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Reykjavik food & beverage guide: 10 things to attempt in Reykjavik, Iceland

With a wide variety of exceptional restaurants using conventional Icelandic food with a contemporary twist, Reykjavik is a top Scandinavian stop for foodies

Reykjavik’s position as a seaside city permits regional dining establishments to display a few of the best seafood on the planet. Couple that with more special food products such as Minke whale and puffin, consuming in Reykjavik is a real cooking experience. This Reykjavik food and beverage guide includes the top 10 things to attempt in the city. So go on, consume your heart out!

Plysur(Icelandic hotdogs)

Mostly made from Icelandic lamb, these hotdogs are a company preferred with residents and travelers alike. Ask for one with whatever and you’ll be handed a tasty hotdog topped with raw onions, fried onions, mustard, catsup and a remoulade sauce made from mayo, capers and herbs.

Where to attempt: Bæjarins Beztu Pylsur is a chain of hotdog stand that can be discovered all around the city. The long lines vouch for the appeal of this hotdog chain. Don’ t resent the lines though; their take on this mouth-watering treat is well worth the wait.


Rye bread

Dense and with an underlying sweet flavour, Icelandic rye bread is generally consumed with butter, pâté, smoked meats or smoked fish. A conventional method of making the bread is to put it in a wood cask and bury it near a warm spring, although a bulk of pastry shops today simply utilize a contemporary oven.

Where to attempt: For a genuine rye bread experience, head to Laugarvatn Fontana (Hverabraut 1) where you can go to the geothermal bakeshop and taste the newly baked bread directly from the ground. Also attempt Caf é Loki’s (Lokast íg 28) special rye bread ice cream for a twist on this traditional important food.


InIceland, there are more sheep than individuals. The individuals of Iceland like an excellent little lamb. A totally free variety farming technique is commonly utilized as it permits the animals to graze on a range of plants, such as wild lawns and herbs, which provides the meat an extremely intricate and yummy flavour.

Where to attempt: Grillmarkadurinn’s (Lækjargata 2a) lamb ribs is famous due to it being sourced from regional farmers and having an abundant flavour.

Lobster soup

Reykjavik has access to an abundant choice of seafood, so it’s easy to comprehend why lobster soup is among the country’s most popular meals.

Where to attempt: Lobster soup is Læjarbrekka’s (Læjarbrekka Bankastr æti 2) star meal. Fresh langoustine is gently fried prior to being changed into a smooth, flavoursome soup.

Lobster soup

Minke whale

Originally a standard Icelandic staple, Minke whale is now placed on menus to attract the curious traveler. However, it still stays a company preferred with some residents. Whale meat has a gamey flavour and a tender texture, comparable to that of an excellent quality beefsteak.

Where to attempt: Fish Mrkt (Aðalstræti 12) provides a grilled Minke whale meal with Icelandic wasabi root and a soy ginger dressing.


Puffin meat stays a primary part of Iceland’s nationwide diet plan and is thought about a special. An abundant meat with a small fishy flavour, it is frequently smoked or boiled in milk.

Where to attempt: Íslenski Barinn (Ing ólfsstræti 1a) integrates grilled puffin with blueberries, skyr (a velvety dairy item), marinaded red onions and herbs for a modern take on this conventional meat meal.

Har ðfiskur

This much-loved dried fish treat is generally made from cod, however can likewise be made from haddock or ocean catfish. Utilising the crisp North Atlantic air, the fish is dried by going through a bacterial treating procedure that is comparable in cheese making. Before consuming, the fish is smothered in salted butter to assist soften it and to include a somewhat velvety flavour.

Where to attempt: You can discover Har ðfiskur in a lot of grocery stores throughout the city.

Har∂fiskur surrounded by bread and butter
Har ∂ fiskur surrounded by support


Skyr is a tasty dairy item: velvety, low in fat and high in protein. Skyr sets well with fruit and oats and is generally consumed for breakfast or as an after supper reward.

Where to attempt: Offering traditional Icelandic food, Matur og Drykkur (Grandagar õur 2) serves skyr with a blueberry granita, fresh blueberries and hearty oats, producing a rewarding dessert.


These thin pancakes– believe crêpes– are rolled up prior to serving. They can include any variety of fillings, from fruit to powdered sugar, however the most traditional method to consume them is with jam and whipped cream.

Where to attempt: Caf é Loki (Lokast íg 28) provides you the possibility to attempt these wonderful pancakes in 2 methods: either with jam and whipped cream or with skyr and caramel sauce.

Pönnukökur with blueberries
Pönnukökur with blueberries

Brenniv ín

Iceland’s response to vodka, this extremely strong alcohol is likewise made from potatoes and after that flavoured with caraway. Known informally as ‘black death’ due to its strength, it is frequently utilized to make mixed drinks– just the brave beverage it cool!

Where to attempt: Slippbarinn (Myrargata 2) makes a mean mixed drink utilizing Brenniv ín as a base, including lemon, raspberry, rhubarb bitters and egg white to settle the ensemble.

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