Skegness voted best place to visit in UK by car – months after being voted worst seaside town in UK

A new study has voted Skegness the best place to visit by car in the UK

The seaside resort, which has always been a popular destination for Nottinghamshire holidaymakers, has been given the title thanks to its easy to navigate town centre and cheap parking.

In July Skeggy was voted the UK’s worst seaside town.

Which? asked more than 4,000 holidaymakers to rank their trip to the seaside before revealing the best and worst ranked destinations.

Auto-retailer Robins and Day , who compiled the study, used a combination of desk research and national survey data in order to rank the UK’s top towns and cities for drivers to visit in the coming months.

The staycation business is booming as a result of the coronavirus pandemic – but they say drivers need not worry if they’re planning to take the trip to Skeggy.

“Whilst it’s great that we help to support these industries, it’s also important that we do so safely and responsibly, and so prior planning is essential.

“This was one of the key reasons behind creating our list of top UK towns and cities – to ensure that as drivers, we are considering all the options available to us and also thinking about busy-ness, ease-to-navigate, parking, petrol and electric charging points, so it’s a stress-free a day out for everyone.

“Everyone loves a day at the beach, so it’s great to see Skegness topping the list, but whether you prefer a weekend city break or would rather get out walking for the day in the countryside, our list highlights some of the great places up and down the UK to visit by car in 2020 and beyond.”

Skegness scored 242 points thanks to its low population, low parking costs at an average of just 88p per hour, and navigational ease.

A total of 2,000 drivers were consulted as part of the survey – and 40 per cent of them now say they are considering a domestic break, compared to just 10 per cent pre-lockdown.

One in ten UK drivers also admitted their main reason for avoiding going somewhere new is because they are nervous when it comes to driving.

For the full findings, click here.

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