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Quirky farm stay gets you up close with alpacas and small home living

Alpacas were smart, hardy animals, and now for one Golden Bay couple, a source of income.

Alpacas were wise, sturdy animals, and now for one Golden Bay couple, an income source.

You can’t remain in a tiff around alpacas, states Tākaka lady Natalie Patterson.

She ought to understand– she has a lots of them. The South American camelids are a drawcard for Patterson and her partner Grant’s Alpacas Off Grid farm trip and lodging company.

The Pattersons moved down to the Tasman location near to 3 years back. Previously owners of a visitor home on Waiheke Island, the alpacas they had there showed popular with the general public.


In the rolling hills near the town of Akaroa is a furry wonderland of 170 friendly alpacas– you can even snuggle them.

Patterson stated this was prior to the surge of alpaca memes such as ‘No probllama’.

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“We had people coming who said ‘I don’t care what your accommodation is like, I just want to meet an alpaca’, so I was like, ‘Oh this is interesting, there is something in this’.”

Natalie and Grant Patterson run Alpacas Off Grid, an accommodation and farm tour business in Tākaka.

Natalie and Grant Patterson run Alpacas Off Grid, a lodging and farm trip company in Tākaka.

The couple offered up and transferred to what was then a more cost effective part of the nation.

They are now the happy owners of a herd of 12, which members of the general public can fulfill by means of farm trips or remaining at the lodging at the farm.

Overnight alternatives consist of hunching down in a 1952 Bedford home truck. Guests typically concern experience what it resembles to reside in a small home.

They’re likewise thinking about the off grid way of life. The Patterson’s water originates from a creek on their residential or commercial property, and their electrical energy is from hydropower.

Imported into Aotearoa in the 1980 s, alpacas are sturdy, smart animals utilized to rough surface, that succeed in New Zealand’s environment, Patterson stated.

“We find them pretty easy low maintenance animals to look after,” she stated.

Guests can experiment with tiny house living by bunking down in the house truck. The property backs on to the start of the Kill Devil mountain biking track.

Guests can explore small home living by bunking down in your home truck. The residential or commercial property backs on to the start of the Kill Devil mountain cycling track.

“They respond really well to our calls. We’ve had a few sheep here before, and without a sheepdog we found sheep really hard to get into a pen, and into different paddocks.”

A herd animal with their own hierarchies and positions, Patterson stated the women were “super sweet and not really adventurous”, specifically those with young (crias).

“They’re adorable to look at. I call them the mood enhancers, because you can’t be in a bad mood around an alpaca. They’re just such lovely animals.”

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