New Zealand

Postal personnel wear PPE to reduce danger

TongaPost personnel are now using individual protective devices ( PPE) to arrange inbound mail and bundles from abroad as a safety measure in the middle of the worldwide CoViD-19 break out.

TongaPost CEO, ‘AlipateTavo stated this assists to secure personnel after the Ministry of Health enforced constraints for mail showing up from overseas.

A great deal of mail began the Air NZ flight recently, he stated.

“The mail needs to be left at the storage facility at the airport for 72 hours prior to our employees can go and gather it.

“And when it is given the mail centre, and to reduce health danger, our employees use PPE when figuring out mail. They appear like nurses,” he stated.

Breathing area

‘Alipate stated when the lockdown occurred and without any flights allowed, Tonga Post was preparing to send mail by means of ship rather since it can take a big quantity.

“But now we have one flight a week and it’s giving us some breathing space.”

Mail predestined for Tonga from worldwide was stuck in New Zealand for a bit however is beginning to come through.

“So hopefully as time goes on, there may be two flights a week. Right now, we’ve got one to receive mail and send mail.”


To date, no Tonga Post personnel have actually been made redundant, verified ‘Alipate

“We did think about letting personnel go when we were recommended that whatever would be locked down in the start. “

However, he stated it would not have actually assisted anybody if we begin letting personnel go since we require to endure as a nation.

“We just reshuffled them to help out in busy areas. We also have new activities to keep them busy.”

One activity is having an inventory-clearance sale daily at the front of the Tonga Post workplace offering a series of e-commerce items, cosmetics, electrical products, telephones, charm and hair items, and so on

“It’s easy for people to come and buy and also keep social distancing requirements. It’s very popular, a lot of people come every day.”


Since the CoViD-19 break out, and as nations began shutting their global borders, there have actually been effects to different locations of the postal and carrier services in Tonga

Express services, appealing 2 to 4 days shipment to abroad locations, no longer exists.

Postcards and other products for travelers are no longer offered and the Tonga Post Money Express service is on hold.

“That service is just to get cash from throughout the world. Our primary market for that service is New Zealand, Australia, UK, and U.S.A.,” stated ‘Alipate

“It’s on hold because there is a problem with all the Money Express services overseas. Western Union and Money Gram are fine. But the Money Express service was affected just before Tonga’s lockdown as countries overseas started locking down as well.”

Tonga made products

Courier services in Tonga are likewise impacted

A supervisor from the Tonga branch of a worldwide carrier business (who did not want to be called) informed Matangi Tonga that a person of the most significant effects they are experiencing is the decrease in Tongan handicrafts such as ta’ovala, mats and koloa, that are sent out to Tongans overseas.

“Normally this is our biggest week before Fakame (White Sunday for children), but it’s been slow due to the CoViD-19 outbreak.”

“People like grandmothers would send items like ta’ovala’s for their grandchildren overseas and Tongans overseas would pay for the delivery. But it’s been slow.”

The yearly Free Wesleyan Church ( FWC) White Sunday is commemorated in Tonga and in abroad Tongan neighborhoods throughout the month of May

However, on Sunday 3 May, each FWC church in Tonga can commemorate the occasion throughout their service in the early mornings, however the typical White Sunday occasion generally kept in the afternoon has actually been cancelled.