the World

One of our best travel tips is to make it a working holiday!
Caz with her trainees in Bangkok

If you have an interest in long term travel, think about a working vacation.

Caz and I have actually lived and operated in 5 various nations utilizing the working vacation technique.

Just 3 days after Caz finished from University in Australia as a school instructor, she relocated to London to teach for 2 years on a working vacation visa.

Since then we have actually both resided in Dublin(Caz mentor, me operating in building and construction), resided in Bangkok mentor English, and resided in the United States on J1 and J2 visas (Caz mentor, me in building and construction).

In each of these nations, we showed up with little cash and little contacts, however we made it work and they ended up being a few of our most treasured memories and an excellent method to immerse yourself in a culture and take a trip an area whilst making the regional currency!

If you prefer to reside in another nation and travel abroad, we suggest making it a working vacation!

Most people need to work for a living and we require cash to take a trip. Why not integrate the 2?

Why we like the working vacation visa technique:

  • You do not need to conserve up as much cash prior to leaving house.
  • You’ll be making regional currency.
  • You experience a culture deeply by working, living, taking a trip within it.
  • Weekends and day of rests ended up being experiences.
  • You’ll take a trip more like the residents, which generally makes it less expensive.
  • You kind much deeper relationships and connections with individuals.
  • You’ll find out brand-new profession abilities and procedures.
  • You might get benefits such as complimentary lodging, meals and even flights.

16 Pack Smart

Globite luggage accessories and packing cells (1)

Just considering packaging can be demanding when you are preparing a journey, however the very best thing to do is load the bare minimum since you can constantly purchase it as soon as there!

Our top travel packaging ideas are to pick flexible, comfy and loose fitting clothing and neutral colors that can be used in numerous mixes so if something gets filthy you just need to alter part of the clothing.

If you take a trip with kids, motivate them to select and load their own clothing to reduce grievances and to teach them take a trip preparation abilities.

And with young children, load a modification of clothing for supper, pajamas, or what is required throughout the day in case of mishaps.

Packing cells have actually been a life saver for us– in each cell we roll up each product and set up clothing based upon type and season.

You can even pack your underclothing into your shoes to conserve area.

AndCaz enjoys her underclothing organizer.

Worried about the weight of your travel suitcase? Wear your heaviest clothing on the flight, including your huge treking boots!

And do not forget to bring a sarong!

A sarong does not weigh anything and can be beneficial for many things like covering yourself in sanctuaries, a bed sheet, a towel, a picnic blanket, a headscarf, a sweatshirt, wind defense, a personal privacy screen, shade– they are fantastic!

Top 5 Travel Packing Tips:

  1. Know the weather condition of the location you are going to, which helps in reducing over-packing.
  2. When flying take a modification of clothing in your carry-on simply in case your checked-in baggage does not get here with you.
  3. Know the activities you will be doing so you can load properly.
  4. Know the kinds of lodging you will be remaining at. If you are remaining in hotels you will not require to take things like towels, hair clothes dryers or linen.
  5. Charge your electronic devices and load up all your tablets and portable gadgets with things to check out, play, view.

Take it from us, dragging heavy luggage around airports and onto public transport ends up being demanding genuine fast!

As they state, “halve your clothes and double your budget”.

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