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Solitude with a Killer View–Spend the Night in a Fire Lookout from $20

How to Book?

Scroll through the list listed below to choose the state and lookout you want to book. Prices variety in between $20–90

AvailableLookouts in California:

BearBasin Lookout ($75)

BlackMountain Lookout ($60)

GirardRidge Lookout ($75)

HirzMountain Lookout ($90)

LittleMount Hoffman Lookout ($75)

McCarthy Point Lookout ($75)

OakFlat Lookout ($75)

AvailableLookouts in Colorado:

SquawMountain Fire Lookout ($80)

AvailableLookouts in Idaho:

AridPeak Lookout ($45)

BaldMountain Lookout ($45)

CastleButte Lookout ($45)

DeadwoodLookout Rec Cabin ($56)

DeerRidge Lookout ($45)

LittleGuard Lookout ($55)

LookoutButte Lookout ($40)

LunchPeak Lookout ($35)

ShortyPeak Lookout ($45)

SurveyorsLookout ($55)

AvailableLookouts in Montana:

BigCreek Baldy Lookout ($40)

CougarPeak Lookout ($30)

DiamondButte Lookout ($25)

DoubleArrow Lookout ($45)

GarnetMountain Fire Lookout ($30)

GemPeak Lookout ($35)

GirdPoint Lookout ($30)

HornetLookout ($20)

McCart Lookout ($30)

McGuire Mountain Lookout ($25)

MedicinePoint Lookout ($30)

MonumentPeak Lookout ($45)

ThompsonPeak Lookout ($30)

UpUp Lookout ($30)

WestFork Butte Lookout ($30)

YaakMountain Lookout ($35)

AvailableLookouts in Oregon:

AckerRock ($40)

BaldKnob ($65)

BolanMountain Lookout ($65)

ClearLake Cabin Lookout ($50)

DrakePeak Lookout ($40)

Lake of the Woods Lookout ($65)

IndianRidge Lookout ($75)

SnowCamp Lookout ($40)

AvailableLookouts in Washington:

EvergreenMountain Lookout ($85)

HeybrookLookout ($75)

AvailableLookouts in Wyoming:

SheepMountain Fire Lookout ($50)

SpruceMountain Fire Lookout ($40)


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