Pros and Cons of Recreational Vehicle Travel For Beginners (is it a suitable for you?)

Have you ever questioned whether the Recreational Vehicle way of life is for you?

Less obligations, very little living, less expensive way of life and magnificent views from your bed room window that alter every day … seem like the dream, right?

InTucson, Arizona

We concur, there is the attraction of Recreational Vehicle travel, and why you wish to offer whatever and purchase a home on wheels today. But, it’s not the total story.

Before you go all in, in our video down listed below we wish to assist you comprehend the PROS an d CONS prior to you begin Because similar to all kinds of travel, it’s not for everybody!

We’re sharing the negatives of Recreational Vehicle travel not to terrify you away, however to sufficiently prepare you so you can guarantee you have the very best time ever!

Our Recreational Vehicle Travel Background

We have actually had substantial Recreational Vehicle travel experience in various nations; U.S.A., Australia and Europe.

And we bring those years of experience to provide you a well-rounded point of view of the great and bad of taking a trip in a Recreational Vehicle whether that is with a travel trailer, recreational vehicle, Class A or C or sprinter.

InAustralia, we circumnavigated for 18 months in a smallJayco turn up caravan(travel trailer). Actually the very first 3 months of that journey remained in a 4 individual camping tent as that was all we might pay for.

Kalyra was 6 and Savannah was 2– potentially the worst age to take a trip with a young child– it had plenty of shifts!

We simply recently completed a nearly year long trip of the Western part of the U.S.A. with a 37 feet Salem Hemisphere travel trailer and our Ford F250 truck.

Boy did we value the additional area and convenience this time around!

We have actually likewise formerly taken a trip in a motorhome (Class C) for 2 weeks in South Australia going to FlindersRanges National Park and theEyre Peninsula.And we roadway tripped the UK for 6 weeks in one with Craig’s household method back in2004


Getting around the Eyre Peninsula in South Australia. We had a Britz motorhome
OurMotorhome Class C around South Australia

And method back in 1998, I circumnavigated Europe for 3 months in a sprinter van with 4 sweethearts. Aussies would call it a campervan or a Eurovan!

Europe Campervan tour
OurEurovan broke down!!– the only photo I have

So we are certainly in a position to share what we believe is the very best method to take a trip with a Recreational Vehicle and provide you sage suggestions for your scenarios.

WatchOur Recreational Vehicle Video

In our video down listed below we share why we selected our travel trailer and Ford F250 for our U.S.A. trip.

Plus all the advantages and disadvantages of Recreational Vehicle travel we experienced over 11 months throughout the United States. Press the play button:

We go over:

Positives to Recreational Vehicle Travel

  • Boondocking advantages
  • Freedom and versatility
  • Mobile house and animal conveniences
  • Maybe less expensive … possibly
  • Conducive to work out and outside living
  • Campfires and interacting socially
  • and more

Negatives to Recreational Vehicle Travel

  • Labor extensive
  • Maybe costly
  • Weather obstacles
  • Work and web restrictions
  • and more

Plus, we share how we ‘d do it in a different way if we did it once again. And what sort of Recreational Vehicle and vehicle would we pick to trip the United States in once again.

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