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River travelling in 2019: New locations and patterns

Like their oceanic equivalents, river cruises are ending up being ever more popular and catering for a progressively broad variety of tourists.

The essential benefits of river cruises for lots of are that they take you through the heart of the neighborhoods they call at, you tend to get more time on coast, and the ships are normally like drifting shop hotels.

Many European cities were created to be seen from the river, Troy Ackerman, the New Zealand supervisor for Globus, owner of river cruise business AvalonWaterways states, so a river cruise allows you to see them at their finest.

Ackerman states the increase in Kiwi river cruisers over the last few years has actually been “exceptional, yet not unexpected given many will have visited Europe before and are looking for a repeat experience with a difference”.


Millenial- focused U by Uniworld cruises travel through cities renowned for their dynamic night life.

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Tony Laskey, director of marketing and interactions at The Travel Corporation concurs, stating the business has actually seen a boost in more youthful second- or third-time tourists to the continent looking “to experience a different side of Europe”.

Given the time and cash required to get to Europe, longer cruises of 3 weeks or more are most popular with New Zealand tourists, Laskey states, however the business’s river cruise brand names – Uniworld and U by Uniworld – have actually seen more Kiwis take much shorter cruises as part of a longer vacation. They might, for instance, integrate a one- or- two-week cruise with an assisted, land-based trip or independent travel.

Famous European rivers such as the Danube, Rhine, Rhone, Seine and Po stay popular options, however Laskey states there’s been increased interest in lower recognized rivers such as the Moselle, which streams through France, Luxembourg and Germany.

In Europe, river cruises take you through the heart of many cities, towns and villages.


InEurope, river cruises take you through the heart of lots of cities, towns and towns.

Meanwhile, the growing variety of river cruises in Asia and South America are opening up the interiors of these continents to tourists who might not have actually ventured there otherwise.

While China’s Yangtze was as soon as the only significant river cruise location in Asia, it has actually been signed up with by the similarity the Mekong in Southeast Asia, Irrawaddy in Myanmar, Ganges in India and Red River in Vietnam.

“In recent years, Indochina has emerged from the realm of adventure tourism to have a far broader appeal to travellers seeking a sense of the exotic,” Ackerman states. A cruise along the Mekong – which goes through Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, China and Myanmar – is actually an expedition of the “lifeline for the people of these regions”, he states. Passengers are carried through cities and towns in addition to normally harder-to-reach towns and backwoods.

India is another emerging market for high-end river travelling, Ackerman states, with journeys along the Ganges enabling travelers to see renowned websites such as the Taj Mahal, see St Mother Teresa’s previous house and the heart of the Hare Krishna motion and fulfill craftsmens consisting of saree weavers and goldsmiths.

A cruise along the Mekong takes you to hard-to-access rural areas.


A cruise along the Mekong takes you to hard-to-access backwoods.

Australian- owned Scenic Luxury Tours and Cruises’ Evergreen Cruises is set to introduce a high-end “Star Ship” on the Mekong in 2019 with Asian- themed decoration and functions consisting of a swimming pool, “Lotus Lounge” with low tables, locally-inspired menus and owners’ suites with wrap-around balconies total with jacuzzis.

The 3 travel plans through Cambodia and Vietnam guarantee to provide travelers an insight into standard rural way of lives, using such sights as kids increasing water buffalos and rice paddies tended to by operated in cone-shaped hats in addition to traveler locations such as Hoh Chi Minh City, Hanoi, Halong Bay, HoiAn and Siem Reap.

The rooftop deck on U by Uniworld's The A resembles a beach club.


The roof deck on U by Uniworld’s The A looks like a beach club.

In South America, a cruise along the Amazon River allows travelers to experience the jungle from the convenience of a high-end liner – something, Ackerman states, which “may have otherwise seemed impossible”.

Like their oceangoing siblings, river cruise liner were generally the domain of older tourists however they too have actually seen a boost in multi-generational travel and end up being more friendly.

River cruise excursions are changing to meet increasing demand from families.


River cruise trips are altering to fulfill increasing need from households.

Laskey states Uniworld’s “Generations” cruises, tailored towards households, continue to grow in appeal, using all-ages activities and trips while preserving the high-end functions and quality service the brand name is understood for.

River cruise lines are likewise working to attract more youthful cruisers with the similarity themed celebrations, fitness centers, wellness centres, varied menus and active trips.

U by Uniworld – which provides river cruises through France, Germany, Austria, Slovakia, the Netherlands and Hungary – is targeted directly at “next-generation” cruisers, using mixology sessions, quiet discos, paint and red wine classes, roof yoga sessions and barbecues, karaoke nights and huge parlor game.

Excursions are frequently active and created to provide holidaymakers a sense of regional life – believe a night of symphonic music in Vienna, a street art trip in Paris, a bike trip along the Danube or kayaking below the arched bridges that link the Bavarian town of Bamberg to the island that houses the muralled Old Town Hall/ porcelain museum.

U by Uniworld's Ice Bar holds silent discos, where everyone wears headphones.


U by Uniworld’s Ice Bar holds quiet discos, where everybody uses earphones.

Avalon has likewise presented a series of active trips in addition to “flexi dining” which, as the name recommends, allows visitors to consume when and where they like.

“Guests may elect to take their luncheon on shore with them as they explore local villages or take in local attractions and sights by foot or bike,” Ackerman states.

Ultimately, river cruises are ending up being more versatile than ever in the past, he includes, basically enabling visitors to develop bespoke travel plans.

“Every day is an exciting new adventure for you to simply step into.”

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