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Prague food & beverage guide: 10 things to attempt in Prague, Czech Republic

Prague is among Europe’s most popular travel locations– and its sugary-based food, in specific, keeps tourists returning for more

While the Velvet Revolution in 1989 was when Czechoslovakia altered permanently, it wasn’t up until 1993 that the Czech Republic originated. This name modification offered the motivation for numerous tourists to offer the previous Soviet state a possibility– and, ever since, Prague has actually stayed among the most popular locations to take a trip to in Europe.

In truth, Prague is the 5th most gone to city on the continent after London, Paris, Istanbul andRome Given its fairly little size and people compared to those giants, this is a remarkable accomplishment. Art, culture and history play a big part in this appeal– along with the outstanding travel offers– however so too does its food. Here are 10 things you must attempt when checking out Prague.

Chleb íčky

Also understood by the name ‘open-faced sandwich’, chlebíčky is among the city’s most popular treats. The meal’s history go back to the days of when Czechoslovakia stated self-reliance from the Austro-HungarianEmpire. It includes a piece of baguette-like bread (in some cases toasted) that is rounded off with a range of garnishes– for this reason why it’s called an open-faced sandwich as no bread is put on top of the contents.

Where to attempt: TheSistersBistro(Dlouha727/39) is being declared for its reinvention of the meal by integrating Scandinavian and Czech food. However, needs to you want to attempt the traditional variation of the meal, Lahudky Zlaty Kriz(Jungmannova34 by Wenceslas Sq) is an old-school deli serving standard Czech fare.

Oblozene chlebíčky
Oblozene chlebíčky


As practically everybody from Prague matured having Schnitzel for their lunch or supper, it’s a must-try for when you remain in the city. A favourite of Central European food, Prague schnitzel is either breaded pork or chicken that is frequently served with either potato salad or velvety mash. There’s an excellent opportunity you’ll enjoy schnitzel, and quickly, like the residents, you’ll be arguing over which variation is best!

Where to attempt: Offering the 2 standard pork variations (roast pork leg and roast pork neck), Lok ál Dlouh ááá(DlouhaSt 731/33) is a fantastic method to experience standard schnitzel. Make sure to enjoy it with among their rejuvenating beers! If you’re searching for the chicken variation, shot Bar áčnická Rychta(Trziste23).

Schnitzel with herbs, mashed potatoes and chives
Schnitzel with herbs, mashed potatoes and chives

Sv íčková

A traditional meal frequently worked as part of Sunday lunches and suppers with household or at wedding events, svíčková is sirloin beef covered in a velvety veggie sauce, and served with bread dumplings. This intriguing mix of various food key ins one meal is traditional Czech home cooking. Keep in mind that the dish of this meal differs from individual to individual– there are many methods to make this meal and not everybody settles on specific methods.

Where to attempt: While it is a preferred with travelers, CafeLouvre(Narodni1987/22) is likewise a dining establishment of historic significance in Prague and this is a fantastic location to sample some svíčková. If you want to sample it someplace that’s a little quieter, attempt U Medv ídků(NaPerstyne 345/ 7) for a completely portioned meal. Make sure to have some beer while you exist too as it’s likewise a pub that has actually been running because 1466.

Svíčková - Beef tenderloin and cream sauce and dumplings
Sv íčková– Beef tenderloin and cream sauce and dumplings

Ovocn é Knedl íky (CzechFruit Dumplings)

It’s intriguing to keep in mind that Czech food includes a rather distinct classification because particular sweet meals can really be main courses. One such meal is sweet dumplings packed with fruit or jam. Popular fruit fillings consist of strawberries, blueberries and apricots. Often these dumplings are accompanied along with sugar, melted butter, home cheese and numerous other garnishes or dressings.

Where to attempt: You’ll fall for the fruit dumplings served at KrystalBistro(Sokolovska99/101). However, if you desire fruit dumplings that aren’t as sweet, head to Havelsk á Koruna(Havelska502/21).

Apricot dumplings
Apricot dumplings


These filled dough buns (likewise called buchteln) are sweet deals with to numerous Czechs– especially because they have actually worked as a sort of Lembas bread (à la Lord of the Rings) to heroes and heroines in Czech fairy tales. While possibly not as resilient as its imaginary equivalent, buchty is high in energy and nutrition. They’re frequently served at breakfast or as a late night treat.

Where to attempt: Some of the very best fresh buchty can be discovered at CafeLounge(Plaska615/ 8), however accessibility can differ. For a more constant company of buchty, go to among Prague’s numerous Anton ínovo Bakery(Laubova1689/ 4) shops.

Fresh homemade buchty
Fresh homemade buchty


As we have actually developed, Prague likes sweet meals– especially pastries. Arguably the city’s finest sweet treat (we’ll clarify the ‘arguably’ later on) needs to be vetrnik. While you’ll discover an entire host of locations using this velvety filled choux pastry, you’re most likely to discover simply as numerous variations– so if you like it, re-discover everything over once again at another dining establishment or café.

Where to attempt: The vetrnik at the beautiful Caf é Savoy(Vitezna124/ 5) is frequently broached as the very best in the city. However, Cukr árna My šák’s(Vodickova31) vetrnik is likewise yummy and wonderfully provided.

Vetrnik with tiramisu

Trdeln ík (ChimneyCake)

Arguably the city’s finest sweet treat (see above), trdelník’s history surrounding its origin is disputed. What isn’t disputed, nevertheless, is that it’s fundamentally related to Prague today. Known by the name ‘chimney cake’, trdelník includes yeast dough that is presented prior to being twisted around a wood or metal stick, which is prepared over, typically, an open coal flame. The exterior is crispy while the within is beautiful and gooey. Often the within the chimney can be covered with a spread of your option– such as hazelnut or chocolate.

Where to attempt: You’ll discover speciality stands and vans around the city that serve just trdelník. As long as you get a newly prepared batch– as they can have a brief service life– do not hesitate to attempt as numerous as your stomach can handle. If you desire your trdelník served with a range of garnishes, head to MLS Waffle point U Kajetana(Nerudova248/17).

Traditional tasty baked trdelník with ice cream
Traditional yummy baked trdelník with ice cream


While there’s a lot more to enjoy in Prague, we can’t settle the dessert list without consisting of kolache. Yes, it’s another pastry– however we can’t assist it! These mouth watering dough deals with are Czech through and through. Today, they are delighted in all around the world in various methods. You’ll discover sausage variations in Texas or breakfast variations inLondon And kolache in Prague is (yes, you thought it) sweet, not savoury.

Where to attempt: Head over to the cute and charming Pern íčkův Sen(Hashtalska757/21) to get some incredibly made kolache– and feast on some gingerbread individuals while you’re at it too! If you’re searching for a breakfast meal to choose your kolache, Cafe ~Caf é(Ryt ířská 10) is a fantastic option.

An assortment of kolache pastries
An variety of kolache pastries


It might not be distinct to the Czech Republic, however beer is certainly a vital part of the Prague experience. The individuals enjoy their beer– a lot so that the nation has the world’s greatest beer intake per capita! Czech lands have actually been house to beer making efforts because the sixth century. Today, the city of Prague is house to 42 breweries– indicating there’s a brewery for each 32,000 individuals in the city. As such, some individuals even think about Prague the beer capital of Europe and, when you think about the statistics, it’s difficult to argue with them. The Czech beer that is most widely known is pilsner, a kind of pale lager called after the city of its origin.

Where to attempt: You’ll discover lots of fantastic locations to have a beer. Firstly, head to U Flek ů(Kr ěmencova 11) where you’ll be consulted with a lovely outside total with a stunning clock. Established in 1499, this brewpub is believed to be the earliest worldwide. If you book beforehand, you can likewise delight in a museum or brewery trip.

If standard beer does not take your fancy, you can attempt flavoured beer at the more modern-day U Dob řenských Brewery(U Dob řenských 268/ 3) where you can likewise take a seat to have a filling meal.

Five authentic crafted mugs of Czech beer in a Prague pub
Five genuine crafted mugs of Czech beer in a Prague bar


Often eclipsed by beer as the city’s alcohol of option, white wine is simply as huge a part of the Prague experience. This is thanks to the nation having 2 white wine producing areas: Moravia to the east (especially southern Moravia), and Bohemia to the north. Many Czech white wines have actually impressed or been granted rewards at global competitors. However, they can still be rather difficult to discover when you leave the nation. So use the chance to delight in a Czech white wine in Prague!

Where to attempt: Experience a Michelin star meal with some fine Czech white wine at Field(U Milosrdn ých 12). For a more unwinded experience, head to Veltlin( Křižíkova 488/115). Here, you’ll find historical and modern-day Czech white wines that utilize natural fruit and vegetables without pesticides and commercial chemicals.

Make sure you try Czech wine
Make sure you attempt Czech white wine

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