Second deadly crash of popular Boeing 737 airplane raises security issues

An interim report from Indonesian detectives in November discovered that Lion Air’s jet had a number of days of upkeep issues which the pilots had actually fought an anti-stall system on the airplane, which might have been getting incorrect readings. The reason for the crash is still unidentified.

TheBoeing 737 MAX is zipped SouthwestAirlines, AmericanAirlines and UnitedAirlines and is likewise in the fleets of Icelandair, Xiamen Airlines and FijiAirways The brand-new airplanes are more fuel-efficient designs of the workhorse Boeing 737 jets and has a variety of 3,850 nautical miles.

“Our heart goes out to the families and loved ones of the passengers and employees on Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302,”Southwest stated in a declaration. The Dallas- based airline company runs 31 Boeing 737 MAX 8 jets. The business stated it touches with Boeing and will continue to be so throughout the examination. “We remain confident in the safety and airworthiness of our fleet of more than 750 Boeing aircraft.”

Boeing stated it has a group prepared to help in the examination with Ethiopian and U.S. security authorities following Sunday’s crash.

The crash of Lion Air Flight 610 in October drew examination of the brand-new maneuvering qualities enhancement system, called MCAS, which authorities stated they thought pressed the nose of the airplane down consistently. A nose-down position is the method to recuperate from a stall however can be devastating if the airplane signifies it remains in a stall when it is not. Boeing released a security publication to pilots in November directing them how to deal with if the nose of the airplane is immediately lowered.

DennisTajer, a Boeing 737 pilot and representative for the Allied Pilots Association, which represents American’s pilots, stated the airline company’s pilots met Boeing personnel following the Lion Air crash which the pilots had actually not been notified of the brand-new system prior to the Lion Air crash. Tajer stated Boeing’s action addressed concerns about the brand-new system.

“We got the information we needed,”Tajer stated about the upgrade fromBoeing “We don’t fly airplanes we don’t feel safe on.”

American is positive both in the Boeing 737 MAX 8, of which it runs 24, and the team that flies them, stated representative RossFeinstein The airline company will keep track of the examination and deal with the FAA and other authorities, he stated.

American’sBoeing 737 MAX airplanes have an unique display screen that reveals pilots when the angle of attack of the airplane remains in argument with readings from sensing units on the airplane, stated Feinstein.

Southwest just recently included the angle-of-attack info to main flight screens on these airplane “as an additional control,” following the crash of Lion Air 610, according to representative Chris Mainz.

United likewise stated it was positive in the Boeing 737 MAX airplanes. “We have made clear that the Boeing 737 MAX aircraft is safe and that our pilots are properly trained to fly the MAX aircraft safely,” stated spokesperson Rachel Rivas.

But flight attendants have actually revealed issue following the Ethiopian Airlines crash. The Association of Flight Attendants, which represents 50,000 flight attendants at 20 airline companies consisting of United, stated it was officially asking for that the Federal Aviation Administration examine the airplane.

“While it is important that we not draw conclusions without all of the facts, in the wake of a second accident, regulators, manufacturers and airlines must take steps to address concerns immediately,” stated AFA’s global president Sara Nelson.

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